Top 10 Best Men’s Watches Between 2000 to 5000 Rs in India

There are very limited accessories for men where the watch has the credibility to accessorize anywhere whether the office, functions or the romantic date. Hence, the watch should be of a great quality and design so that it matches the attire men are in. Therefore, here we have brought you ten most prevailing watches in India in 2016, which have become the style statement of Indian men. The list goes like this-

Mens Watches in India

10. Fastrack NG9463AL07CJ Explorer Analog Watch

This model from the Fastrack is mid-sized and has round dial with blue color. It is beautiful, sporty and suites for both casual and social events. The enticing part of the watch is it blue strap and blue dial, which elevate the beauty to million times. So, buy this explores watch with 6 months warranty and pair it with the denims and formals you sport. The price of this watch is Rs. 2000/- onwards.

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9. Titan NF9322SL03MJ Octane Analog Watch

Beautiful and big round dial of Titan Octane just glues you to it, and the green colored seconds hand hypnotizes you. Well, indeed, this made by the Titan is a must buy in Rs. 2994/- with 2 years international warranty, mineral glass protection, beautiful leather strap.

8. Fastrack NG3089SL05C Black Magic Analog Watch

The dusky black color or the dial round dial and brown leather strap just elevates the beauty of your hand, when you sport it. it goes well with formal and casual  as well as and other key features are price of Rs. 2395/-, 1 years manufacturer warranty & 6 months battery warranty, stainless steel casing, mineral glass protection and water proofing up to 50m in water.

7. Casio A414 Enticer Analog Watch

The Enticer is the perfect name given to this watch as it actually entices with its masculine looks; the black dial, beautifully carved hands for second, minute and hours are just treat to watch. This Analog watch from the Casio is well priced at Rs. 3795/- onwards and comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty in India. The other key features are silver strap, water resistance, and stainless steel case.

6. Titan 1509YL01 Orion Analog Watch

I came across this watch through one of my friend and truly got jealous that how he bragged such an ecstatic watch and I could not. Hahaha! But friends are friends and he told me where to spot, and in next moment I ordered. And do you know why- well, because of the stunning design, round brown dial, dark brown leather strap, 2 years international warranty and water resistance. The price I paid was Rs. 4995/- which proved worth to spend.

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5. Timex TI000T80200 E-Class Analog Watch

On the number five, we have Timex with E-class Analog model having features to be listed in the top five of the list. Well, this watch is elegantly colored as off-white giving a silver glow. The whole body is of stainless steel and performs the Analog-chronographic function. Other key features are day display, multi-function and 1 years domestic warranty. The price you would have to pay for this watch is Rs. 4995/-.

4. Fastrack 3111SL03 Chronograph Analog Watch

The position fourth is acquired by the leader in the watch market, non-other than the Fastrack. It has Model 3111SL03 on the list with features like 1 years manufacturer warranty, 6 months battery warranty, square dial, dark brown leather strap, and brass case. This model by the Fastrack is nicely priced at Rs. 4747/-.

3. Casio A1046 ENTICER MEN’S Analog Watch

At the number three, Casio has secured the position with flying colors. It has 2 years manufacturer warranty for all over India and has a subtle design which is apt for all places; like for the conference hall or a movie hall. It just you must have the attitude to sport it. The price to pay for the watch is Rs. 4000/-.

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2. Diesel 286042 Analog Watch

With an affordable price of Rs. 2423/-, Diesel has made its stand in the list with this model having features like beautifully carved square dial filled with blue color, straps of brown color, and 2 years of international warranty. Its seconds, minutes, and hours hands are stylish with seconds hand uniquely colored in Yellow. All –in-all the watch is a beautiful piece to adore while pairing with formals and casuals.

1. Fossil 670685 Analog Watch

Fossil is a brand name among the men and they love accessorizing themselves with the watches by this brand. Well, here, we have this Fossil 670685 Analog model with stainless steel body and black round dial.  The silver color looks complementing the black dial where watching time is also serene. The model is nicely priced at Rs. 4497/- and comes with 2 years of international warranty that too from the date of purchase.