Top 10 Best Men’s Watches Between 5000 to 10000 Rs in India

If you are looking for amazing wristwatches between in the range of Rs. 5000-10000, you have come to the right place. There are many high-end brands like Fossil, Timex, Titan, Casio, etc. in India, which provide watches in this range, so you get a wide variety to choose from. Right selection of watches is required to invest your money at a comprehensive watch that is durable and can enhance the beauty of your fashion sense. Read the article to find out the convenient match for your wrist within your budget.

In order to help you in choosing the best from the rest, we have come up with the top ten men watches in India. Have a look!

10. Timex Intelligent Men’s Watch

Timex Intelligent men’s watch

If you are a fan of elegant timepieces, then this watch is just for you. This wristwatch by Timex is stylish, impressive in the form of chronometric imagination. The best thing about it is that not only it looks trendy but also suits the pocket of the modern man. You can wear in on any occasion, anywhere, and anytime. This watch is made of leather strap band that gives it an engrossed look and durability. In order to set a unique trend in front of others and to impress your beloved one, purchase this beautiful collection provided by Timex. The facts that distinguish it from others are that there is a digital thermometer to check the temperature of air and water. It is water resistant and comes with one-year manufacturer warranty. You can get it for Rs. 7,999/-. Select the suitable dial size and case diameter that matches your wrist size. This timepiece is a real worth of your money, not only showing time but also being a true fashion accessory.

9. Casio G-Shock Men’s Watch

Casio G-Shock men’s watch

It is a great digital watch by Casio with a gorgeous durable display that can increase your confidence as well. Whether you are looking for a matching wrist watch for your professional outfit or casual look, this watch is suitable more than any other timepiece. It is round and multi-colored watch with a mineral dial glass material. The band of this watch is of black colour in the resin material. This Analog-Digital watch is water resistant up to 200 meters. It comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty, so in the case any problem arises, you can get it replaced or repaired free of cost within two years. You may get it for Rs.7,995/-. Basically, this watch is a premium sports collection which is available in round shaped dial only along with plastic made strap material. Casio G-Shock watches are the most durable and long lasting pieces in the market. Purchase online a valuable timepiece of Casio G-shock for yourself or to gift someone.

8. Casio Edifice Men’s Watch

Casio Edifice men’s watch

This is a black coloured, round shaped watch with mineral dial glass. It is one of the most elegant and aristocratic watches of Casio that is priced below Rs 10K. It has a silver stainless steel strap that is so ‘in’ nowadays and gives a distinct look to the watch. The special features that the watches are- it measures seconds and screw-down-crown. It is a water resistant watch and has a two-year domestic warranty. You can get the watch for Rs. 5,995/-. Get this analog watch at such excellent price range that can surprise anyone. The piece is long lasting and phenomenal one as fashion accessory. If you are looking for a enticing piece of gift then also can opt for this watch. Make order online or else buy it from a retail shop.

7. Titan Octane Men’s Watch

Titan Octane men’s watch

This super elegant watch comes within an affordable price. This item of watch is dedicated to provide style, precision and performance all together.  Titan has managed to come out with a watch, which is extremely classy and you can carry it as you want. It is a stainless steel, silver watch, which has the bandwidth of 21 millimeters. It comes with material band strap that provides it extra durability and it is also designed with extra shock resistant to eliminate the chance of damage due to any accident. It is a chronograph mineral crystal material water resistant watch. The water resistance depth is 30 meters. You may get this watch for Rs. 6105/-. This watch is known for showing accurate time with the help of highly reliable speed tachymetric scale. In addition, the watch flaunt is designed with a chronographic needle to measure the one-tenth of every second. This one is a perfect piece to spending money.

6. Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Men’s Watch

Casio G-Shock Bluetooth men’s watch

If you cannot live without music, this watch is meant for you. This watch enables the linkage between the watch and your Smartphone for the control of the music player installed within your phone remotely. You may also control the watch settings and much more with it. There is a music app named G’MIX that takes you to the topmost level of personalization. You can adjust the playback settings and configurations direct from your watch. The Bluetooth connectivity of the watch helps to easily locate your phone and enhance the music listening. You can get it for Rs. 9,495/-. It is quite good in facilities and light in weight for being an excellent gift item. It shows time accurate and can play the music which is an extra character that makes it different from other available branded watches within the same price tag. So go for it and give your investment a worth remembering decision.

5. Fossil Decker men’s watch

Fossil Decker men’s watch

If you are looking for a watch that can make you stand out of the crowd and look stylish at the same time, you can opt for the Fossil Chronograph Black Men’s Dial Watch. The dial colour of the watch is black with a round shape. The band looks good in a multi-coloured stainless steel format. This quartz Analog watch flaunts the quartz display and it is water resistant up to 100 meters and comes with a two-year domestic warranty. You may get it repaired or exchanged within one year if the problem arises. The watch is available for 7,300/-. This decker collection round shaped black dial watch is one of the most selling and appreciated wrist watch in India. It is a heavy weight wrist watch that is weighing only 440 grams. Moreover, it has the capacity to tolerate the pressure up to 10 bars which is more than average. Get it online or from any retail distributor and wear it with your formal or casual outfit.

4. Titan Regalia Men’s Watch

Titan Regalia men’s watch

It is a perfect blend of style and sophistication. This watch by Titan can be called a masterpiece of elegance. Once you sport it on your head, it is guaranteed to turn the heads of any onlooker. The watch is housed with the shock resistant features that provide you the additional quality to save the timepiece from any sudden accident. The stainless steel strap is of gold and silver colour and the watch is water resistant up to 30m. Get this watch for Rs 6,299/-. Buy this beautiful watch online or from a retail outdoor shop at the best price.

3. Titan Octane Grey Men’s Watch

Titan Octane Grey men’s watch

It is a great piece by watch giants, Titan. It is a wristwatch having a leather strap band, and a round shaped dial with amazing multi-colour combination. The watch is water resistant up to 30 meters. You may sport it to your office and look superb. It displays chronograph display with buckle clasp and brass case material. It has the limit of bearing the pressure up to 3 bars. In addition, this watch is weighing only 240 grams. It is perhaps a watch with a great price and comes with an international warranty of 2 years. This watch is available for Rs 4,500/-. If you are looking for an effortless and elegant timepiece then purchase it at the best rate online.

2. Sonata Ocean Series III ANALOG-DIGITAL Men’s Watch

Sonata Ocean Series III ANALOG-DIGITAL Men's Watch

It is uber-stylish and the favourite of most of the watch lovers in this price range. The dial colour of the watch is the combination of several colour, which gives it a great look. The band of the watch is in black colour and rubber material. The watch is having round shaped case with the diameter length of 30 millimeters. It is light watch weighing only 109 grams. It is water resistant up to 5 meters and comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. You can get it for Rs. 4,500/-. Compare the price in various online shopping portals and get it in best price. Also, you can purchase it from an outdoor shop or from showroom to avoid the duplicity of the watch.

1. Citizen An3550-55a Men’s Watch

Citizen An3550-55a Men's Watch

Only the name of the manufacturer is enough to make it stand apart. It is a true mixture of class and sophistication in a great price. It is Japanese company that delivers quality watches all the time and Citizen AN3550-55A, the chronograph watch is a real testimony of all promising features, innovation and creativity. The specific watch comes with white colour dial along with the stainless steel band material. More and more, the chronographic watch is packaged with the facility of 1 year manufacturing international warranty. It weighs 150 grams and can resist the water pressure up to 50 meters depth. No matter you buy it for yourselves or for bestowing it upon your loved ones, it has the potential to be your prized possessions. It is surprising that this watch is available for Rs. 6,495/-.


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