Top 10 Best MBA Colleges in India

Students in India are always geared towards achieving the best in their academic life for a settled and more secure career in their future and MBA provides them with that opportunity. With more and more students aiming to bag a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, hundreds of institutes have spruced up in the last one decade to offer what they call valuable education.

MBA Colleges in India

The top 10 MBA colleges in India that you should be aiming for:

While not many institutes might excel in providing the best kind of training, there are some that have managed conquer the top 10 position in the country. These institutes, include-

1. IIM Ahmedabad

When specking of best MBA institutes in the country, you can never miss out on the IIMs. The name itself is a brand and being associated with one renders you with a career that is way ahead of what you might have expected. The IIM A is the top most institutes in the country when it comes to providing quality MBA programs.

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2. IIM Calcutta

IIM C comes only next to IIM A on the list of the top 10 best MBA colleges in the country. The institute has been creating successful business administrators out of aspiring individuals for generations now. The stamp of the institute on your MBA degree is enough to get you through any interview.

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3. XLRI Jamshedpur

While the IIMs have managed to capture the top two spots, XLRI Jamshedpur has been able to steal the number three spot from IIM Bangalore. The institute is recognised for a variety of MBA courses. Some of the mainstream courses include- MBA in Finance, HR, Marketing, etc.

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4. Faculty of Management Studies

The institute is not only one of the leading MBA institutes in Delhi, but has also managed to grab a spot in the top 10 institutes in the country. It is a part of the Delhi School of Economics and is favoured for its valued collection of mentors.

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5. SP Jain Institute of Management and Research

SP Jain is the best MBA Institute in Mumbai and the 5th best in the country. The institute is nestled inside the Bhavans College Campus.

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6. Management Development Institute

The institute is established in the next biggest commercial hub of the country, Gurgaon. The institute has come to be recognised for its high rate of placements, with even better packages for competent students.

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7. IIM Kozhikode

With the legacy of the IIMs and great placement partners, the institute has come to become one of the most favoured institutes throughout the country.

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8. IIM Indore

There are no “Top MBA Institutes in India” lists that do not feature at least four IIMs and this is no different. The IIM Indore comfortably places itself on the number 8 spot, with its world class infrastructure, excellent mentor ship and great placement opportunities.

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9. International Management Institute

The IMI is one of the best MBA institutes in the country that provides some of the most number of varieties in terms of MBA specialisations.

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10. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

New Delhi has some of the best MBA institutes in the country and IIFT is just one of them. The Institute aims at providing its students with world class training that makes them eligible for jobs in the foreign market as well.

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In case that you are aiming for a career in any MBA related field, you should be aiming for the colleges mentioned above.