Top 10 Best Pain Relief Creams/Sprays with Price in India 2017

In today’s modern and much-stressed life, health always takes a backseat. Continuous working on the computers, laptops, driving long distances etc to cause a lot of common problems such as neck and back pain, soreness, sprains and other types of problems due to muscle and joint stretches etc. There has been a substantial increase in the demand of the pain relief creams and sprays in recent times as they are quite effective in relieving the pain instantly or in very less time. Here we present the list of top 10 pain relief creams and sprays available in India:

Top 5 Pain Relief Sprays:

Pain Relief Sprays in India

5. Omni Gel Pain Relief Spray

With an aerosol formula, this is a proven and tested spray known for instant relief from back pains, body aches, and all sprains. Get absorbed in the body effortlessly to give instant relief. Easy to carry along on trips and holidays as a quick remedy in the hour of need.

Price: Rs.130/-

4. Amrutanjan Joint Muscle Spray

Very convenient to apply, the amrutanjan spray is known to give very cooling and soothing effect to pacify the pain in minutes. Gives instant relief to muscular pains and minor injuries like sprained neck etc. Known for its herbal properties, this has a soothing effect on skin as well.

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Price: Rs 80/-

3. Moov Neck and Shoulder Spray

Made with non-greasy formula, moov is a popular name for shoulder and neck pain reliever segment. With wintergreen oil, it acts quickly and instantly on swellings and inflammations, quickly giving relief from the pain and uneasiness. Moov is a household name in India and is quite a popular brand due to its effectiveness.

Price: Rs. 75.00 for 35 gms

2. Relispray

Made up from an ayurvedic formula for the pain, relispray is an instant and natural pain reliever. Based on a non-greasy formula, this is 100% natural. Very convenient and easy to apply, relispray penetrates deeply in very less time and is very effective in muscular pains. Relispray is safe to apply as it has natural properties and a cooling formula.

Price: Rs 199 for 75 gms

1. Volini Spray

One of India’s fastest selling pain relief spray; this has captured the significant part of India market in this segment. The nano formula makes it penetrates faster to give instant relief from sprains, strains, and all types of joints and muscular pains.

Price:Rs 115 for 55 gms

Top 5 Pain Relief Creams:

Pain Relief Creams in India

5. Himalaya Herbals Joint and Muscle Rub

A popular pain relief cream in India, this is very effective for back pains and joint pains. Comes with anti-inflammatory properties to reduce swelling and severe pain. Also effective in reducing nerve inflammation and improving blood circulation. Brand Himalaya is known for the pure and natural products which are 100% safe to use.

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Price: Rs 33/-

4. Himani Fast Relief Ayurvedic Pain Relief Ointment

For all types of joint, muscle and back pains, this is made up with Nilgiri oil, Lavang, and Gaultheria, making it very effective pain relieving ointment. Due to its herbal properties, it penetrates smoothly into the skin for instant relief. Easy to apply, this is an effective option for any kind of pain.

Price: Rs 70/-

3. Iodex Fast Relief Multi-Purpose Pain Balm

Very natural and ayurvedic ,multi-purpose balm, this is an instant reliever for headaches and all kinds of pains. Also, treats other types of muscular troubles and arthritis. Iodex is a popular and an old brand in India.

Price: Rs 50

2. Moov Pain Relief Cream

One of the most popular and highest selling pain relief brand in India. Helps in back pain, strains, sprains, fatigue and stress due to the herbal effects of Nilgiri oil, Tarpin oil, and mint flowers. Easy to carry, apply and use, this is the top choice for pain relief of ay kind.

Price: Rs 99/-

1. Ranbaxy Volini Real Pain Relief Gel

Volini from Ranbaxy is undoubtedly the most trusted and liked brand in the pain relief creams segment. Made up of quick absorbing nano formula which alleviates various types of joint pain, muscular pain, sprain, back pain, osteoarthritis knee, arthritis, shoulder lesions, thumb, knee, shoulder stiffness or any other pain related problem. Very safe and easy on skin due to herbal and natural formula, volini cream has no side effects and is non-greasy in nature.

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Price: Rs 25 for 10 gms