Top 10 Best Memory Card Brands with Price in India 2021

Nowadays, nowhere you can find a mobile without memory card which has become an integral part of every mobile. Memory cards are the extended memory which helps to store extra sources such as images, music, files and videos in the mobile other than the area provided for regular storage. There are different sizes and brands of memory cards which can be used in your mobile according to the compatibility.

Thus, below are the lists of memory cards available in Indian market.

10. Strontium Memory Card

Strontium Memory Card

This is a best 3-in 1 memory card which comes in variety of sizes such as 16GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. Nitro memory cards, Micro SDHC, Micro SDXC types are available in this brand. 16 GB starts from the price of Rs.299, 32 GB is from Rs.697 and 64 GB is available from the price range of Rs.1090.

9. Sandisk Memory Card

Sandisk Memory Card

A very popular memory card brand in India is an Ultra high speed-1 enabled memory cards which can transfer photos or files two times faster than the regular type of memory cards. Special things about these cards are it has a capacity to survive for 24 hours in sea water and also has the power to resist magnetic powers of home theatres at your home. It is available in various sizes such as 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB (class 4) which are Rs.155, R.262, Rs. 499, Rs.898 and Rs.2500 respectively.

8. Kingston Memory Card

Kingston Memory Card

Kingston is another famous brand that occupies majority of the Indian mobile phones since its prices are reasonable. Featured with shock proof, water proof, vibration proof and airport x-rays proof makes this memory card into a favorite one.  Also carries a brand warranty of 5 years and available in several classes which literally means number of MegaByte per sec. 8 GB card is Rs.220 and 16 GB is Rs.330.

7. Samsung Memory Card

Samsung Memory Card

Already a well famous brand in mobiles, it is also a renowned brand in producing memory cards. It produces different types of memory cards such as SDX, SDXC, micro SD card and so on. The special thing about every Samsung memory cards are it carries 10 years of manufacture warranty and top model of its memory cards can transfer up to 450 MB per second.Rs.300 and Rs.620 are the prices of Samsung memory cards respectively.

6. Sony Memory Card

Sony Memory Card

Sony is also a leading brand of mobile manufacturing which also produces successful memory card series. It is a best choice from a top brand and also available at an affordable price. It extremely durable and saves your data from any damage even during extreme weather conditions. X-PICT Story for memory card is complimentary for this card. 8 GB card is Rs.220 and 32 GB card is Rs.706.

5. G.skill Memory Card

G.skill Memory Card

Most of the Indians would not be very familiar with this brand. But the real thing is, it is one of the best selling memory card brands in India which includes an adapter with it. Available in variety of classes and types, these memory cards are from Rs. 770 in Indian market.

4. HP Memory Card

HP Memory Card

This is a new generation memory card with turbo performance and compatible with all SD 3.01 standards. It carries a warranty of one year from the date of purchase. Micro SD card is available in various sizes starting from the range of Rs. 170 in Indian market.

3. Toshiba Memory Card

Toshiba Memory Card

As we all know, Toshiba is a famous brand of memory card which has special features like water proof, shock proof, x-ray proof and card does not get any damage even during extreme weather conditions. It is known for its professional performance which can transfer High definition videos within seconds. The types of Toshiba memory cards available in the market are Micro SDTX and SDHC which are the best examples for digital media storage solutions embedded with NAND.

2. Transcend Memory Card

Transcend Memory Card

Transcend is a quite successful company right from the year 1988 in providing data storage solutions in the form of memory cards, flash cards, sd cards, portable hard drives and so on. The micro SD cards are available right from the price of Rs.277 till Rs.6928. It comes with 3 year manufacturer warranty and hugely supports sleep modes, auto-standby and power off options.

1. Lexar Professional Memory Card

Lexar Professional Memory Card

This is a product from USA which can be purchased only through online markets. The price covers all the taxes and custom duties and hence can be little expensive. The quality and performance are unbeatable since a 32 GB card can store up to Eight hours of High definition video and 14000 songs. Lexar 16 GB cards are available at a rate of Rs.375 in the online market.