Top 10 Best Ouzo Brands in 2018 with Price

Ouzo is one of the very popular drinks in Greece. A lot of people would love to enjoy few sips of Ouzo whenever they can find an occasion. Most of the café owners will admit that ouzo is the best drink than any other available and probably it carries one of the most popular commercial brands. One can have great experience by having the ouzo drink. This will usually give the effect of alcohol from overwhelming and enable the person to sit and drink slowly for hours in very calm state of mind where all is beautiful and life is good. One can take this ouzo drink to any kind of trip and can have lot of fun. The people who have tasted it once will definitely want to taste it again and again because of its wonderful taste.

List of top 10 ouzo brands

10. The local Greek Sprit

Out of all the unique sprits in world ouzo is the best one which will take the life of its own depending on where it is made. There are only few major distributers of local Greek sprit ouzo and rest brands will be distributed by café owners or other families around some of the Greek island.

Features of The local Greek sprit

  • This is very strong sprit
  • It has very high alcohol content in it and most people will water it down as they drink it.
  • This local Greek sprit ouzo can be made in 4 different types.
  • The price of this drink varies from 10-15 dollars.

9. Barbayanni

This is the brand which produces largest ouzo in Greece. This brand is one that wills ships internationally as well as different areas. This brand was started since 150 years ago.

Features of Barbayanni

  • This brand drinks is used as the traditional brewages.
  • This brand ouzo drink is easily found in many shops.
  • The taste of this brand is very good and it is well balanced
  • Price of this brand drink varies from 15-20 dollars.

8. Plomari

This is the very large brand of ouzo drink production. This brand of drink is very much popular in national and international level. The taste of this brand drink is very calmer and smoother and one can enjoy this brand of drink heavily.

Features of Plomari

  • The price of this brand ouzo drink varies from 12-15 dollars
  • This is one of the most recommended brands of drink.
  • One can easily recognize Plomari ouzo brand because of its distinctive cork on the bottle.
  • This is the only brand which makes use of cork to seal the bottle.

7. Sans Rival

This is one of the smaller brands which prepare the ouzo drink. It will be normally served around the Greek island of Lesvos. This brand will give the complex mix of flavors and it will be very good to taste along with sea foods.

Features of Sans Rival

  • The price of this brand ouzo drink varies from 10-12 dollars.
  • It is also considered as the local brand.

6. Ouzo 12

This is one of the most popular brands of drink in Greece. The exportation of this brand of drink has eventually increased more and also commercialization seems to have changed the taste of this drink to fit the palates of people outside Greek.

Features of Ouzo 12

  • One can start their drink with ouzo 12 as it gives very good experience and one can enjoy the drink.
  • This ouzo 12 is acquainted with strong sprit
  • Price of this drink ranges from 15-18 dollars

5. Pitsiladi

This is the most preferred ouzo brand drink as has bit stronger and better blended flavor. It is very much better drink than some kind of distilled ouzo drink. When anyone distills this drink it will end up with much softer mouth feel and also smoother texture.

Features of Pitsiladi

  • This brand of drink has the wonderful tasty mix of local flavors.
  • It has very high demand and sometimes it is difficult to find this brand of drink.
  • Price of this brand ouzo drinks ranges from 25-30 dollars.
  • It is considered as the very delicious beverage.

4. Mini

This is the other most popular brand of ouzo drink in Greek. Most of the people like this brand of drink. It can be easily available in all the cafes around the country and it is also available in some international places as well.

Features of Mini

  • This brand drink has very milder flavor with less intense
  • One can have very smooth feeling by consuming it.
  • This drink will go down easily and it can be sipped well during meal time.
  • Price of this drink will range from 20-25 dollars

3. Tetteris

This brand was established in 19th century and it has very huge demand from that time. This brand is run by family by making use of traditional methods and recipes. This has huge popularity as it is prepared with traditional recipes.

Features of Tetteris

  • This brand of ouzo drink is considered as the very unique brand.
  • This brand of drink will have rare taste when compared with other brand ouzo drink.
  • The price of this ouzo brand drink will vary from 30-35 dollars because of its uniqueness.

2. Tikelli

This is considered as one of the best flavored ouzo drink and it has very much popularity and most people prefer for this drink. It is made up of anise. This brand was originally started in Mytilini, Greece.

Features of Tikelli

  • This brand of ouzo drink has anise flavor.
  • Athena importing is the company which will import this brand.
  • Price of this brand varies from 12-15 dollars.

1. Ouzo Giannatsi

This is one of the top brands of ouzo drink brand. This brand of drink will usually be distilled in an old fashioned wood burning kasani. This brand will usually prepare two different varieties of ouzo drink one will have 42% of alcohol and other will have 45% of alcohol.

Features of Ouzo Giannatsi

  • This brand of ouzo drink is especially found in Plomari and it is quite difficult to find it in other place.
  • It is more commonly considered as the local drink.
  • Price of this drink ranges from 20-25 dollars.