Top 10 Best Lesser Known Weekend Getaways near Pune

Pune is one of the beautiful cities of Maharashtra providing an excellent balance in life and work. However,if you are getting bored with your repetitious life, then come and have fun in some offbeat places which may the perfect destinations for weekend journey in terms of short trip. In the below list, top ten lesser known weekend getaways near Pune are composed.

10. Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake

Pawana Lake is counted among the least traversed lakes closest proximity to the region of Pune. It is only 15 km far from Lonavala. The lake is surrounded by Kamshet and is constructed after the Pawana Dam has been developed. It has now become the awesome spot for sightseeing, camping, picnic and many more. You can enjoy the party with your friends in this offbeat location in weekend.

9. Wai


Wai is located on the Krishna’s bank and familiar as Virat Nagari in ancient period. The picturesque view of this scenic city compels you to fall in love with this place. It is just 89 km ahead from the city of Pune and can become one of the best destination for discover the unrevealed places.

8. Rajmachi


Rajmachi is another most beautiful getaway near Pune. It is surrounded by the hilly ranges of Sahyadri and is suitable for trekking and hiking mountains. This place is amidst by wide spread lush green view and is perfect in monsoon. It is placed 78 km far from Pune and cycling and trekking is the most attractive addition of this place.

7. Satara


It is counted among one of the best heritage sites in Maharashtra and located at the conjunction point of Krishna and Veena River. Various empirical forts are located in this destination such as Sajjangarh Fort, Ajinkyatara Fort and few more. Moreover, waterfalls especially during monsoon have become one of the main points of attraction to this site. You can visit this site to have fun in holidays with family or friends.

6. Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat would have become one of the most attractive and dazzling destinations for offbeat tour in weekends. This is a mountain valley and is full with chirping of various birds and is filled with species of flora. Apart from that, this destination offers wide range of wildlife forest. In addition, Harishchandra Fort, Shivneri Fort, few temples, unauthentic caves, waterfalls are all around this destination.

5. Khed Shivapur

Khed Shivapur

It is one of the mystical sites in Pune, which is situated very proximity to the city. It is only 25 kms ahead of Pune and is perfect for just one day travelling out. This place is well familiar for its amazing stone that every single stone contains a mysterious story. More specifically saying, a rumour has been established behind those stones that if eleven people shout “Qamar Ali Darvesh” by touching their finger in it, the stone that weighing near about 200 kgs starts to sway in air. Nevertheless, it is not proven scientifically, but invites you to join once the encounter in weekend holidays.

4. Kaas Plateau

Kaas Plateau

Kaas plateau looks like paradise of flowers and is also named as valley of flowers and can be treated as one of the best destinations for crazy flower lovers during holidays. Once you get a bite from travel virus, you cannot stop yourself to take a view of this breathtaking site. During monsoon, the whole dale becomes an alluring envelop of orchid. Apart from that, the valley will glitter with more than 45 flower species in respective season. It is just 25 kms apart from Satara and has been termed as Switzerland of Western India.

3. Sagareshwar Sanctuary

Sagareshwar Sanctuary

The interesting fact about this Sagareshwar Sanctuary is that it is one of the best human created wildlife sanctuaries. It is an enticing result of 15 years’ human effort to transform a thirsty mountain tilt into a forest life amidst by Flora and Fauna. Roaming aside the hilltop is quite attractive for this site. In addition, total 52 temples of Lord Shiva are situated in the lap of this hill, which brings whopping numbers of devotees in a season. You can have a glimpse of this outstanding destination in lazy weekend.

2. Murud Janjira

Murud Janjira

It is a historical site and can be considered as one of the best lesser known destination to stumble on during weekends. It is the one and only fort near Pune that remained unbeaten in spite of numerous attacks had been committed by Portuguese, East India Company and Marathas. It is considered among the sturdy marine forts in India. According to the location, it is addressed just 161 kms ahead from Pune waiting to offer you a grand reception during weekend trip.

1. Kolad


Kolad is one of the best places to discover rather than staying lazy in weekends. It is situated on the bank of Kundalika River and lies beside the road of Mumbai-Panvel -Goa Route. Apart from being the top-notch destination for rafting, it is more than appropriate as camping site. It is placed in Raigad district of Maharashtra and naturally surrounded by enchanting mountain range of Sahyadri. Ground here is covered with lush green envelop offering an adorable view to the traveller. You can join trekking and innumerable adventure sports here to grab the cup of fun like a reveller.