Top 10 Best Milk Brands with Price in India 2021

Milk is an essential food which is used in every family for the quick nutrition and calcium required by the body. So, there would be no family worldwide, which won’t have a pet brand coming in their family for years. Well, talking about the India, Indians are famous for using milk in variance, where the use starts from early morning with a hot shimmering cup of tea to elders and a glass of not-so-liked milk for kids. And like this, the use goes on and on.

But, despite of your pet bran, do you know any other brand in India under top-10. If no, then read this, your list will enhance.

10. Dudhsagar Dairy

Dudhsagar Dairy

Dhudhsagar is a private milk company, which produces and sells milk and dairy products, and has its corporate office in Mehsana, Gujarat, since its establishment in 1963. With its quality dairy products, it has secured the 10th position in the list, and it promises to keep continuing the same. The official website of the brand is

9. Milma


Standing on the 9th rank, MILMA is a cooperative brand with its corporate office in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. It was established in 1980 an since then, it is run and managed by the Kerala Co-operative Milk Federation. It has its popular products like the Ghee, Lassi, Butter, with Milk as the bestselling. The official website is

8. Aavin


With corporate office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, AAVIN is a brand managed by the Tamil Nadu Milk Producer’s Federation Limited and has a lot of bestselling milk and dairy products, including milk, cheese, butter, etc. Since its establishment in 1952, it has achieved an epitome height and it will continue to do that. The website of the brand is

7. Dynamix Dairy

Established in 1995, Dynamix Dairy is the milk producing company in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It also has its corporate office there and is running since 21 years with a fabulous background in milk production and marketing. This privately owned firm is a known name in the states and the country and its official website is

6. Karnataka Co-operative Milk Federation

Karnataka Co-operative Milk Federation

Karnataka Co-operative ilk federation is the cooperative firm working in South India, which is a biggest cooperative firm with over more than 13157 dairy societies in Karnataka. With its milk production and marketing, KMF aims at proving the support and growth to Indian rural milkmen of Bangalore, Karnataka, and the official website is

5. Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Ltd

Known shortly as the AP Dairy is the leading milk producer and has secured the number 5 in the top-10 with its affordable pricing and guaranteed milk support to milk producers and users. It is a privately owned firm and was introduced in India by 1960. It has its corporate office situated in Hyderabad and its official website is

4. Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation

Renowned mainly as the OMFED, it is a dairy cooperative society of India with cooperative office at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. It is involved in producing, procuring, and marketing the milk and milk products, where they are the name of urban milk users. Since its inception in 1985, it is serving the Indians with its quality and nourishment. It official website is

3. Kwality Limited

Kwality Limited

Kwality Limited is nationally and internationally accredited brand for the milk and dairy products with its corporate office in New Delhi. It is a privately owned company and was established in 1992 in India. Growing as fast as anything does, it has expanded its networks in different states including Rajasthan, UP, Haryana, Punjab, etc. with exports in 20 countries globally. People can check their information here at

2. Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy

On the number 2, we have Mother Dairy, a popular milk brand, which was founded in 1974 and is operated by the NDDB (National Dairy Development Board). This bran is the producer and seller of the milk, having dairy brands also like ice cream, cheese, etc. It is based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and is a privately owned brand. So, it also solely deserves its position of number 2 among the souvenir. The landing page of the Mother Dairy is

1. Amul Milk

Amul Milk

The name which is popular in every house of India, and has actually ruled the nation since in its start up in 1946, and is no undoubtedly, still ruling the newcomers out is Amul. Based in Anand, Gujrat, it song became very popular featuring the “MahareGharangananabhooloji,” it became the tone of India, and that tone made it the leading brand of India with other dairy products like  cheese, whipped cream, milk powder, etc., with milk in mainstream. It is a co-operative milk-marketing firm having more than 3.5 million milk producers. It thoroughly deserves to be the number one. The official website of the brand is

Mine is yummy and delicious Amul, which one is yours…..:)

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