Top 10 Best Pedometers with Price in India

Pedometer is a great way to keep you active while aiming to increase the steps with each passing day. The best pedometers are extremely useful in calculating and displaying interesting statistics such as distance, calories burned, speed, steps per time and many other factors. There are some pedometers which have fancy features like talking, playing music or even reading your heart rate. The models are sworn on the waistband or in the pocket. Here is a list of top 10 pedometers with price in India.

10. Omron Om-HJ325EB Pedometer

The device features Omron’s validated tri-axis technology which allows you to stow it in the pocket or even a purse, while getting an accurate step count. It also provides the traditional option to wear it on the hip with the help of the enclosed holder. It is available at a price of Rs. 1,073.

9. GetActive Slim Pedometer

This cool and slim device is extremely beneficial in tracking the steps, calories, distance along with the active time and sleep. It is powered with a lithium polymer rechargeable battery which is extremely powerful. It runs on the technology of online cloud platform and is priced at Rs. 2,999.

8. Kawachi Step Count Calorie Distance Counter

This pedometer usually counts steps when the device moves in a vertical manner. In situations when the user do not need to count steps like when on a bus, they can close or even restart the step-counting function by pressing the mode button and then setting the reset button. This will lead the step counting function close. It is priced at Rs. 399.

7. Tanita PD-724 Pedometer

The pedometer instantly monitors the distance of your exercise covered with the use of set stride length unique technology. This technology allows you to carry the pedometer in your pocket or even around the neck instead of using it by its traditional method. It is extremely easy to use and a perfect choice for those who are in need of added safety when running, walking, hiking or traveling. It is available at a price of Rs. 2601.

6. Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer – Ozeri 4x3motion

This is a smart device which is designed with Tri-Axis technology allowing taking accurate measurements. It is famous for displaying extremely accurate readings. It also features an advanced sensor which works on digital 3D technology while distinguishing it from other devices. It is available at a price of Rs.2, 252.

5. Digital Pocket Pedometer – Omron HJ-112

The device uses a dual-axis technology by Omron which offers you a variety of features. It automatically switched back to zero at midnight while starts counting for the next day. It can also store data for the entire week. The smart device has been designed for tracking steps in six models which are normal, aerobic steps, walking, calories burnt, time taken in a specific mode and the fat burnt. It is priced at Rs. 10,299

4. Fit Solutions SW-200 Yamax Digiwalker Pedometer

The device features the world-famous Digiwalker pedometer engine. It facilitates walking and most importantly power walking which is an especially effective form of low-impact exercise. It is extremely simple to use and is especially favored for those who aim for at least 5 miles a day. It is priced at Rs. 2,578.

3. Omron HJ-320 Tri-Axis Pedometer

The device tracks both steps along with distance in order to keep you motivated to go further with each passing day. It sports a smart sensor technology so that it does not miscount steps. It also resets automatically at midnight for daily count. It also further maintains a weekly log through storing seven days of activity data. It is priced at Rs. 2,999.

2. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband

The device helps in recording steps taken along with the distance covered and total number of calories burned. It further records active minutes and quality hours of sleep. It can also set your goals while tracking them online. The pedometer is completely water resistance and is available at a price of Rs. 8,499.

1. Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis Pedometer

This is one of the latest generations of pedometers which use a tri-axis mechanism which further tolerates being tilted. It can be worn on the traditional spot or clipped to your waistband. You can also carry it in a pocket, on a lanyard or anyhow else which suits your lifestyle. It can even reset itself automatically each day along with a 7-day memory to review past days. It is priced at Rs. 1,699.