Top 10 Best Quality Sanitary Pads with Price in India

There are days in a woman’s life which are full of stress and bleeding vagina. These days are menstrual days where she needs love, extra care and pampers. Although extra care, love and pamper are things which she can get from anybody, but there is one thing which she cannot get from anywhere which is ‘a security from blood stains.’For that, she has only one thing to rely on which is sanitary pads.

The arrival of sanitary pads has overcome the issues of blood stains, uncomfortable situations, and infections, which were very common during these days. So, here we have listed top 10 sanitary pads in India to choose one for you.

10. Kotex Soft Smooth Gentle Wings

Kotex Soft Smooth Gentle Wings

Among the sanitary pads available in the market, these are comfortable and come with cotton layers. Cotton prevents rashes and hence, during your menstruation, you will not even feel a bit of itching and uneasiness. Also, if you were using Kotex Ultra-Thin napkins and got rashes somehow, you can change it from Kotex Soft. Comes along with wings, Kotex Soft is perfect for less-flow days.

9. Carefree Panty Liners

Carefree Panty Liners

Carefree Panty liners are the best choice when you are witnessing spotting, before and after the menstruations Cycle. These panty liners make you stay away from sanitary pads and keep the stress of staining on the verge. Also, as you do not require wearing the pad, you feel light and easy.

8. Don’t Worry Ultra Thin Pads (XL)

Don’t Worry Ultra Thin Pads (XL)

Preferred a lot by working women, these pads are my personal favorite too. These are unique and perfumed. The smell of perfume keeps the dirty stink away, which is very common during periods. Also, as these are ultra thin, there is no discomfort between your legs, while walking, jumping or sitting. Lastly, no matter Don’t Worry Pads are thin, but they contain a technology which converts liquid into gel. This technology makes Don’t Worry a perfect selection for heavy flow days.

7. Whisper Choice Regular Wings

Whisper Choice Regular Wings

During heavier flow days, women are required to change sanitary napkins at least thrice a day.But, if you are using Whisper Choice Regular Wings, things become smooth. There is no need to change pads heftily and feel discomfort. These pads are lightweight and come totally in thebudget. It also had agel-based core and keep you dry and warm.

6. Whisper Ultra Night (XL)

Whisper Ultra Night (XL)

The name explains it best. Whisper Ultra Night is perfect for night usage when there are aheck lot of chances of blood spillage. So, if you really want to prevent the situation, when you wake up with a heavy stain in thebedsheet, you should start using these ultra night pads by Whisper. One pad will easily last for 7 to 8 hours. Now, every morning of yours will be stain-free during periods.

5. She Comfort Ultra XXL Wings

She Comfort Ultra XXL Wings

When women have periods, the complementary issues which they get are apain, mood swings,and biggest of all, rashes.The reason for the rashes is nothing but the plastic coating of most of thepads. Therefore, to relieve women from the discomfort, She Comfort Ultra has no plastic layer. Also, as the pads are long and wide, these are aperfect match for night and day.

4. Sofy Side Walls

Sofy Side Walls

To prevent the leakage, these pads have really gone a long way of improvising the regular design. The sanitary napkin by Sofy has side walls, which prevent spillage. The pads are fit for use and absorb the fluid very quickly than others. The pads come with adry-net sheetwhich givesa dry feeling during the use. To prevent the leaks, the pads have multi-leak control technology.

3. Stayfree Dry Max Ultra Thin

Stayfree Dry Max Ultra Thin

Made specially for daily use, these can be used during the hectic-day schedules. These keep women dry and give a feeling of comfort. The pads come with dry-max-cover and have asuper thin covering. There is a feeling of comfort where neither the spill is felt and nor the skin becomes itchy. So, women can use these pads for daily use.

2. Whisper Ultra Clean

Whisper Ultra Clean

This product by Whisper is built to last long. The texture of mesh is very fine and absorbs spillage of all kinds. The size of the pads has been even made large which are good to give extra protection during nights. So, for carefree work in anoffice or home and a good night sleep, you can prefer Whisper Ultra Clean.

1. Stayfree Dry Max (All-night)

Stayfree Dry Max (All-night)

For the girls and women, who seek night protection, Stayfree Dry Max (All-night) is the best option.It keeps you dry and lets you asleep without any stress of spillage. The pads are large and bulky, which are made to absorb as much liquid is poured. Also, as the pads are thin, women and girls never feel a thing between their legs.

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