Top 10 Best Nail Polish Brands With Price In The World 2018

Nail polishes contribute magic and loveliness to your fingers! Selecting the outstanding brand is forever an excellent alternative. The international markets have a lot of excellent nail paint brands, which are fantastic in quality as well as fairly reasonable also.

In addition, you will not find any lack of the variety with regard to textures or even colors! In this blog, I will provide the price and the best nail polish brands in the world for 2018 and these are simply accessible either online or at your local stores.

10. Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Nail Polish

Sally Hansen is the respectable brand on the planet in view of their interesting formula that they utilized in their product. This is the first brand that introduced nail polish to protect nails. Nail paints of Sally Hansen don’t just give you an appealing and wonderful look but they additionally support your nails and make them stronger. Sally Hansen nails clean dry rapidly which is the necessity for any user. The nail art unit is additionally accessible with nail polish, and you can make distinctive designs by utilizing this pack at home. (Price $5 to $15).

9. CND

CDN Nail Polish

CND is a global brand and utilized professionally. A wide assortment of hues is accessible in CND. It is renowned for the fingernail. CND nail polish stays for a week on your nails due to the latest innovation on the grounds that the most recent innovation utilized as a part of these nails polishes. Professional individuals utilized these nail hues for nail treatment and excellence. You can get alluring hands without harming your nails by utilizing this nail polish. (Price $6 to $15)

8. L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris nail polish

L’Oreal Paris beautifying products are incredible and of the best quality. It has a wide variety of colors of nail polishes. Nail polish of this brand gives sparkle and elegant look to your nails. People take pleasure in a wide variety of colors in this brand and also its affordability. The nail colors of this brand are also durable. (Price $3 to $20)


NARS nail polish

NARS is a leading cosmetic and a world famous brand. Lipstick and nail polish are the well-known products of cosmetics from NARS. Their high quality makes them popular among the people. The nail shade of NARS gives an up-to-date look to your hands, and these colors are best for fingernails. The chemicals used by the company as a part of their nail polish provides a natural and enhanced appearance of your nails. Their containers are exceptionally jazzy which pull in more and more people to buy it. Nail polish is accessible in both forms that are shine and without shine along with a small brush. (Price $20)

6. RGB

RGB nail polish

RGB is an outstanding brand of makeup products. This organization is popular for their most modern items and also do not contain any harmful material. The special thing about its nail colors is that it gives your nail a natural look and their colors are indeed durable. You will be able to get whatever color you are looking for from RGB nail polish. Best shades of RGB nail polish are Black and golden. (Price $12 to $32)

5. Bobbi Brown

Bobby Brown Nail Polish

Bobbi Brown is the most loved brand of cosmetics particularly well known for its nail polish. You can get quite a lot of colors of this brand of nail polish. Attributes of Bobby Brown Nail polish are that its colors are hard-wearing, simple to use and dries fast. It provides your nail color with a soft texture and makes your hand beautiful.  Innovative colors from this brand are peach, orange, and green. (Price $15 to $35)

4. Revlon

Revlon nail polish

Revlon is a well-known brand of cosmetics as well as special care products. The name itself speaks volumes about the company and people go for it because of its name. Anyone can afford to buy Revlon nail polishes. The names of this nail polish color brand are unique for instance it is sun candy, strength enamel etc. People like the shades very much. Its brush is also very good and covers the nail effortlessly. (Price $3 to $25)

3. Essie

Essie Nail Polish

Essie is the popular brand throughout the world. They make their nail polish colors in line with the latest fashion. The colors of their nail paints can match any event. It is a brand of beautiful and exquisite nail polishes. Essie nail paints will provide your fingers with a natural as well as smooth look. Its powerful formula makes it last for a long time. Their nail paints are all normal and free of undesirable chemicals. (Price $3 to $35)

2. China Glaze

China Glaze Nail Polish

China Glaze is a professional brand. It is one of the astonishing brands, particularly for nail polishes. The texture of this nail polish is smooth and also has beautiful colors. Neon is the new color that they have introduced and which is the fashion now. You can buy this brand of nail polish either with shine or without shine. Smooth surface combined with delightful colors are what make China Glaze pick up fame throughout the world. (Price $3 to $35)

1. OPI

OPI Nail Polish

OPI is the best and most costly nail polish brand. The full form of OPI is Odontorium Product Inc. It got to be distinctly famous rapidly because of their better quality items. OPI is the main brand and well known because of numerous lovely shades. The majority of the professionals use this brand of nail polish due to its smooth and soft texture. (Value $4 to $40)

These days young girls love to makeup and show off their beauty. They use all kinds of makeup products and nail polish is not an exception. The different and best brands of nail paints are discussed above and you have to pick the best that suits you.

Previously, formaldehyde additives were added to nail polishes to prevent colors from changing after some time, however, most formulas today no longer incorporate them. Rather, more items depend on excellent pigments that last more.