Top 10 Best Mixer Grinder Brands with Price in the World 2018

People, who work in the kitchen every day, only can comprehend the need of a good mixer grinder in the kitchen. On the off chance that you have the best mixer grinder in your kitchen, half of your work would be done in few minutes.

A decent blender processor is a flawless accomplice of a good culinary expert in the kitchen. The following is a list of top 10 best mixer grinders which suits every one of your prerequisites.

1. Panasonic MX-AC300S-H

Panasonic MX-AC300S-H

MX-AC300S is one of the best Mixer Grinders in India. This 550Watt Mixer Grinder is furnished with unrivaled quality cutting blades and has been intended to give the best Mixer Grinder operations without any problem. Its heavy-duty motor grinds mix and blends food without difficulty. (Cost INR 3,890)

Key Attributes:

  • Double Safety locking framework guarantees that the machine won’t work until the jars are correctly inserted.
  • Vacuum Foot Cups for extra safety.
  • Overload Protection keeps your engine protected from burning out because of overloading.

2. Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum

Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum

Preethi Blue Leaf arrangement is prestigious for their un-surpassable quality. Its 750 Watts Mixer Grinder gives better Grinding feat that is sufficiently adequate even to grind the hardest material easily. Also, the white-hued enduring, tough body construction makes it an immaculate kitchen accomplice while offering a tasteful look to your kitchen. (Cost INR 6,665.00)

Key Attributes:

  • Auto cut-off element protects from Voltage variances or any sort of material overload.
  • 3-center PVC Insulated control cord gives extra security.
  • Noise level is adequate and does not disturb the sleep of anyone or even a kid who sleep near to the kitchen.

3. Butterfly Matchless

Butterfly Matchless

Butterfly Matchless Mixer Grinder accompanies a committed jar to extract Juices. With powerful parts and best performances, this item is truly protected to be asserted as the best Juicer blender processor. This 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with Juicer accompanies a heavy duty motor. Double shaded body configuration gives your Kitchen a present day look. It comes furnished with extraordinary ventilator plan which protects your Mixer processor from overheating. The engine speed is 17000-20000 rpm whatever the load is and this is quite high to blend, mix, grind or extract juice in minutes. (Cost INR 5,696.00)

Key Attributes:

  • Peep Lid configuration can sufficiently hold the fixings inside the jar while grinding
  • LED Indicator shows the Power status ON/OFF
  • Jar Lock Indicator is incorporated that guarantees whether the jar is bolted appropriately or not.

 4. Morphy Richards Superb

Morphy Richards Superb

Morphy Richards juicer blender processor 500 Watts engine limit accompanies an overload defender to protect the gadget on account of overload. The quality and execution can be effortlessly checked from the blender processor surveys to get more data about how individuals feel about this specific model. (Cost INR 3,995.00)

Key Attributes:

  • Ergonomically planned handle guarantees comfy grip.
  • Motor protected from overheating due to the over-load protection
  • This energy efficient model saves you money by reducing your power bills.

5. Philips HL1643/04

Philips HL1643/04

Phillips HL1643/04 Mixer Grinder accompanies a 600-Watt engine. This high-limit engine can deal with the tasks like grinding, blending and extracting Juice without noise. Phillips blender processor cost is exceptionally reasonable when contrasted with other models that fall in this range. Alternatives like Lift and grind, durable cutting blades guarantee ideal as well as smooth grinding, blending operations. (Cost INR 4,495.00)

Key Attributes:

  • Non-slip feet shield your Mixer Grinder from slippage.
  • Revers Quadra stream jars prevent food from sticking to the wall of the jar.
  • Power Indicator obviously shows the power ON/OFF status.

6. Bajaj Twister

Bajaj Twister

This Bajaj blender processor 750 watts engine limit model gives the best performance at 18000rpm speed. It accompanies 3-stainless steel containers to handle the dry grinding, wet grinding, blending and grating like applications. The Mixer Grinder is ideal for grinding spices. (Cost INR 5,599.00)

Key Attributes:

  • Multi- use cutting blades guarantee smooth grinding operations.
  • Auto-off, safety lock, and coordinated engine protection highlights come retrofitted.

7. Philips BIA HL7697/00

Philips BIA HL7697/00

This Phillips HL7697/00 Mixer Grinder accompanies a capable 750 Watts engine that handles grinding, blending and juices extracting applications effortlessly. Its shoe-formed rich outline takes less space. Its Main Unit accompanies Top-throw plan. This new plan guarantees better engine life and a superior grinding execution. (Taken a toll INR 4,795.00)

Key Attributes:

  • It’s capable 750 watts engine can grind anything put into the Jar.
  • This best blender processor is outlined with the vacuum feet that keeps from the incidental slips.
  • ABS body can withstand heavy duty applications.

8. Prestige Stylo

Prestige Stylo

This 750-Watts Mixer Grinder model from Prestige handles each grinding needs running from quick to hard ones delivering delightful meals and chutneys for refreshment. 750 Watts heavy duty motor is sufficiently intense to do grinding applications easily. Water seepage choice given in the stainless steel jars is of great value as well as can be found only this mixer grinder brand. (Cost INR 4,095.00)

Key Attributes:

  • Multi-use blades produced using stainless steel material is sharp and strong.
  • Sturdy handle guarantees comfortable grasping and holding of jars while blending or grinding.

9. Maharaja Whiteline Alfa MX-153

Maharaja Whiteline Alfa MX-153

This Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder comes stacked with 500-watt heavy-duty motor. Its stainless steel jars can be utilized for numerous reasons like making chutneys, grinding coconut, spices and so on. (Cost INR 2,999.00)

Key Attributes:

  • Stainless steel containers are sturdy as well as remain for longer years to add excellence to your kitchen.
  • Since the cutting blades are produced using the super sharp material, it can grind food stuff easily.

10. Hyundai HMB50W3S-DBF

Hyundai HMB50W3S-DBF

This blender processor is one of the tops of the line juicer blender processors and comes power-packed with 500Watts heavy-duty engine so as to convey our grinding operations easily. This model accompanies 3-stainless steel jars. (Cost INR 3,890.00)

Key Attributes:

  • 2-Meter Power cord is sufficiently adaptable to move the major
  • Vacuum foot include shields your machine from slippage.
  • It comes coordinated with the brilliant sensor innovation.