Top 10 Best Men Watches Brands with Price in India 2021

Watches, like a dress and shoes, are essential part of person’s life. Apart from numerous smart gadgets, watches have been original source of time. India is a huge market for best watches brands. Smart and sturdy look is what men always want in watches. There are numerous brands which offer many types, styles, colors and features of the watches. So, this is the most famous watch brands in Indian market.

10. Swatch Men Watches

Swatch Watches

A Swiss brand Swatch has become famous for watches in India. The company offers three major categories of the men watches in India, Swatch Originals, Swatch Irony and Swatch Skin. All the collections are rich in design and style, which all men would like to have. The best known for its classic, elegance and affordability, the brand offers price range starting from Rs. 3500/-

9. Omega Men Watches

Omega Watches

Omega offers innovative designs in watches. The brand is famous for its unique technology used in manufacturing of watches. Omega provides huge collections of Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster, De Ville and Specialities. Smart and sturdy look, specially designed for men, Omega stands at ninth rank in the list. The brand offers men watches at the starting range of Rs. 2500/-

8. Citizen Men Watches

Citizen Watches

Citizen is a Japanese brand, is popular choice among Indian men. Citizen watches are designed with latest technology and innovative ideas. The brand has invented a first voice recognition watch, first professional dive watch and even thinnest LCD watch. Best known collections from the brand are Eco Drive and The Signature Collection. Available at the starting range of Rs. 4500/-

7. Casio Men Watches

Casio Watches

Another Japanese brand Casio is becoming famous in Indian market. Casio’s best collections for men are G Shock for absolute toughness, Edifice for speed and intelligence, attractive Enticer Series, Pro Trek and Outdoor for adventures, Youth Series for fashion and techno. The brand of creativity and contribution offers watches price range from Rs. 1000/-

6. Rolex Men Watches

Rolex Men Watches

The most expensive luxury watch brand is Rolex. Though it offers a wide range of men’s professional to classic watches. The world famous brand for its reliability and performance, it offers the latest collections in Daytona, Air King, Datejust, DayDate, Explorer and Cellini. The Oyster Watch was the world’s first waterproof and dustproof watch from the brand. The basic collection of watches price is starting from Rs. 35000/-

5. Fastrack Men Watches

Fastrack Watches

Fastrack is a famous among youth of the India. It is a house brand of the world famous Titan Watches. The brand offers stylish and attractive watches specially designed for middle aged people. The fastest growing brand has various categories in men’s watches with latest fashion trends at an affordable price. The sporty and stylish designs in watches’ costs are Rs. 800/- onwards.

4. Sonata Men Watches

Sonata Watches

Sonata is another brand from Titan, most loved and most preferred in watches in India. The brand provides watch collections for all generations. The beauty and elegance of watches puts the brand at the forth position of popular brands in the country. Everyday and Occasion are the best collections from the brand. The latest SF series are perfect for adventure lovers. The price range is starting from Rs. 500/-

3. Maxima 300 Men Watches

Maxima 300 Watches

The Maxima is a popular brand for its beautiful yet affordable range of watches. Formal Gold, Attivo, Aqua, Digital, Hybrid, Urban and Ego are its best collections for men. The sleek designs, high quality and affordable prices put the brand at top three position in the list. The brand offers best price range starting from Rs. 300/-

2. Timex Men Watches

Timex Watches

Timex is the best brand in men watches in India. Best known for high-end Italian designs and cutting-edge German technology; the brand has a vast collections such as City, Expedition, Heritage, Ironman, Metropolitan, Main Street and weekender.  The brand is also famous for its digital watch collection. The watches’ best features  are chronographs, fly-back movement and night light. The best price is starting from Rs. 500/-

1. Titan Men Watches

Titan Watches

India’s best brand is Titan for men’s watches is at the top of all the brands in the country. The most trusted brand among the Indians offers best quality with stylish and beautiful designs. Aqura, Insignia, Octane, Juxt, Neo, Automatic, HTSE, Slimline, Ottomon and Retro are the best men’s watches collections. Some of its watches have features like Chronograph, Tachymeter, Precision timing and 10 ATM. The Watches price range is starting from Rs. 1200/-