Top 10 Best Mattress Brands with Price in India 2021

A good night’s sleep is extremely essential for the body to function normally and the mind to remain active. The Indian mattress industry has been growing between 10 and 15 percent according to reports. So if looking to venture in a mattress, don’t sweat

Want to have good sleep? Acquire a best mattress in india for your bed. Every doctor will say that a human being needs good 8hrs of sleep with good ease is much essential for vigorous life. Not just usual mattress, we have some of the best mattress from well-liked brands, existing in India. You need to verify certain things before buying new mattress for your bed.

Here’s a list of the top 10 best selling mattresses brands with price in India and in Delhi 2021.

10. Restonic


Restonic is available in two major collections, namely ComfortCare and HealthRest. The mattresses are designed to relieve pressure points, which ultimately results in the elimination of body aches. The mattresses offer buoyant comfort through its design, which minimizes tossing and turning and ensures a night of deep sleep. It also helps relieve muscle and joint related agonies and pain, which results in a fitter and more energetic morning. The Restonic latex mattresses are hygienic and breathe through. These features make this type of mattress a good alternative for those prone to allergies.

Restonic is one of the well-known mattress brands, which has two main mattress collections such as the ComfortCare and HealthRest. The company was establishing in the year of 1938. They won numerous awards, with consumers Digest best buy award and women’s choice award. Health Rest, Comfort Care and Inner Spring are the company’s mattress models. These models can ease stress points. All are extremely clean. The company also guarantees you a deep sleep.

Restonic Mattress Price in India : 10,000 to 25,000/- 

9. King Koil

King Koil

Marketed in India by King Koil Sleep Systems Limited, which is a sister concern of Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Co. (Owned by the renowned ARENCO Group), King Koil mattresses are a leading brand in the industry. In collaboration with chiropractic doctors, this brand has helped produce a leading range of sleep support systems. These mattresses are well suited to handle issues concerning the spine. One could choose based on their requirement from the four major categories: Perfect Solutions, Spine Support Collection, Perfect Contour, and Natural Response.

King Koil is viewed as one of the most important mattress brands in India and the world, which was established in the year 1898. Their mattresses are extending around 100 nations all over the world. They are utilizing new technology for manufacturing mattress. They propose mattress according to the body index to avoid the spine or the muscles straining.

King Koil Mattress Price in India : 5,000 to 25,000/- 

8. Sleepzone


In the industry for more than a decade, the company Sleepzone is owned by Real Innerspring Technologies Private Limited and is listed among the top selling spring mattresses available in India. The brand manufactures both non spring and spring mattresses. Bedding is available for usage, both in homes and in hotels. It spans its reach not only within the borders of the country, but even beyond. Amongst a wide range of products offered by Sleepzone, Europedic Organic Latex Mattress, Galaxy Bonnell Pro Spring Mattress, Sleepzone Pocket Mattress, Sleepzone Spring Mattress, Europedic Memory Foam Mattress are some of the best-selling ones.

Sleepzone is measured as one of the most excellent mattress brands in India, which is owned by Real Innerspring Technologies Private Limited. They were scheduled as one of the top spring selling mattresses brands in India. It has a enormous demand overseas. Galaxy Bonnell Pro Spring Mattress, Europedic Organic Latex Springzone Spring Mattress and the Europedic Memory Foam Mattress are the well-liked mattress models of the brand.

Sleepzone Mattress Price in India : 2,000 to 5,000/- 

7. Duroflex


Duroflex utilizes the Full Prone Support system ensures a person remains in healthy and active after a good night’s sleep. Its mattresses are available in four ranges, namely Rubberized coir mattress, Luxury mattress, Spring mattress and Puf mattress. Duroflex has long since been a reliable manufacturer of mattresses.

Duroflex is a famous brand of mattress, which was founded in the year of 1963. Their mattresses come in a variety of ranges, counting Rubberized coir mattress, Luxury mattress, spring mattress and Puff mattress. These mattresses are beneficial and keep the body vigorous. The company has been qualified by ISO 9001 – 2000. They have been contributing good products since decades. Duroflex is implementing the best of the technology to manufature this mattress.

Duroflex Mattress Price in India : 5,000 to 15,000/- 

6. MM Foam

MM Foam

MM Foam offers a leading range of sleeping products. It was founded in 1957 and has emerged as a well-known brand. Four types of mattresses that cater to the varied requirements people are- Pincore mattresses, Spring mattresses, Dual mattresses and Coir mattresses.

MM Foam is an important name in the world of mattresses.  They are founded in the year 1957 under the name M M Rubber Company Ltd. Their well-liked mattress models are Rubberised coir mattresses, Hybrid mattresses, Natural Latex mattresses and Bonnel Spring mattresses. They are a famous producer of various types of mattresses like Spring Mattresses, Dual mattresses, Pincore mattresses and coir mattresses.

MM Foam Mattress Price in India : 10,000 to 2,10,000/- 

5. Dunlopillo


The mattresses produced by Dunlopillo act according to the body contours of the person. Dunlopillo was the first brand to introduce latex mattresses to the world in 1931. Compared to other mattress materials, the higher elasticity latex conforms to the contours of every curve of the body to provide better and superior support and comfort, ensuring the person sleeps in a perfect position. Four major ranges that these mattresses are available in are TempSmart, Classic, Harmonize, and Fusion.

Dunlopillo was established in the year of 1931. The four models of the brand are TempSmart, Classic, Harmonize and Fusion. They are the first brand to launch latex mattresses in the year 1931. They produce mattresses as per the body curves of an individual.

Dunlopillo Mattress Price in India : 10,000 to 60,000/- 

4. Tempur Pedic


Tempur Pedic is a US based company. Mattresses manufactured by this company are made using memory foam that supports the person’s body and maintains the spine in proper alignment. Tempur mattresses are available in four collections- Cloud, Contour Collection, Weightless, and Simplicity.

Tempur-Pedic International, Inc. is a famous manufacturer and dispenser of mattresses and pillows. The company was established in the year of 1992. They are a US based mattress company. They have been in the bazaar for many years. Their memory foam mattresses are the ideal choice for individuals who often complain about body aches and pains. Simplicity, Cloud, Contour and Weightless are the four mattress models of the brand.

Tempur Pedic Mattress Price in India : 5,000 to 25,000/- 

3. Rubco


Manufactured by Rubberized Coir Mattress Division of Kerala State Rubber Co-operative Limited, Rubco offers seven types of coir mattresses- Dosth, Safal, Yathri, Heal, Relief, Heaven and Hi-Tech. From conventional to high end luxurious to the specially manufactured orthopaedic mattresses, Rubco covers a wide arena of products.

Rubco is one of the well-known mattress brands, which was established in the year of 1997. Their mattresses are strongly designed and are shaped by Rubberized Coir Mattress Division of the Kerala State Rubber Co-operative Limited. They manufacture different types of mattresses. The company has been qualified by ISO 9001:2008, NABCB QMS 001, USDA Organic, ISI etc.

Rubco Mattress Price in India : 8,000 to 25,000/- 

2. Sleepwell


Sleepwell is a leading brand of mattress manufacturers. You could opt from their range of mattresses under the categories Spring Fresh, Premium, Back support, and Flexi-puff. The company uses latest global technology to meet the needs of customers.

Sleepwell is known as one of the best producer of sleep support products in India. They are one of the most excellent companies in manufacturing the finest foam mattresses. They also earned an ISO 9001 certification by their quality. Their high-class mattresses are relaxed and enduring. All of their mattresses are healthy and can be used for a long period of time. Spring Fresh, Back Support, Premium and Flexi Puff are their most famous mattress models.

Sleepwell Mattress Price in India : 10,000 to 25,000/- 

1. Kurlon


Kurl-on mattresses are made using the latest technology and high-quality materials. Kurl on offers four types of mattresses- foam, spring, rubberized coir and therapeutic and one can select from these based on the requirement. The brand is a reliable and trusted one marketing mattresses and sleep products for ages.

Before seeking to buy a mattress, it is important to know the flaws of the existing one and identify the requirements one has and only then opting for a particular type.

Kurlon is touted as one of the well-liked mattress brands, founded in the year of 1962. prodducing their mattress. This highly reputable and reliable company won several awards, counting Shreshtha Suraksha Puraskar award by National Safety Council of India etc. They launched four different types of mattresses to satisfy their customers as rubberized coir, spring, foam and therapeutic.

Kurlon Mattress Price in India : 10,000 to 50,000/-