Top 10+ Best Lipstick Brands with Price in India

A woman should be both classy and fabulous. Make-up is no less than an art and hence today makeup is taken as a profession. Celebrities have their personal make-up staff and they are tagged as make-up artists. Lipstick is one thing that when chosen correctly creates magic.We want it all when it comes to beauty products for the lips: color, shine, quality,and an affordable price.

Today in 2016, we have more than 100 brands of lipsticks including international and national ones. Moreover, there is a separate herbal sector coming up in Lipsticks. People with skin sensitivities or allergies can opt for herbal products.

List of Best Lipstick Brands in India

Here to help you out make a wise selection, I present you the top 10 easily available brands of lipsticks in India:

12. Elle 18 Lipstick

Elle 18 Lipstick

ELLE 18 is the premium choice of youngest generation, where this brand is the style statement. The brand Elle 18 is owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL).Elle 18 India offers a large range of cosmetics and make up products. It is your best makeup buddy! It is comparatively cheap yet maintains a good quality.

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11. Revlon Lipstick

Revlon Lipstick

This brand on number 9 is Revlon, which was founded in 1932 by Charles Revson, his brother Joseph, along and Charles Lachman, who was a chemist and had made a great contribution in the REVLON with initial “L.”

  • Latest Lip Products 2021: New Revlon Ultra HD matte Lipcolors(Kisses, Lustre, and Poinsettia)

10. Lakme Lipstick

Lakme Lipstick

Lakme was the country’s first name in cosmetic’s and makeup branding with an expert to decorate the Indian beauties since 50 years. But, now, it is even a bigger name providing a complete range of makeup brands in color cosmetics & skin care, extending to beauty services through the network of Lakme Beauty Salons.

  • Latest Lip Products 2021: Enrich satin lip color- red maroon 461, 9-to-5 Red rebel MR10 multi color, and Absolutecremelip color(deep blush)

9. Colorbar Lipstick

Colorbar Lipstick

Marking on number nine is Color bar Cosmetics, which was founded in 2004. It made itself count among the leading brands and cosmetics provider in India. It provides complete collection of makeup products and cosmetic accessories including the face, lips, eyes, kin, nails, etc. Their arrays of products are available everywhere with local retailers and online website with 50+stores and around 8000 outlets.

  • Latest Lip Products 2021: Full Finish Long Wear Lipstick- Craze FFLL015, Diamond Shine Lipstick- Rose Gold and Dip Matte Lip Creme

8. Maybelline Lipstick

Maybelline Lipstick

The Maybelline Company was created by a 19-year-old American entrepreneur named Tom Lyle Williams in 1915. It is a subsidiary of French cosmetics company L’Oreal and a leading contender of number 6 in top-10 lipstick brands.

  • Latest Lip Products 2021: Maybelline SuperStay 14Hour Lipstick – Stay with me coral

7. Chambor Lipstick

Chambor Lipstick

Establishing the foothold in Indian cosmetics market, Chamber- Geneva came in the country in 1993. Since then and now, the brand is a leading provider and women’s favorite classic beauty brand. The best part about this brand is that it is Vegan with no animal ingredients and it suits Indian complexion.

  • Latest Lip Products 2021: Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick with Variations like 662 Silk Garnet, 610 Silk Pop, And600 Silk Champagne

6. L’Oreal Lipstick

L’Oreal Lipstick

L’Oreal is the world’s leading brand, which even has not spared the Indian beauties and has made them fall in love with its range of cosmetic products, especially the Lipsticks. Their lip shades are killing and make the lips look perfect anytime anywhere.

  • Latest Lip Products 2021: Color Riche Collection– Popular Shades with Blake’s Pink and Helen’s Pink

5. Estee Lauder Lipstick

Estee Lauder Lipstick

This American manufacturer has made its quick presence in the makeup and skincare products after its arrival in 1946. However, it has an array of products for hair, skin, and fragrances, but their lipstick ranges are the winner in them. This company is owned by the pair of a husband and wife, Estee and Joseph Lauder.

  • Latest Lip Products 2021: Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy 3.5 g (Vengeful Red – 350)

4. Dior Lipstick

Dior Lipstick

Founded in 1946 by the eponymous European designer Christian Dior, the company designs and retails the ready-to-wear footwear, leather goods, fashion accessories, jewelry, and make-up &skincare products.With their haute-couture tradition, they are another name is top lipsticks brands where they are number 2.

  • Latest Lip Products 2021: Dior addict hydra gel mirror shine- 533 appeal, 773 play, and Diorific -021 Icone

3. MAC Lipstick

MAC Lipstick

Make-Up Art Cosmetics started its life in Toronto, Canada with the names Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo, who were a salon owner and photographer. They were frustrated by the lack of makeup and hence,they developed their own. The company has took the industry by storm, and is offering a range of lipstick shades which are women’s favorite.

  • Latest Lip Products 2021: SS16 lip shade Palette (to be applied with lip brush), Flocking Fabulous – bright coral-red and Nice To Meet You- deep pink &red

2. MARS Lipstick

Matte Lip Crayon

Fine Quality, Affordable and Make in India are the three terms that best define the makeup brand MARS cosmetics than anything else. The brand almost sells all kind of cosmetics for Eyes, Face, Lips, Combo, Makeup Tools etc..

Lipsticks range starting from just 149 INR at MARS Cosmetics. Undoubtedly, a best online destination to explore a wide range of premium quality lipsticks in different color shades. Most of the lipsticks listed in the Mars Cosmetics store comes in 18 different shades. You can have a look at all the shades and easily choose what looks best for this Visit MARS lipsticks.

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1. EuropeGirl Lipstick

EuropeGirl Lipstick

One of the emerging cosmetic suppliers in India EuropeGirl has the industry’s top-quality lipsticks in the store. The brand’s lipstick range starts from just 350 INR. Audacious Creamy Matte lipstick from EuropeGirl Cosmetics is what you will get for 350 INR which is one of the best sellers in the store’s Lips category.

The lipstick is available in 30+ different shades as you can pick a few of your choices and get a freaky lip look while going out. All the lipsticks under the brand are manufactured with a cruelty-free formulation which is safe to use.

  • Latest Lip Products 2023: New Liquid Matte Lipstick and Audacious Creamy Matte Lipstick.
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