Top 10 Best Multivitamins Brands in India 2021

Food is the prime resource for the required nutrients in our body. However, people are unaware of body’s much needed proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals fats and water, as they don’t take proper intake. The multivitamin supplements have all these nutrients and it boost up our metabolic activities, hormones and enzyme production which can help to keep away all the danger diseases. Below are the brands which offer excellent values of nutrition through their best quality multivitamin supplements.

10. Inlife Multivitamins


The Inlife Multivitamins and minerals supplement is very safe and effective to use daily. T is perfect combination of essential vitamins and minerals which help to stay fit and healthy. It contains 12 vitamins and other vital nutrients. It also has biotin and vitamin D3 which retain bone density, body immunity and calcium absorption. It is advisable to take 1 tablet after a meal regularly.

9. Centrum Multivitamins


Centrum offers various types of multivitamin supplements such as Centrum Women’s, Centrum Ultra Men’s, Centrum Multivitamin Adults under 50, Centrum Silver for Women, and Centrum Kids Multivitamin. All the products provide required vitamins and minerals in the body of individuals. It provides a complete range of A to Zinc including Vitamin C, E, A and Selenium. It is an excellent product for normal citizens who need stamina and energy on a daily basis.

8. Herbalife Formula 2 Multivitamins

Herbalife Formula 2

Herbalife Formula 2 is the good quality multivitamin supplement. It contains a blend of 23 essential vitamins, Beta Carotene, Plus B-Vitamins, minerals and herbs which are significant for well being of an individual. The product provides antioxidants for a good health and vitality. It is advisable from the brand to take 2 to 3 tablets instead of a single tablet daily. It also helps to improve immune system in the body.

7. Healthvit MULVIT Multivitamins

Healthvit MULVIT

A perfect formula for men as well as women, Healthvit MULVIT is a blend of vitamins and minerals. It is very useful for overall care and development for body. The multivitamin supplement provides stamina and immunity as an antioxidant. The pack contains 60 tablets and recommended a dosage of 1 tablet daily.

6. Muscle Pharm Armor-V Multivitamins

Muscle Pharm Armor-V

The Armor-V from Muscle Pharm is a unique blend of organics, natural and herbal ingredients. The multivitamin supplement is formulated to feed the body which requires needed strength, energy and power. the product contains pure vegetables and fruits derivatives which is rich in antioxidants and system optimizers.

5. Revital Multivitamins


The popular brand of the country, Ranbaxy presents the best quality multivitamin supplement Revital. The product is a perfect blend of 11 vitamins, 9 minerals and ginseng. It has the benefits of improvement in stamina, active body, improve immunity and it helps to fight stress and anxiety as well. The brand also offers Revital H which is especially for women. The recommended dosage is 1 or 2 tablets in a day.

4. Universal Nutrition Uni Vita Multivitamins

Universal Nutrition Uni Vita

Packed with total numbers of 50 potent ingredients, Universal Nutrition Uni Vita is a complete and comprehensive multivitamin supplement. The product provides vital optimal performance, strength, vitality and virility. The product is made especially for athletes. It improves time and optimizes muscle strength and growth. The hard training body builders and athletes prefer this product.

3. Amway Nutrilite Daily Multivitamins

Amway Nutrilite Daily

Amway is well known brand of food and nutrition products. The brand offers Nutrilite Daily for general people. it provides 13 essential vitamins and minerals with the special concentrates like Acerola cherry, parsely, spinach, watercress, alfalfa and carrot, which all are natural ingredients. The product provides additional advantage of phytonutrients. There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

2. Optimum Nutrition Multivitamins

Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition presents the multivitamin supplements for men as well as women, Opti-Men and Opti-Women. The product is a complete nutrients optimization system. The supplement contains much needed blend of vitamins and minerals which are required for the individuals. It helps to achieve a goals involve strength, speed, power, or endurance. The various packs are available in 60 Caps, 90 Caps, 120 Caps and 150 Caps sizes.

1. MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamins

MuscleTech Platinum

The Patinum Multivitamin from the popular brand MuscleTech is the best selling multivitamin in the Indian market. It provides total numbers of 20 vitamins and minerals which include antioxidants, Vitamin C and E. the product contains Amino support matrix that consists of glycerin, L-citruine malate, L-arginine HCI and many other componants. One pack contains 90 tablets and it has to be taken 3 tablets in a day.