Top 10 Best Refrigerators/Fridge brands For Low electricity Consumption in India 2021

Nowadays, Best refrigerator with all possible features along with low electricity consumption feature is the “current buying trend” in the electronic market. This is mainly because in recent years, the consumers who are buying the electronic products have become aware in many aspects such as the product which they are buying must be from good brand, must have all possible features, must have smart sensors and at the same time must consume less electric power.

This has made many leading refrigerator brands to consider it and think over it to introduce refrigerators will all possible features along with less power consumption. This can be represented by the star rating where higher star means “less consumption of electricity” and lower star rating means “higher power consumption”.

Since refrigerator is the only electronic device which has to run for longer hours than any other electronic devices in our households, it is very important to buy a refrigerator that consumes less electric power. Thus, buying a refrigerator with “Five star rating” becomes essential.

So, let us check the top ten Refrigerator brands that consumes less electric power.

10. Hitachi

hitachi fridge

This refrigerator is one of the famous brands in India which is designed with latest eco-friendly technology which helps in eliminating harmful elements. Along with this the very important feature of these refrigerators are “Power saving mode” which saves more electric current. The other important features of these refrigerators are “Touch screen controller” along with nano-titanium filters and French bottom freezers.

9. Sharp

sharp fridge

Genuinely Referring to Sharp, it is a less purchased brand of refrigerators in India when compared to other famous brands such as LG, Samsung and Whirl pool. But however, it is a one of the excellent Brand that you can trust. If you wish to buy one of the top most brands of refrigerator then you can for this brand which has reasonable price tag too.

The latest models of this company come with Energy saving mode and reduces power consumption by 10% when compared to the conventional refrigerator models.

8. Haier

haier fridge

This brand is increasingly becoming popular for its best energy saving brands of refrigerators. It is one of the best refrigerators with awesome designs, looks, performance, features, technology along with the best energy saving mode which helps in less consumption of electricity.

7. Videocon

videocon fridge

Videocon, a popular brand in India has introduced different types of energy efficient refrigerators in India. In a recent survey taken, Videocon refrigerators are rated as the best energy saving refrigerators which consumes as less as 0.60 KW per hour.

6. Panasonic

panasonic fridge

Panasonic, a brand of Japan is one of the renowned electronic brands in India. This brand has introduced latest i-inverter refrigerators which consumes less electric current and saves around 40% of total electric power.

5. Kelvinator

kelvinator fridge

This is another best refrigerator brands in India which offers best frost free and direct cooling refrigerators with energy saving technologies. This brand has also introduced many different refrigerator types that consume less electricity without compromising the performance.

4. Godrej

godrej fridge

This is one of the most reputed and renowned electronic companies of India for several decades. This is the first refrigerator brand which has introduced six star rating since it consumes very less electric power. Along with this, it has brilliant cooling capacity through edge pro technology which keeps the foods fresh and healthy for longer duration. This is a refrigerator which delivers its best performance even during low voltage electric current.

3. Whirlpool

whirlpool fridge

This is a well known refrigerator brands in India for so many years. This brand has introduced new kind of refrigerators with E-technology which continuously works on even after the power goes off. The BEE star rating guarantees that this refrigerator will be one of the best choices since it consumes less electric power through its energy saving mode and eco friendly design. It also available at reasonable prices when compared to the other two brands such as LG and Samsung.

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2. LG

LG fridge

This is the next most popular brands of refrigerators in India which saves 30% of electricity bills when compared to other brands of Refrigerators.  This refrigerator is very famous for its world’s first green ion technology which keeps the foods fresh up to 2.5 hours longer. This also has other enhanced features such as ice making vitamin plus, working without stabilizers and freeze and cook box.

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1. Samsung

samsung fridge

Samsung is one of the leading brands of refrigerator manufacturers in India which is very famous for its features, innovative technologies, price and looks. This refrigerator is rated first for its less power consumption which requires a minimum of 135 volts and a maximum of 290 volts of electric power.

This is one of the best High energy saving refrigerators certified by BEE star rating since it saves Rs.2000 per year for its best “Power saving capacity” without compromising the performance.

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