Top 10 Best Lesser Known Weekend Getaways near Mumbai

In order to provide a new flavour in your daily monotonous life style, you need to visit outdoor destinations far away from the hustle bustle of Mumbai. If you want to explore some lesser-known destinations full of calm, tranquility and peace, you are at the right place. It is a wrong root holiday planning that can bring you in the lap of nature with unexplored and unfrequented destinations.

10. Karjat


Karjat is one of the most familiar trekking destinations in Maharashtra. It has become monsoon spot for the tourists who are seeking adventure. Some thrilling trails of this destination are such as Peth Fort Trek and Chanderi Fort Trek. Moreover, the Kondana cave, comprises of 16 Buddhist links with full of sculptures.

9. Bhandardara


Bhandardara is another most beautiful place near Mumbai and is counted among the offbeat destinations. It is located in Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra. This location houses highest peak in Maharashtra and oldest dams as well. It is one of the suitable spot for trekking with hills and offers waterfalls during monsoon season.

8. Lonar


In order to integrate charishma in your travelling, apart from the traditional sites, you can travel third biggest carter of world, which is located at Buldhana District in Maharashtra. An ideology has been developed scientifically behind the generation of this crater, which is probably created due to the falling down of meteorite approx 50,000 years earlier. This amazing place is just 600 km ahead from Mumbai.

7. Saputara 


Saputara, the hill station is closely roosted on the upland of Sahyadris and is amidst by Dang forest. It is situated 1000 m altitude of the sea level and is treated among the charming destinations for its delightful sight of forests, hills and waterfalls. Climate of this place is awesome because of chilly weather during whole year and can become one of your favourite locations for offbeat weekend trip. It is over 262 km far from Mumbai.

6. Harnai- Anjarle

Harnai- Anjarle

Harnai- Anjarle is such a place that is not much in the common conversation for travel spots, although is one of the best solutions for offbeat holiday special. It conceives Serene beach which is free of crazy crowd and debris. You are free to enjoy the sea view in your own along with a majestic view of sea fort. In addition, nearby ancient temple of Lord Ganesha and scrumptious seafood can add another feather to its travelstone. It is 238 km far from Mumbai city.

5. Diveagar Shrivardhan Harihareshwar

Diveagar Shrivardhan Harihareshwar

Coastal view outside Mumbai for offbeat tour package would be best at the destinations of Harihareshwar, Shrivardhan and Diveagar. All these specific locations are spectacularly beautiful with individual properties such as Diveagar is familiar for smooth sandy beach, Shrivardhan is for Peshwa Kingdom history and Harihareshwar is for the temple of Shiva. It is located 190 km away from Mumbai.

4. Sandhan Valley

Sandhan Valley

How far you have the craze of trekking, you are asked to visit once Sandhan Valley, one of the foremost alluring destinations outside Mumbai. A perfect canyon near Bhandardara is waiting for you with thrill and adventure into the shadows of this valley. If you are searching an idiosyncratic destination for offbeat weekend tour, then no other place is better than this site. Apart from trekking, climbing is another most attractive feature of this place. The distance of this place from Mumbai is 183 km.

3. Jawhar


One of the best wrong root destinations despite of having the seasonal appearance is Jawhar. For an extraordinary quick break from the chaotic life of Mumbai, you can have the glimpse of this site, which is surrounded by Sahyadris. It is the kingdom of traditional tribal society adding rustic culture as a key weapon to the travel interest. You can visit this place anytime for its hills and art of Warli. It is situated only 180 km apart from Mumbai.

2. Kolad


Kolad is a small hamlet or village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, situated on the bank of Kundalika River. It is far away from commercialism of travel and tour and can become an offbeat location for your precise weekend holiday. It is fully loaded with adventurous amenity and sports like water rafting in order to enhance the joy of wanderlust. It is over 117 km away from Mumbai.

1. Kamshet


Kamshet is one of the absolute destinations for those who have bitten once by travel bug. It is considered as the paradise of paragliders, ready to offer you many more adventures. This is located few kilometer away from Khandala and Lonavala, amidst by dazzling scenic beauty. Moreover, you will find old-fashioned unusual villages with mud made houses that can enhance the joy of your tour. It is just 110 km away from Mumbai.