Top 10 Best Paper Mills Operating in India

Paper, in various forms and types, finds its use in uncountable arenas. This is manufactured at paper mills.

Here is a list of the best ten paper mills operating in India.

10. Orient Paper & Industries Ltd

Orient Paper Mill is headed by the C K Birla group and has its corporate office at Kolkata in West Bengal. The company was set up in 1939 and manufactures a huge range of printing, writing, industrial, specialty papers.

9. Rainbow Papers Ltd

Established in 1981, Rainbow Papers Ltd manufactures over 180 varieties of paper and other items like file board, writing-paper, art card, crepe paper, etc. Its corporate office is situated in Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

8. Seshasayee Paper and Boards Ltd

Founded in 1960 by Sri S Viswanathan this company is based in the town of Erode in Tamil Nadu. Parented by the Esvin Group it has manufacturing units producing pulp, writing and printing paper and paperboards. The company has made its global presence and has been functioning in more than 20 countries.

7. Century Textile & Industries Ltd

The Company has its corporate office based in Noida, India. Century Textile and Industries came into existence in 1984 under the B.K Birla Group, this company produces printing paper, writing-paper, boards, tissue paper and products made of Rayon Grade Pulp.

6. Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Ltd

APPM was established by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in 1964. The headquarters of this company is in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. It employs more than 2000 individuals and produces high-quality writing, printing, and copier papers, which are marketed nationally and internationally.

5. Ballarpur Industries Ltd

Established in 1945, Ballarpur Industries is parented by the Avantha Group and was set up by Lala Karam Chand Thapar in the year 1945. The company has its head office based in Gurgaon and is regarded to have six manufacturing facilities in India producing coated and uncoated paper for printing, writing and other purposes.

4. West Coast Paper Mills Ltd

With head office in Bangalore, Karnataka, West Coast Paper Mills came into existence in 1955. It has been manufacturing paper printing, writing, stationary, etc. The paper mill located in the small town of Dandeli in Karnataka has been a premier company in the paper production business.

3. JK Paper

Operating from New Delhi, JK Paper has been started in 1966. It efficiently does its job of manufacturing a wide array of papers and boards. The company has two working pulp and paper mills, in Rayagada, Orissa and Songadh, Gujarat. Much deserved, JK has been felicitated with many awards, including the TPM Excellence Award offered by JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance).

2. Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd

Based in Chennai, this company was set up in 1979, by the Government of Tamil Nadu. The company is deemed as the world’s hugest bagasse-based paper mill. Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers export their manufactured products globally in 50 countries. It is also regarded as the most eco-friendly paper mill in the world.

1. ITC Paperboards & Specialty Papers Division

Parented by the giant company ITC, this is a leading paper company in India that came into existence in 1979. The corporate office is located in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh. It has 4 manufacturing facilities across the nation that are technologically updated and advanced. These are located at Bhadrachalam and Bollaram units in Andhra Pradesh, a Kovai unit in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and a Tribeni unit in West Bengal. Paperboard brands of this major company are Omegabarr, Safire Graphik, Indobev, Eco Natura, Cyber XLPac, and Alfa Plus amongst others.