Top 10 Best Red Chilli Powder Brands with Price in India 2021

What elevates the taste of Indian food is chilli powder? It adds color, texture, and hotness, which certainly an Indian food deserves. And therefore, having a bad quality of chilli powder will spoil the entire effort of cooking. So, to allow you add best taste to your food, here we have added 10 reputed brands of chilli powder (Laal Mirch). These brands are available in India.

10. Hathi

Hathi Red Chilli Powder

This is also a reputed Indian company producing powder and paste of spices in different markets worldwide. They are famous for producing authentic chilli powder so you can have them to enhance the taste of your cooking.

9. Cook Me

Cook Me Red Chilli Powder

This is a Kolkata based company and is famous for producing authentic Bengali spices. You can have powder and paste of various spices at cost-effective price from them. The chilli powder from cook is very good and imparts beautiful color to the gravy. Other products they cater are ready-to-use spice paste, etc.

8. Priya

Priya Red Chilli Powder

This is another South India based brand which you can select for buying chilli powder. This company produces various natures of spices and they do so from natural ingredients. You can rely upon the taste of chilli powder that you will be able to have from them. Other varieties which you can buy here are Curry Masala, Fish Masala, Chicken Masala, etc.

7. Eastern

Eastern Red Chilli Powder

This is a reputed spice manufacturer who is based in Southern India and is an exporter of spices. Their chilli powder will enable you to have an ethical taste in your cooking as there are no preservatives added. Apart from chilli powder, the company also manufactures Chicken Masala, Green Pepper, Sambhar Masala Powder, etc. The brand is also known for Indo-Chinese spices.

6. MTR

MTR Red Chilli Powder

MTR stands for Mavalli Tiffin Rooms and it is quite famous in Karnataka. This is another famous food brand in Southern India that generally prepares South Indian food mix. However, you can have chilli powder of theirs also. The other traditional South Indian spices which they prepare are Rasam Powder, Sambhar Masala, Wada Mix, Idli Mix, etc.

5. Catch

Catch Red Chilli Powder

This company started back in the year 1987 and was the first to bring sprinklers for table salt and pepper. In the year 2001 they diversified their products and services and started producing spices along with other edibles. You can have chilli powder of this brand easily from a nearby supermarket. They also cater sprinklers, whole spices and masala mix.

4. Tata Sampann

Tata Sampann Red Chilli Powder

Tata Sampann is a well-known brand in India with presence in many other countries. They produce various natures of ready-to-cook spices. You can definitely rely on their chilli power if you wish to have an authentic Indian taste in your cooking. This brand is not only famous for its chilli powder, but other products also like instant flour mix, lentils, garam masala, chicken masala, mutton masala, etc.

3. Ramdev

Ramdev Red Chilli Powder

This brand is associated with the production of various eatables and at the same time, they prepare chilli powder as well. They are a brand which has AGMARK certification for the products. You can be assured of purity and quality when you buy chilli powder from them. Some other products which you can buy from this brand are ready to eat instant mixes of GulabJamun, Khaman, Dhokla, etc.

2. MDH

MDH Red Chilli Powder

Remember the TV advertisement, ‘AsliMasaleSachSach, MDH!’ Well, yes, this is the same famous spice company of India. It started way back in the year 1919 and since had been a main source of having authentic spices. They also produce chilli powder which you can have. They use garden fresh chilli to produce the powder. The chilli’s are sun dried before they are crushed to form the powder.

1. Everest

Everest Red Chilli Powder

For about 45 years, Indians have been using chilli powder and other spices produced by Everest. It is the most common brand in every household and every female at least prefer this brand for her kitchen. The methodology used for preparing the chilli powder is scientific which leads to supply of authentic and genuine spice powder. This brand is also available in US, Australia, UK and Canada.

Above are the 10 top best red chilli brands for purchasing red chilli powder. While making the selection of the brands we have kept certain considerations in mind.