Top 10 Best New Year’s Destinations in India 2021

New Year is the eve of letting go of old stuffs and it brings a joy of new life which is to be celebrated with family and friends. In our country, people wait for the special day of the New Year. They want to enjoy and celebrate the New Year with exciting activities as well as celebrations. The young generation of India fully welcomes New Year and say good bye to the current year. Exploring India’s best places in the last month of the year has always been joyful as well as adventures. Let’s have a look at the list of best destinations which can be explored to welcome the upcoming year.

10. Manali


Manali is the ideal destination for those who wants to enjoy their New Year celebration privately. The hotels of the city provide special dinner parties for family, friends and couples. It you want to have adventure activity then road trips to nearby valleys and towns are the best choice. The place is filled with snow offering wonderful scenery. The place will definitely give the lifelong memories of the New Year celebration.

9. Kolkata


Kolkata attracts the most people across the country with its nightclubs and New Year events. Every year, there is a huge rush to the city and it welcomes the New Year with utmost excitement and enthusiasm. People from all age groups can have great fun in the most elite city.

8. Alleppey

Alleppey, Kerala

Alleppey is the unique place of natural beauty and wonderful water bodies.  It’s located in the state of Kerala, the best known for romantic gateways. People here celebrate the New Year with beach parties which are very thrilling experience. Some people also get experience in houseboats and enjoy personal time together with the celebration of New Year eve. The back waters of Alleppey offers very personal and cozy space to have fun with closed ones.

7. McLeodganj


The nature lovers can fully celebrate the New Year eve at the magnificent place McLeodganj, which is situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The chilling weather and dramatic music events have the best combination to welcome the upcoming year. The little town is decorated with bright lights and the people celebrate with crackers. You can find folks from all over the world who come especially here to enjoy New Year celebration.

6. Pondicherry


Pondicherry is the well known city for its beautiful and serene beaches. It is also famous for beach side parties on the festivals and various occasions. You can find different events which are performed in the streets of the beautiful and colorful city.  They are very vibrant and electrifying performances performed by famous artists which give the amazing experience. Celebrating New Year in Pondicherry is quite unique experience among all.

5. Gulmarg


If you want to enjoy the New Year with all the Tranquility, then Gulmarg is the best choice to experience the New Year celebration in the lap of nature. The month of December is full of snow in this place and the city becomes very beautiful and romantic. This is the best place to welcome the New Year very romantically. People can go skiing which is very exciting activity to have fun.

4. Mumbai


Mumbai city is the most happening place of the country. The people of this city enjoy everyday like a New Year eve. They are called party animals. The New Year celebration in the city is celebrated with all night dancing at different places such as malls, pubs, various events, etc. The people also enjoy house party and beach party as well. With all the enthusiasm the city lightens up with colorful lights and crackers.

3. Bangalore


Bangalore is the magnetic city for the party lovers specially the new year celebrations. The light and bright place offers wide varieties of New Year celebration such as events, parties, shopping malls, music concerts, bars and pubs. Bangalore is the city of open spaces and large greenery giving the best experience of having fun by welcoming New Year.

2. New Delhi

New Delhi

Celebrate the New Year in style at India’s most stylish city New Delhi. People can fine lots of events, live concerts, parties and resorts. In the city, varieties of foods and cuisines are available in the eve of New Year. The whole city buzzes with dancing and all types of music to welcome the New Year. Though December is chilled month in New Delhi, people never get bothered by the coldest temperature. So, experience the winter season to celebrate new year in New Delhi.

1. Goa


Goa is the most popular destination to spend the month of December. People from all over the country come to experience the feel of vibrant and colorful city. The New Year is celebrated with wacky parties with so much fun. The state is gifted with beautiful weather and Serene Beaches. People love to chill out in pleasant climate and lots of greenery. When, the most of the parts in the country have the lowest temperature. Goa gives the most comfortable weather to celebrate the New Year.