Top 10 Best Lesser Known Weekend Getaways near Kolkata

Kolkata is the eyeball of travellers for long time in order to explore the natural rhythm and charming culture of this place. This city of joy occupies multitude attraction and is full of amazing destinations situated here and there, very near to the city. To avail a short escape from chaotic Kolkata in a quick weekend travel, you can visit lesser-known places with enticing effects. Top ten offbeat getaways near Kolkata are compiled here.

10. Mukutmanipur


Mukutmanipur is another name that adds feather in the list of offbeat destination for weekend in Kolkata. It is situated just 55 km ahead of Bankura. It is attractive because of its chain of dams that are constructed at the junction Point of Kumari River and Kangsabati River. The lakes are surrounded by lush green landscape, which can be a perfect destination in weekend.

9. Lepchajagat


Lepchajagat is the source of unending natural pictures. It is situated with the altitude of 6956 ft and is just 19 km away from Darjeeling. This cool and calm place offers numerous species of animals and trees. This site is also just appropriate for viewing the summit point of Kanchenjunga. Sunrise and sunset can astonish you with the inclined sunrays and their awesome reflections in all five summits of Kanchenjunga.

8. Chechuria


Chechuria is an enticing eco park that is suitably fitted for a family weekend trip. It is also a lesser known destination and is located only 19 km far from Bishnupur. It is especially for picnic occasion, as well as you can join out of occasion to explore the beauty of this man made sanctuary.  Chirping of birds, variety of trees and fresh air refreshes you with all bliss to procure a new moment in life here.

7. Shankarpur


Shankarpur sea beach is equipped with calm and tranquillity for the offbeat travellers. Out of the commercialism, it has created a special impact in the heart of the travellers and have gradually been converted as one of the most familiar sea beaches in West Bengal. It is situated in Midnapur district, which is amidst by casuarina trees, roaming around where can stagger anybody with amazement.

6. Chandraketugarh


Chandraketugarh is an extraordinary historical site that is placed only 50 km far from Kolkata. It is located on the Bidyadhari riverbank in South 24 Pargana. It can become awesome destinations for offbeat weekend trip. A recent archaeological survey has shown that the relics, discovered from this place are almost 3000 years aged.

5. Parmadan Deer Forest

Parmadan Deer Forest

Parmadan Deer forest has another name and is famous as being Bibhutibhushan Wildlife Sanctuary. This place is addressed in North 24 Parganas and is about 28 kilometers ahead from Bongaon. It is spreaded over 92 hectares area and would have been considered as one of the calm destinations for weekend getaway. This forest various species of trees such as tut, manjari, sishu, bamboo, arjun and shimul. The famous ichamati river goes through this sanctuary forest adding extra charm to this spot.

4. Maithan


Maithan is another most seductive offbeat destination proximity to the city of Kolkata. It is situated on the bank of Barakar River and is one of the famous destinations among the coal belt of India. Damodar Valley Corporation has developed the largest reservoir here. The immaculate beauty of this stop includes clear bluish looks of water in dam along with scattered small hills. An island like inverted spoon is located at the middle of the dam inviting you for adventurous boating.

3. Sundarban Night sail

Sundarban Night sail

Being a popular weekend destination near Kolkata, Sundarban offers many offbeat locations as well. The unique theme of night sailing in Sundarban helps you to explore the same place with idiosyncratic style. More specifically, this kind of concept of night sail in sundarban is particularly designed for weekend trip with two-day one nightstand facility. The trip advantage is that, it adds the amenity to travel through Barren Island and new islands in sea.

2. Sonajhuri Forest

Sonajhuri Forest

Sonajhuri forest is an appealing destination for weekend when you get bored and suffocated by your tedious lifestyle. This leads you to joy the retreat in nature’s lap without any unwanted crowding. It is located few kilometers ahead from Shantiniketan and can be considered as one of the enchanting offbeat stoppage for weekend travellers. Staying surrounded by mesmerizing forest, this destination adds meandering roads along with Kopai River. Local art and creation is another attractive reason behind this beauty.

1. Duarsini


Duarsini is the landscape of picturesque peace in real terms. It is tribal village and situated 65 kilometers away from Sadar Purulia. On the other hand, it is just 13 km ahead from Burdwan. The rustic serenity of this village is so captivating that it can bring innumerable travellers in a single season. The enjoyable thing of this destination is the deep shade of forest like Shimul, Shal, palash, piyal trees. In addition, the famous musical instrument like madal can force you to sway with the beats synchronously.