Top 10 Best Popular Men’s Blazers Brands in India 2021

We come across many dresses. All these dresses get termed in to either one of the occasions – formal and informal. While formal and informal refers to the dress code, the way dresses are classified makes them special. Dresses become formal and informal based on the occasions they are worn for. Even between formal and informal dress codes, some dresses add value to the classification in their own style. One such attire that adds value both to the dress code classification as well as to the majestic appearance of men wearing it is the blazers. Blazers are classified as formal wear and come in different styles.

Let us have a look at the top 10 best popular Men’s Blazer brands of India in the year 2021.

10. Shaftesbury London Blazers

Shaftesbury London Blazers

The blazers from Shaftesbury London are usually blended ones that makes wearing them highly comfortably. The shiny finish gives the Blazer an elegant look. These blazers can be washed by hand and due to their high quality texture lasts for long.

Cost – Rs. 2799/-

9. Suitltd Blazers

Suitltd Blazers

Blazers from the Suitltd brand are usually cotton blend ones offering high levels of comfort when worn. The blended cotton fabric adds value to the mandarin in collar and full sleeves. The brand focuses in stitching regular fit sized Blazers to cater to its customers belonging to various age groups

Cost – Rs. 3496/-

8. Mr Button Blazers

Mr Button Blazers

The Mr Button brand blazers are popular for their black coloured blazers in particular. The impeccable quality and finish offered by this brand is one of its kinds in the market. Every blazer made by Mr Button brand has unique looks. The stylish fashionable looks they offer to its customers make them one of the best Blazer brand amidst the other brands.

Cost – Rs. 5249/-

7. Selected Blazers

Selected Blazers

The blended fabric used in Selected brand Blazers gives them a flamboyant look making them comfortable to wear. The usual model in which Blazers are designed in the Selected brand is usually has full sleeves. These blazers can be washed by hand as well as in the machine. The only precaution to be taken is not to expose the Blazers to direct sunlight

Cost – Rs. 7197/-

6. Monteil Munero Blazers

Monteil Munero Blazers

This blazer which is more popular for its Rust Solid colour adds to the style of men. It is made of velvet which is highly soft and shining. The blazer is slim fit sized as per the normal stitching standards set for Blazers. When worn it makes the man look highly stylish. It can be worn as semi casual outfit also.

Cost – Rs. 7499/-

5. Next Blazers

Next Blazers

The Next brand Blazers for men are unique in style and generally comes in a modish design. Made of Polyester viscose fabric, the blazers from Next brand are usually highly comfortable to wear. The notched lapel collar and the two button placket add to the elegance of the full sleeves. Next brand Blazers are usually style statement by itself.

Cost – Rs. 7690/-

4. Park Avenue Blazers

Park Avenue Blazers

The Blazers from the highly established Park Avenue brand has a suave look. Blazers from this brand have a highly sophisticated looks and have subtle details explaining the quality of the brand. Park Avenue creates Blazers that are usually light in weight and friendly to skin. The usual fabric used in most of the Park Avenue brand Blazers is cotton. These blazers must be washed in machine in gentle cycle options.

Cost – Rs. 2751/-

3. Arrow Blazers

Arrow Blazers

Arrow is another high quality brand that makes regular fit Blazers. The brand is highly established in the apparel industry and Blazers of the brand adds to their fame. Arrow brand blazers are made of Poly viscose material which makes it highly comfortable to wear. Arrow brand Blazers comes with Lapel collars and full sleeves making the man wearing it look majestic.

Cost – Rs. 2399/-

2. Raymond Blazers

Raymond Blazers

Raymond, which is a world famous brand that offers high quality formal and informal wear make absolutely stunning Blazers for men. The Blazers of Raymond are usually Bandhgala Neck with two buttons to lock the Blazer. Usually made of blended fabric, they offer great comfort levels when worn. The Mandarin collar and slim fit makes the blazers made by Raymond the preferred choice of many over other competition brands in the market.

Cost – Rs. 4501/-

1. Parx Blazers

Parx Blazers

Usually made of cotton fabric, Parx brand Blazers are Lapel collared with full sleeves. The slim fit Blazers from this brand have taken its customers miles ahead in style and fashion. Be it the secret pocket on the chest or the front pockets, the perfection with which these Blazers are woven makes it look elegant on men. Parx brand Blazers needs to be dry cleaned only and are highly cost effective.

Cost – 2501/-