Top 10 Best Lesser Known Weekend Getaways near Ahmedabad

Do not ruin your valuable weekend in lazy way. Discover some unexplored destinations near Ahmedabad and enrich your bag of experience with new moments and memories. In this fun, you can add some commercially unspoilt places to procure the tranquility and peace. Top ten offbeat getaways near to Ahmedabad for weekend day outs are compiled below in order. Have a look in the array before making a short trip.

10. Rajkot


Rajkot can add another feather to your travelling experience. Various captivating locations are available around this place such as rampara wildlife sanctuary and many more. It is one of the lovely spot to visit in weekend. It is placed 240 km ahead of Ahmedabad and need 7 hours to reach there from this city.

9. Kumbhalgarh


Kumbhalgarh is placed in Rajasthan and is known for huge fort and wildlife reserve. The place is an enriched locality of flora and fauna. In addition, it offers lion safari for those who are crazy for wildlife experience. It is 325 km ahead of Ahmadabad.

8. Diu


Diu offers usual shorelines along with the southern drift of Gujarat. Plenty shorelines are waiting here for your once visit. In addition, the Nagoa beach and Ghoghla beach are adding more attraction to the travellers to join the fun here. Diu fort is another ideal location to have a glimpse as it is the footprint of Portuguese empire. It is 440 km far from Ahmadabad and consumes 11 hours to reach.

7. Silvassa


This hill station is standing there with beguiling scenes and natural landscapes full with lush greenery. This place is perfect for weekend outing with an objective of procuring peace and charm as well. Moreover, for the history lover, it is an ideal spot to have a look once. In addition, you can enjoy the trekking and boating here. It is 390 km far from Ahmadabad.

6. Chittorgarh


Chittorgarh is famous for its amazing forts and temples. It can make your day beautiful with enormous peace as the sight of these forts is the display of engineering of seventh century. The fort of Chittorgarh is the widest in India and comprises of four royal buildings, twenty water bodies and nineteen temples. In order to feel the royal vibes, you must visit this destination along with your friends and family. It takes 10 hours to reach to this place and the distance is 360 km from Ahmedabad.

5. Saputra


Saputra is one of the most solitary destinations in Gujarat and is impeccable for boating and trekking at this place. This hill station is full with dazzling mountain slopes and astonishing lakes making you enable to finish your weekend with tremendous experience. The delightful sight of this destination makes you stagger. So must have a glimpse of this location along with your friends or family. It is 400 km apart from the city of Ahmadabad.

4. Kutch


Kutch is suitable destination near Ahmadabad that can light up your trip with whopping peace and positivity. The place looks wonderful with its white desert view and definitely one of the dream destinations for travellers. The best place to visit in Kutch is Great Rann enables to astonish the spectators with spellbind experience. It is 390 km ahead of Ahmadabad and takes 9 hour to reach there.

3. Mount Abu

Mount Abu

Mount abu is one of the popular destinations. However, it is ideal for peaceful weekend waiting for your reception with enticing beauty of Nakki Lake along with the altitude of 4000 feet above the sea level. It is situated in Rajasthan being one and only hill station of this state. It is ideal spot remaining far away from the punishment of desert’s warmth. The sunset point of this destination is quite popular and has a look of city from the summit of hill. The distance from Ahmadabad is 220 km only.

2. Vijay Nagar

Vijay Nagar

Vijay Nagar is one of the suitable places for offbeat tour in a short period of time. It is perched on the bank of Harnav River and is amidst by wide range of mountains. It occupies appealing scenery offering you enormous tranquillity. The air is fresh enough to hypnotize you and perfect for hideout near Ahmadabad. The main point of attraction here is the quiet vicinity of Polo Forest. The distance of this site from Ahmadabad is 108 km.

1. Lothal


Lothal is sculptural significant destination placed in southernmost section of Indus Valley. It displays enchanting construction of ancient city and awesome planning of towns of that time. It is an ideal place to visit during holiday to grab the fun of peace and calmness. It is situated 80 km far from Ahmedabad and takes 2 hours to reach.