Top 10 Best Selling Mouse Brands For Computer/Laptop in India 2021

For comfortable working and hassle free operations, optical mice have found its use even with laptops. Designed to deliver high performance are mice offered by many brands. However, the ones ruling the Indian market and making functioning seamless are just a few.

Here is a list of the top 10 mouse brands for the usage with computers and laptops in India 2021.

10. Techno Tech Mouse

Techno Tech Mouse

Techno Tech offers computer peripherals and is a trusted brand for the same. The mouse manufactured by the brand offers wireless connectivity and can operate from a distance of over 10 meters. It is adaptable with Windows XP, Vista, Mac, Linux etc. with the indisputably stylish aesthetics and proper functionality, this brand is considered a classic one in the segment.

9. Quantum Mouse

Quantum Mouse

The brand is a well-known one dealing in computer peripherals. Optical mice offered by Quantum have an ergonomic design allowing functionality. It finds its application with desktops and notebooks. The hardware is inclusive of backlights, which are optional and it has a resolution of 400/800/1000 DPI. The mouse is designed such that it prevents palm strain. This is ideal for usage by both left-hand as well as right-hand users who can comfortably work with this mouse. It eliminates the need for a mouse pad and can function on any surface.

8. Zebronics Mouse

Zebronics Mouse

The Zebronics Totem 2 is a well functioning mouse available at a price sub 500 INR. This optical mouse looks sleek, is easy to grip, and is available in a basic black color with blue, red and gray color stripes. The plug-and-play device does not require any special installation software and also includes alkaline batteries. With a year’s warranty, the Zebronics mouse is priced at a reasonable 499.

7. Ambrane Mouse

Ambrane Mouse

Ambrane offers plug and play mice, which move with high precision. The design is suited to function comfortably, allowing for a good grip. It is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2000, Mac OS. Ambrane mice are wired as well as wireless. The wired ones cost about Rs. 199 while the wireless is priced online at Rs. 680.

6. Lenovo Mouse

Lenovo Mouse

Lenovo brings forth precision and comfort. This mouse utilizes high-end technology incorporating an integrated wheel-scrolling device, thereby dismissing the mechanical ball and hence also, the need to run it over a mouse pad. It also offers support and service from IBM.

5. Microsoft Mouse

Microsoft Mouse

Found by Mr. Bill Gates in the year 1975, Microsoft is a well-known and highly regarded company. It is deemed as the most popular brand dealing in computer software and hardware across the globe. The brand is a valued company and offers a huge array of computer peripherals including computer mice. The price range of these optical mice offered by Microsoft begins from a reasonable cost of Rs. 349.

4. iBall Mouse

iBall Mouse

iBall is a leading Indian brand that has been manufacturing premium products related to hardware. It is a start-up company established in Mumbai in 2001 and has been a leading brand manufacturing top quality peripheral hardware for Indian market, iBall is known to supply computer hardware to many countries across the globe and has been a renowned brand doing the same. The company provides a wide collection of wired and wireless optical mice, the price range beginning from Rs. 235.

3. HP Mouse

HP Mouse

Known for the manufacture of the world class computer hardware HP, or Hewlett-Packard, is Californian start-up company. Much has been known about this great brand, which has been providing hardware and software services to clients across the globe. This company is deemed to be the world’s second largest vendor of personal computers. Amongst its peripherals, HP also manufactures computer mice and offers a wide range of choices. HP mice are priced online from Rs. 325.

2. Logitech Mouse

Logitech Mouse

Logitech is a hugely famous brand manufacturing top-notch computer peripherals. These include computer keyboards, mouse, and webcams. Logitech mice can be chosen from a wide range of colors and models. The starting price of these optical mice is Rs 315.

1. Dell Mouse

Dell Mouse

Dell is an American multinational company that is highly regarded for its computers and laptops. Besides that, it is a pioneer brand globally marketing computer hardware and software. A range of optical mice are can be availed from Dell. Their price range begins from Rs 209.