Top 10 Best Private Banks in India

Banks are an integral part of our country’s economy. In fact, the twentieth century witnessed a humongous growth in the private banking sectors; even reportage holds true fact where statistics showed the exodus of people from the public to private.

Now, as you ask a private banker, obviously he enunciates the quality of the service that crowns them as favorite. Yet again the largest sector, it has tremendously uplifted the employment status in India.

Now the point is India is a hub for all these private banks, then how does India rank these banks as per their output to the economy of the country. Therefore, let’s begin the countdown to let you know the designation of the private banks on the hearts of Indians.

10. Bandhan Bank

Bandhan Bank

A Kolkata banker whose dream was to knock the door of every individual in hours of financial need came to the forefront with the concept of Bandhan bank in the year 2015. The brand new private bank offers multiple benefits from an easy opening of the account to hassle-free net-banking. You can enjoy any of these privileges without being skeptical at all.

9. Federal Bank

Federal Bank

The bank came to light in the year 1947, initially, it was named as the Travancore Federal bank. Now it is one of the topmost private banks. From day one only people talked about its amicable customer support. It is because of its prompt service, the bank successfully expanded to about 1000 branches all over the country. It spurts excellence in areas that include the NRI banking, corporate banking etc.

8. Karur Vysya Bank

Karur Vysya Bank

Karur Vysya bank is also designated as one of the prominent commercial banks in India. In the year 1916, it laid the foundation stone on the lands of Karur vysya bank in Tamil Nadu. Since then, the journey started off and today, it made milestone with 550 branches covering 18 states of the country. In terms of work, the pioneer bank works at a higher notch with a properly managed team.

7. Jammu and Kashmir Bank

Jammu and Kashmir Bank

Since 1938, this particular private bank had been able to dig a permanent pole in the minds of every Indian. They are enough organized with their deposit terms. The best to mention is their hassle-free money access feature. From fund transfer to bill payment all can be done in one go. Above all, it promises a lot on the safety of your funds as well.

6. IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank

The year 1994 has been quite a remarkable for the Hinduja members. With the introduction of this bank, certainly, they have been able to wipe off any kind of transaction dilemma. This is one such tagged bank who had put forward some top notch money transfer apps like swift money, On the Go, Quick Pay. Being a retail bank, it essays its success for introducing a consumer-friendly service with elan.

5. Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank

The fifth name obviously has to be of Kotak Mahindra. In the year 2003, it got the approval to kick-start its fortune in the banking sector. Today, the enormous expansion has made it an unforgettable name in the mouth of depositors in both metro and tier 11 cities. It shines thoroughly to offer a well-maintained service in the categories like mutual funds, portfolio management, Insurance, finance and wholesale banking.

4. Yes Bank

Yes Bank

Yes, the bank made its official entry in the year 1994, and today Yes bank is one of the rapidly growing private banks in the country. Overall, it has been successful enough to make 500 branches sprawling to 400 cities. Definitely, the year 2013 added one more feather to its hat by awarding it to the Golden Peacock for its corporate responsibility.

3. Axis Bank

Axis Bank

One of the dominant banks whose fulcrum of strength lies in its consistency to serve customers with unchangeable dedication. Whether in the field of wealth management, credit cards, mortgage loans, or insurance and finance. Somehow it cracked the right code to stay the best. Besides these, it shared its success stories to other sectors like NRI, rural, and commercial banking as well.

2. ICICI Bank


The bank which bagged the second position in the world of private banks is none other than the ICICI bank. Since 1994, the dedicated CEO Chanda Kochhar deliberately endeavored to stand for, by and of the customers in India. Even in the year 2014, the Global business development awarded it for being the most popular banks in India. To its credit, it has about 3540 branches all over the country.

1. HDFC Bank


The illustrious bank with umpteen contribution to the banking sector of India stands first in the category of the best private banks. In fact, it is one of the foremost private banks that did get the approval from the RBI. The excellent bank does offer all its service with utmost loyalty and accountability. Whether its FOREX service or the premium banking all are taken great care of.

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