Top 10 Best Nightwear Brands with Price in India 2021

Grand dresses make us look elegant and beautiful. Simple dresses make us feel comfortable giving us a feeling being at home. Such simple dresses are highly intimate and close to our hearts. One such simple dress is our nightwear. We relish wearing them and the ease of use they offer is highly appreciated. Not many dresses give us the comfort we feel when wearing out nightwear. We feel safe and at home whenever we wear nightwear. They give us enough freedom to sleep well. Be it the airflow through the dress or the light weight they are, nightwear are many women’s choice to have a comfortable night sleep. Regular use of nightwear has given rise to tremendous demand for them in the apparel market. They come in attractive designs and colours. Nightwear also comes in different material to suit changing weather conditions. We provide here the top 10 best nightwear brands in India in the year 2021.

10. Fasense Nightwear

Fasense Nightwear

Fasense brand offers many types of dresses to its customers. Be it the ethnic wear, swim wear or nightwear, Fasense sells high quality skin friendly clothes that last long. Particularly the night wear that the brand provides gives a lot of comfort to its users. It has three varieties of night wear to choose for women and they are Baby Dolls, Pyjamas and the traditional Night wears.

Cost – Rs. 299/-

9. Valentine Nightwear

Valentine Nightwear

Valentine is a well established brand when it comes to women nightwear. The vast choice of women nightwear clothing it offers gives it the winning edge over its competition. Valentine provides women nightwear collections of many kinds which include night wears, pure cotton nighties, night suits, Bridal nightwear and Satin nighties.

Cost – Rs. 410/-

8. Oxolloxo Nightwear

Oxolloxo Nightwear

Oxolloxo is a women nightwear brand that has been offering high quality nightwear for women. It offers multiple style night wear like Night dress, Nightwear, Pyjamas, Lounge wear and shorts for women. Its nightwear collections include many models like Plus-sizes, Denim, Shorts, embellished and beach wear. Oxolloxo brand night wear are made of Polyester, Viscose and cotton fabrics.

Cost – Rs. 178/-

7. Bwitch Nightwear

Bwitch Nightwear

Bwitch is another brand that offers stylish nightwear to women. The many styles it incorporates in night wear are Chemise, Camisole, Baby Doll, Pyjamas, Robeset, Shorts set and Jumpsuit. The brand ensures it uses fabrics like Georgette, Satin, Viscose Spandex, Cotton, Polyester and Lace to make the wearing experience of the women better.

Cost – Rs. 699/-

6. Klamotten Nightwear

Klamotten Nightwear

Klamotten is one of the best brand women nightwear manufacturers in India. It offers huge range and styles of women nightwear and many of them are preferred over the nightwear range of other brands. Some styles offered by Klamotten brand night wear are Babydoll with robe, Night suit, Maxi nightdress, Tops & Shorts set, Wrap, robe, Pyjama set, Lounge suit and satin and cotton night suits.

Cost – Rs. 275/-

5. Clovia Nightwear

Clovia Nightwear

Clovia’s range f nightwear collection includes Chemisoles, nightwear sets, shapewear and winterwear. Clovia’s nightwear are made of high quality fabrics like Nylon spandex, Cotton, Velour, Hosiery, Polycot, Nylon, Satin and cotton blend. It introduced nightwear that was divided into 2 pieces, 3 pieces, 8 pieces and 12 pieces sets.

Cost – Rs. 399/-

4. N-Gal Nightwear

N-Gal Nightwear

N-Gal is a highly sophisticated women nightwear brand. The sophisticated perfect fit nightwear it offers gives a sexy and stylish looks to women. To add more value to the elegance of its nightwear N-Gal ensures that its fabrics are made of Lycra, Lace, Fishnet, Satin, Chiffon, Polyester, Acrylic, Spandex and Elastane.

Cost – Rs. 650/-

3. Enamor Nightwear

Enamor Nightwear

While the product range offered by Enamor is vast, the nightwear it offers is Mix & Match, Glamour and Lounge. It offers many styles of women nightwear like Shorts, Pyjama, Legging, Babydoll, Top & Capri, Long dress, Tops and shorts among many others. The skin friendly fabrics the brand uses are Satin, Cotton, Viscose, Polyamide, Lycra, Modal and Mesh.

Cost – Rs. 475/-

2. Private Lives Nightwear

Private Lives Nightwear

Private Lives offers women nightwear that is highly fashionable. The women nightwear collection it offers is Nursing, Bridal, cotton and Satin essentials. Private Lives offers many styles of women nightwear and its nightwear collection ranges from Sleep shorts, PJ Mixer, separates, Babydolls, Pyjamas, Shorts and Lounge to night gown sets among the many others.

Cost – Rs. 399/-

1. PrettySecrets Nightwear

PrettySecrets Nightwear

PrettySecrets offers women nightwear that comes in vast styles like Camis/Tops/Tanks, Babydolls, Pyjamas, Nightwear sets, Lace, Long nightdress, Leggings, sleep shirt and Wrap gowns. Founded in the year 2012, PrettySecrets is the pioneer in introducing different types of lingerie. Famous actress of Bollywood and other cine industries prefer this brand nightwear over the other brands in India. The nightwear offered by PrettySecrets is of very high quality when compared to the other competitive brands that sell similar products.

Cost – Rs. 499/-