Top 10 Best Masala (Spices) Brands with Price in India 2021

India is well known for its rich culture and also rich cuisine. Indian food is famous worldwide. One of the distinguishing features of the Indian food is the spices used in it. With their distinct flavor and aroma, spices make Indian food stands apart from all other cuisines. Spices add to the taste, richness, and aroma of the food and make it more delicious. Spices have an ancient history to them and different people use them in different forms as per the tradition and choice of dishes. There are many spices manufacturers all across the country with stiff competition. Here we present the list of top 10 popular spices brand in India in 2021:

Spices Brands in India

10. Priya Spices

One of the oldest and most reckoned Spice brands of India, they give a perfect treat to the taste buds by their richness. Available in many formats like blended, whole spices and powdered form.

Price: Rs 50-60 per 100 gm range

9. Pushp Spices

Spices from brand ‘Pushp’ are free from any additives, synthetic colors, and preservatives. They are good for health, quality assured spices which add to the taste of the Indian cuisine.

Price: Rs 50-80  per 100 gm range

8. Eastern Spices

Easter spices has a diverse range of products including masala blends,spice powders, ready to cook etc. Known for their natural origin, this is one of the prominent Spice brands. Also stood out for their high-quality standards and taste.

Price: Rs 55-80 per 100 gm range

7. Nilon Spices

From one of the biggest processed food companies, they offers some distinct spices like Pav bhaji masala, chat masala, which stands out from other brands.

Price: Rs 40-60 per 100 gm range

6. MTR Spices

An old and trusted name, MTR offer a unique mix of flavor, taste, richness and aroma to all the dishes made with this spice. MTR offers a host of other products like ready mixes, pickles, frozen food etc also.

Price: Rs 50-80 per 100 gm range

5. Ramdev Spices

Ramdev Spices are fresh, pure and most hygienic. The brand is popular for all the food items other than spices also. A popular brand that stands out for the taste and quality of products.

Price: Rs 40-60 per 100 gm range

4. Catch Spices

Established in 1987, Catch masala meets all safety standards and gained popularity as ‘sprinklers’. With proper quality products and nutritional checks, Catch offers best spices in the market.

Price: Rs 50-70 per 100 gm range

3. CookMe Spices

A well-known brand with exotic spice range, they gives perfect blend and authentic taste to all curries. Known for using latest technologies, Cookme produces quality spices which are free from adulteration.

Price: Rs 50-70 per 100 gm range

2. Everest Spices

Available in a range from basic to blended spices, this is a popular spice brand of India. Everest Masala is known to give a very distinct color, taste and rich aroma to all the Indian dishes. Going strong since last 45 years, Everest has established itself as a brand not only in India but in other countries as well. No Indian home is complete with the range of Everest spices.

Price: Rs 55-80 per 100 gm range

1. M.D.H Spices

One of the oldest spices brands in India, it stands for MAHASHIAN DI HATTI. The brand is very well established with a strong network. They have an entire range of more than 60 products and sold through a wide network of retailers.MDH spices are known for genuine and distinct taste to various food preparations. The brand also maintains high-quality standards and product delivery.

Price: Rs 70-80 per 100 gm range

Spices choice should be based on the important aspects of safety, quality standards, ease of availability, pricing and most importantly their taste enhancing qualities. There are many choices available because our country has people from various origins, places and have a distinct taste and food preferences. It is ideal to choose after tasting various spices and selecting the most suitable as per the need.