Top 10 Best Portable Power Banks with Price in India 2017

One thing that many of us have experienced in our life with the modern gadgets is the battery drainage that happens in a fast manner when we work on multiple applications at a time. This becomes a problematic issue particularly when we travel for long hours and our mobile phones, tablets or any other electronic instruments drain out.We run in search of electrical points to charge the same.

Technological developments have provided solution to many of our problems and one such solution we have got is the Power Bank. Power Banks are normal chargers but with a difference. These Power Banks can be charged fully and taken with us to use whenever any of our modern electronic devices drains out of charge.

We present here key details and price ranges of the Top 10 Power banks available in India.

10. Maxx 3000

Maxx 3000

Those of us, who are confident about our mobile phone battery life but want to have a backup just for safety purposes, Maxx 3000 Power Bank is the best choice. It uses Samsung SDI card and is very handy to reside in a pocket.

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Cost – Rs. 405/-

9. Ambrane P-444 (4,000 mAh)

Ambrane P-444 (4,000 mAh)

This cost effective but strong Power Bank from Ambrane Power Bank product range has a 4000 mAh battery capacity. Belonging to the small power bank models category, when fully charged, Ambrane P-444 (4,000 mAh) can charge at least one smart one once.

Cost – Rs. 449/- to Rs. 480/-

8. Ambrane P-5200B

Ambrane P-5200B

This aesthetically designed handy small sized Power Bank from Ambrane can charge any smart device for two times, when in full charged mode. Any type of portable electronic devices like a Photo camera or small point can get charged using Ambrane P-5200B. It is so small in size that it can fit in any small space available including a pocket in the dress.

Cost – Rs. 549/-

7. Hako HK10

Hako HK10

This Power Bank is small in capacity when compared to the other options available in the market. When fully charged, this 5600 mAh battery capacity Power Bank is capable of charging a smart phone device at least for two times. The Lithium Polymer battery is highly efficient in strengthening this Power Bank, which has one port for power out and an LED indication on the charge levels.

Cost – Rs. 449/- to Rs. 649/-

6. Corseca DMB2056 (20,000 mAh)

Corseca DMB2056 (20,000 mAh)

Considered as a high capacity long lasting Power Bank, the battery capacity of Corseca DMB2056 is 20,000 mAh. When fully charged, this Power Bank is capable of charging any smart device at the least seven to eight times. The LED light on the surface allows tracking charge percentage adding value to the Power Bank in a meaningful manner

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Cost – Rs. 2399/- to Rs. 3000/-

5. Hako Pb200

Hako Pb200

Hako is predominantly in to manufacturing battery packs for different brands of laptops. Nevertheless, their Power Bank is one of those available with the highest battery capacity of 20000 mAh. It has a special feature of charging a minimum of 3 electronic devices in a parallel manner. The Lithium Polymer battery is a real value addition to this powerful power bank

Cost – Rs. 1599/-

4. Ambrane P-1000 Star

Ambrane P-1000 Star

The battery capacity of Ambrane P-1000 Star Power Bank is 10400 mAh. While the P-1000 feature gives it the strength to last longer, the SDM Lithium ION batteries are products of the Samsung brand. The main advantage of using the Ambrane P-1000 Star Power Bank is its ability to charge fast as well as charge the other devices connected to it in a faster manner

Cost – Rs.799/- to Rs. 849/-

3. MI Power Bank (10,400-mAh)

MI Power Bank (10,400-mAh)

With a 10,400-mAh capability, this Power Bank gets operated on 4 battery cells. These cells get protected with the use of nine layers that protects the chips in the circuits. This power bank in highly intelligent to recognise flow of excess voltage. When it smells excess voltage supply, it shuts down the same. All these are possible through a chip is built-in which continuously monitors voltage output at all points of time

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Cost – Rs. 844/-

2. Honor Power Bank

Honor Power Bank

Honor is a phone brand, which has introduced Power Banks recently. At 13000 mAh, it comes in a waterproof case made of metal, which prevents getting corroded because of sweat and contact with water. While the single piece bracket protects the electronic circuit, this product is dust resistant. Very reasonably priced, this can be purchased from Flipkart.

Cost – Rs. 1399/-

1. MI Power Bank (16000 mAh)

MI Power Bank (16000 mAh)

Basically, a Xiaomi product MI Power Bank that is 16000 mAh is a handy metal case making it easy to carry. Offered by Xiaomi at an affordable price range, a fully charged MI Power Bank is capable of charging a Mobile phone fully, at the minimum for 5 times.

Cost – Rs. 1799/-