Top 10 Best Refrigerator/Fridge Brands with Price in India 2021

The refrigerator is one of the most important household appliances and choosing it should be approached with great care.When considering the purchase of a refrigerator, the first and most important characteristic you must consider is its size. Pay special attention to this if you have a small kitchen. Once you’re familiar with the rest of the functions and features of refrigerators, you can decide which of them will meet your requirements.Refrigerators are among the most essential needs of modern day living. Keeping the food fresh in storage had been among the most challenging tasks to mankind. With the advent of storage solutions from refrigerators, this problem seems to have been permanently taken care of. However, with the advent of time, the human needs have been transpiring and therefore, advanced technological implications have taken place. From all kitchen appliances refrigerator is probably the most used one. Moreover, it’s considered to be one of the most expensive appliances. So, before buying one you usually ask yourself; how to decide which refrigerator to choose. Actually choosing a right refrigerator is not as easy as it may seem.

Some companies have made it big in the Indian market and some of them have not made it big yet. The companies that have made it to our top 10 list best Selling Refrigerator/Fridge Brands with price in India 2021 happen to be:

10. Sharp Refrigerator

Sharp Refrigerator

The final name that makes it to the list is the global entity named “Sharp.” The company is pretty new like Haier itself and therefore at its phase of inception it seems to be performing pretty well. It is expected to outperform the rest and provide for a tough competition to Haier in the near future.

They have evolved as the favorite choice for the customers. They provide durable, long lasting, energy efficient and feature rich refrigerators.The door-in-door feature and the space-saving icemaker give you ample space for all of your groceries. It Aldo keep your food fresh longer.If you like any product there you can also buy as they are one of the best in the market now with reasonable discount and cheapest price.

Best Price Range :- 21000 to 65000 Rs.

9. Haier Refrigerator

Haier Refrigerator

It is among the newest brands in the Indian market but already they seem to have made quite a generous impact on the Indian consumer forum. The electronics division has been highly sought after for the company and the refrigerator sections are worth the attention. Haier more models with flexible drawers and compartments that allow you to create more fresh-food storage space as needed. Other features that claim to extend the life of your food include air filtration systems, sealed crisper drawers, and door-in-door compartments that limit how often you have to reach into the refrigerator’s main compartment.

Advanced features with cherishing looks make the refrigerators stand out. The compressor technology is beyond conventional scales and the company is expected to make it to the top pretty soon.

Best Price Range :- 11000 to 45000 Rs.

8. Bosch Refrigerator

Electrolux Refrigerator

The German brand makes it 8th on our list and has been known for their multitude of features that are provided alongside the basic refrigerator features. The pricing of the refrigerators can be considered fair enough as well.Bosch also concludes some features, including through-the-door ice and water dispensers, LED interior lights, and dual evaporators designed to maintain optimal humidity in their fresh food sections.The excellent looks of the refrigerators and the prudent after-sales service are among the leading aspects of the products.

Best Price Range: -30000 to 58000 Rs.

7. Hitachi Refrigerator

Hitachi Refrigerator

The international entity makes it 7th on our list. Hitachi is a fast growing company, which has an already established presence in the global market. It is certainly among the leading electronics appliance company in India and the refrigerator section seems to be fast growing as well.Hitachi is the renowned brandin the realm of commercial refrigeration. Presenting with finest range of Hard Top and Glass Top Chest Freezers, Hitachi has made products to suit variable kinds of customer requirements. Hitachi is here with single and double door Hitachi commercial Refrigerator that is so user –friendly with fitting of wheel and lock systems. A transparent window makes it highly suitable for display purposes and the tough chilling system inside gives best storage facility.

The major variants include Single door fridge, double door fridge, and side by side refrigerators as well.

Best Price Range :- 30000 to 65000 Rs.

6. Panasonic Refrigerator

Panasonic Refrigerator

The Japanese brand is a renowned name in the refrigerator business and has been providing advanced technology refrigerators for a long time. Seemingly, the USP of the company seems to have been the sleek design and the contemporary mechanism behind the refrigerators.

The basic features include the use of AG technology, Econavi technology, inverter technology and much more. The low pricing is also an asset.The design of the freezer to decorate your kitchen, dimensions to fit the place you want the freezer, temperature control to work in any temperature, racks and shelf’s to have a neat arrangement, open space and door storage to store many items, whether it is safe for our health or not, and finally the rate and the warranty to get the right device for the suitable rate.

Best Price Range :- 10000 to 55000 Rs.

5. Godrej Refrigerator

Godrej Refrigerator

The company had been a premier name in the market for quite a lot of time until the competition levels spiked up in no time. Presently the company stands in at number five in the ratings.

The godrej French Door Refrigerator features the updated Twin Cooling Plus system. This technology will allow you to keep the food fresh.The warranty includes one year cover for parts and labor and five years for sealed systems parts and labor. The warranty on the compressor parts is for 10 years, which is great.

Some of the advanced features available with the company refrigerators include aroma lock technology, dehumidification technology, advanced chill options and climate control as well.

Best Price Range :- 15000 to 40000 Rs.

4. Videocon Refrigerator

Videocon Refrigerator

This company has been an asset towards the Indian Consumer forum since the early 1980s. The company is well known for their lower pricing and prudent after-sales services. The wide range of refrigerator comes in with an affordable price tag and a formidable warranty period as well.While they have solid window white BD models in variable capacities and pure white durable plastic- covered body with removable shelves giving a temperature range of 0-18 C fitted with wheel and lock systems. Also are available the elegant, extra-user friendly models in different capacities that have transparent glass sliding window fitted on a bright yellow body. There are curved glass-options, Removable shelves are provided with optional wheel and lock systems.

The variants include a single door refrigerators, double door refrigerators and side-by-side panel refrigerators as well.

Best Price Range :- 10000 to 25000 Rs.

3. LG Refrigerator

LG Refrigerator

This premier electronics company has been a benchmark in the large kitchen appliance section as well. The refrigerators are advanced in terms of the technological grounds and this is the major reason as to why the company makes it third on our list.LG’s new smart inverter compressor is one of the most advanced and energy efficient compressor that saves energy upto 36 percent by adjusting cooling power in response to the amount of food you load in the refrigerator which provides efficient energy consumption.

Some of the noticeable features of the refrigerators are humidity control with the dehumidifier, moisture control. The variants include single door, double door, and side-by-side refrigerators as well.

Best Price Range :- 12000 to 55000 Rs.

2. Whirlpool Refrigerator

Whirlpool Refrigerator

The Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances. You can simply say that it is the best at affordable price range. It’s a double door refrigerator with a separate vegetable drawer. It has also Micro Block feature to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh up to 7 days. If you are looking for best fridge under 31000, then you should go with it.The company has a prudent name in the electronics forum and consumer electronics goods as well. The wide ranges of refrigerators are sturdy and stylish as well.

Lower price gradation and features like Digital Inverter Compressor, Defrost mechanism, advanced cooling, boost cooling are some of the contributing factors towards the company’s performance in the recent periods of time.

Best Price Range :- 12000 to 30000 Rs.

1. Sansui Refrigerator

Sansui Refrigerator

Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer of audio and video equipment. Advanced cooling options and defrost mechanism seem to be the USP of this company.Freestanding Refrigerator/Freezers are also available in a side-by-side model with a through-the-door ice and water dispenser. Its premium filter ensures the purest water and cubed or crushed ice, while the lock prevents unwanted dispensing and easy cleanup.

At the same time, the company has a reputed after-sales service and they are also known for their international presence worldwide.

Best Price Range :-6000 to 10000 Rs.

When it comes to refrigerators nowadays, options go far beyond simply getting a glass of ice water without having to open the door. With custom panels, you can get a built-in that exactly matches your kitchen cabinets. And forget four doors some newer models have five or more. You can even pull out a refrigerated drawer and find it full of frosty sodas. Our fridge-by-fridge guide helps you choose the right type for your home, demystifies claimed vs. usable storage space, and helps you find the least noisy models so you, and your groceries, can chill out.