Top 10 Best Megaphone with Price In India

All of us have those beautiful memories of our school and college days where we spent the best of times in our life. Many things pertaining to our childhood still hover around our memory. Among the many things that were used in our schools and colleges, one thing that took the intended communication to all in an equal manner is the Megaphone. Megaphones, which were once made of rusty iron or metal, are today packed with highly value adding advanced features that are user friendly.

Megaphones are not used by everyone at all times but are used for specific purposes in few occasions. There are many types of Megaphones available suiting the requirement and purpose of users.

We list here the best of the Megaphones available online for use in India.

10. 5 Core HW-66SF Professional PA Megaphone

This sleek compact Megaphone is specifically designed to be used in outdoors. It works on 4 C sized battery cells and covers 500 Meters of area. It comes with a lot of value adding features like highly efficient volume controls, LED light indicator, siren that is built in and a carrying strap, which adds to the comfort levels. It is so light in weight that it can be carried with ease for any outdoor events anywhere.

Cost – Rs. 3999/-

9. Hitune Bass PA Megaphone

This megaphone that works on 20 Watts power is a shoulder sling model. The dynamic inbuilt microphone in unidirectional and its power sources are 6 volts Motor Bike battery 6V DC battery cells. It covers an area of 1 Km. with voice clarity. This model can be held in hand also apart from hanging on the shoulders

Cost – Rs. 2349/-

8. 5 Core Trolley Type PA Personal DJ system

This is for personal use by DJ’s and it comes with an amplifier, which is both rechargeable and portable. While the power output is 100 Watts, the two inbuilt wireless microphones ensure high quality volume. This gets value added with many special features like USB and AUX functions, Guitar input slots, AC and DC operation and LED Light display

Cost – Rs. 9830/-

7. 5 Core Metal Body Professional PAMegaphone

The compact design of this Megaphone is a hand held model and offers portability due to its light weightiness. It gets operated on 12 volts car battery or 5 dry battery cells.

Cost – Rs. 1799/-

6. 5 Core PA FC-116UB Megaphone

Highly useful in outdoor and huge public gatherings, this Megaphone comes with a wireless microphone. The 4 OHMS 6.5” speaker comes with rechargeable batteries. This megaphone value adds through the on-site amplifying, playing, and recording features, which are of very high quality

Cost – Rs. 3599/-

5. Hitune – Bass PA Megaphone

It works between 20 watts to 30 watts power with the voice reach spreading over 1000 meters of area. It makes use of 12 volts DC 8*C TYPE power supply. The microphone that comes with a PTT switch for efficient operations gets value added by the curled wire and Omni directional capabilities enabling ease of use.

Cost – Rs. 2999/-

4. Krown 15W Professional Megaphone

This elegant looking Megaphone comes with an inbuilt Siren and Mike. It covers 450 yards distance and helps through the inbuilt recording and replaying feature to make repeat announcements. The ergonomically designed handle enables better grip over the Megaphone. It works on 4 dry batteries.

Cost – Rs.960/-

3. 5 Core HW-20F Professional PA Megaphone

This type megaphone weighs light and is very compact to carry. It comes with a handheld mike and best suits for usage outdoors. It covers a distance of 300 Meters and works on dry battery cells. Due to its compact nature, it is easy to use this Megaphone whenever there is a need for the same.

Cost – Rs. 2199/-

2. Ahuja AM21SM Megaphone

This Megaphone operates on 12 watts car battery and dry battery cells. The power output ranging between 16 watts to 20 watts approximately the sound could be heard up to 1 Km area. It weighs 2.20 Kgs and comes with a comfortable carrying belt, which makes it easy to carry the Megaphone to any place of choice. The light weightiness of this Megaphone adds to the ease of its use during all occasions

Cost – Rs. 3370/-

1. 5 Core HW-8R Dynamic PA Megaphone

This lightweight Megaphone tops the list of best selling Megaphones in today’s context. The built in music and recording functionalities feature in this Megaphone has multiple volume controls. It comes with a power on / off switch complementing the other value adding features like Siren, LED light, music control through an efficient record as well as play functions. While it runs on a 15 Watts power supply it can also work on 4*D batteries it covers approximately 200 meters area

Cost – Rs. 799/-