Top 10 Best Lip Balms For Winters with Price in India 2017

Have you considered the number of times you have to make use of the lip balm? According to the reports on the social media sites, we have come with the average number, its 30 times a day. It is true that the craze is high for the lipstick and lip-gloss, but when it comes to the lip balms, the best utility is at the time the lips get dried up. This is the reason that in the winter season, at the purse of every woman, this lip balm is a must to find.

However, when it comes to the modern day lip balms, there have been ample developments in the process. They are no more like the old Vaseline. Even the colors of these balms have changed to a great deal in the recent days.

So, if you are thinking about the most important and fashionable lip balms, then the options will come properly. Let us have a look at the list of lip balms that have come up to be the bests in the winter of 2016.

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10. Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm

Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm

Price 523 INR

Perusers assert this lip balm, which is the main item that worked for recuperating extremely dry and split lips, particularly amid the winter months.

Lips are hydrated by the balm’s extremely popular warm spring water and they are secured with cell reinforcements, one user clarifies. Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm is beyond words. It is the Holy Grail for dry lips.

9. Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm

Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm

Price 405INR

If you’re searching for a tinted lip balm, users assert this item is the ideal shade of pink. Others say they’re astounded at how well the balm mellows, saturates and supports dry lips given the item’s reasonable value point. One user boasts, it’s a supernatural occurrence for your lips at a modest cost.

8. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter

Price 335 INR

Users rave about a flavorful noticing lip safeguard that joins the aroma of dim chocolate and fruits. Notwithstanding the unwinding fragrance that helps them to remember crisply baked chocolate cake, users cherish that this lip balm doesn’t get dry and reestablishes moisture to dry lips. The outcome is lips, which are flawlessly, and really recuperated, one user composes. No more flakes, outside or cuts.

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7. LaRocca Lip Shield Multi-Active Lip Balm SPF 8

LaRocca Lip Shield Multi-Active Lip Balm SPF 8

Price 1014 INR

Even given this lip balm’s strong value, analysts say it’s justified regardless of each penny. The users experience considerable difficulties a lot on something like lip balm, one user says. In any case, their lips get exceptionally dry in the winter and they have discovered nothing other than Vaseline that aides – until this.

6. The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care Stick SPF 15

The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care Stick SPF 15

Price 315 INR

Readers say this is an incredible regular lip balm, which heals dried out lips and keeps up moisture in your lips. Users additionally adore that this balm gives insurance from the sun’s harming beams.

5. Neutrogena Cosmetics revitalizing Lip Balm

Neutrogena Cosmetics revitalizing Lip Balm

Price 212 INR

Did you ever think of matte finish with lip balm? Yes, you must have and hence, here the Neutrogena brings you the lip balm and lipstick in one. Whether you are going to the market or spending your time in pool, this balm and lipstick will keep your lip nourished and healthy. The best part is that it keeps the lips hydrated and moisturized everytime.

4. Beessential Lavender Lemon Lip Balm

Beessential Lavender Lemon Lip Balm

Price 202 INR

This lip balm furnishes your lips with enduring delicate quality, and it makes an extraordinary fingernail skin conditioner. Other analysts say they cherish the unpretentious, yet empowering, lavender smell, and the prompt alleviation this lip balm conveys to their dry frowns.

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3. Maybelline New York Baby Lips

Maybelline New York Baby Lips

Price 173 INR

Hope you have heard the name? Okay, so you have one. Well, frankly speaking, I to have the same in my kitty and I just love it. And I have solid reasons to love it because, it has SPF to protect my lips from UV rays and it keeps my lips moisturized and vibrant throughout the day in one stroke. I just love this!!

2. Vaseline Lip care

Vaseline Lip care

Price 280 INR

Vaseline is a family brand that is found in everyone’s pocket, be them is a male or female. The soft tough and glossy texture of the Vaseline rejuvenates the lips and fills them with a new finish. The flakiness and dryness are removed and your lips seem kissable. The best part is that the lip balm also plays a great role as a lip primer.

1. NIVEA Lip Butter Raspberry Rose Kiss

NIVEA Lip Butter Raspberry Rose Kiss

Price 335 INR

NIVIEA is the brand that every household family knows worldwide. From body lotions to lip balm, this brand and overshadowed the others with its huge success. The Raspberry Rose Kiss for NIVIEW has Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and other moisturizing agents. In addition, this is the reason why, every second girl keeps the one in her utility kit.

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