Top 10 Best Rum Brands with Price in India 2021

Alcohol is not an ideal solution for everything but when it is rum, it means fun and life without rum has no point. Rum is an alcohol with a special taste and a unique flavor. Most of the people love Rum and are known for some interesting tastes and collection they possess. Hence Indian Markets has great brands of Rum available for consumers of all statures. Out of the many, following 10 have won the hearts of the many!

10. Hercules

Hercules Rum

Mostly the officers and army people love this strong Rum in India. It has a classy taste with an addictive aroma. Rum as we know has variants. When we talk about Hercules, the most popular variants are Hercules Deluxe Rum Dark, Hercules Rum, and Hercules White Rum. The best part about this brand is that it offers affordable Rum along with great taste and pleasure.

  • Price: Around Rs 480 INR for 750 ml Rum

9. Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger Rum

This Rum is quite famous for Rum fans that prefer stronger flavor. This particular Rum has 42.8% liquor making it high on volume compared to others. This Rum has been originated by Allied Blenders and Distillers. It is even cheaper than Hercules Rum.

  • Price: Around 270 INR for 750 ml Rum

8. Old Port

Old Port Rum

This is an Indian Brand of Rum highly popular in Indian Markets. Amrut Distilleries have manufactured this Rum. Particularly its authentic taste and aroma makes it loved by all fans. The company has launched the Rum in many flavors but generally majority loves Vanilla as well as Butterscotch.

  • Price: Around 290 INR for 750 ml Rum

7. Contessa

Contessa Rum

The most unique feature about this Rum is that it is manufactures from the natural Cane Juice. RadicoKhaitan group who is a leading Indian Liquor manufacturer has produced this rich Rum. It contains 42.8% alcohol by volume and people go crazy on its taste. Even the company has priced it competitively for a healthy competition to rivals.

  • Price: Rs 300 for 750 ml bottle of Rum

6. Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan Rum

This Rum deserves its place in top 10 Rum of India not because of anything else but its strong taste. Even it is world renowned and people love to drink Rum of Captain Morgan. A british Brand Diageo has produced this famous Rum and have kept a great distribution network all over the world.

  • Price: Rs 800 for 750 ml bottle of Rum

5. Havana Club

Havana Club Rum

This brand originated in Cuba and is loved by all fans around the world. A unique flavor with strong Rum taste illuminating the brain buds instantly makes it quite popular. The most loved flavors out of many are chocolate and Vanilla. This has comparatively low alcohol content of only about 40%.

  • Price: Rs 820 for 750 ml bottle

4. Old Monk

Old Monk Rum

This brand has its good distribution network in India and hence can be easily bought all across the country. Moreover the people who are termed as seasonal Rum consumers just blindly love this brand and buy it as collection for parties and friends get together. The company has made this Rum in 6 flavors but you can feel Vanilla essence in almost all flavors. You can store this Rum for maximum 12 years. The older the better is the philosophy followed here. In fact the older Rums are expensive ones.

  • Price: 340 INR for 750 ml bottle.

3. Bacardi

Bacardi Rum

Bacardi is the name on every Rum Fan. In fact even youth loves Bacardi and hence has immense sales in India. You can consider Bacardi as a premium brand for Rum in India. The pre-mixes are available in awesome flavors like Orange, Apple, Lemon, sweet Raspberry and the last but most deadly one, Dragon Berry. Again this Rum has good alcohol content of 42.8%.

  • Price: Around 750 INR for 750 ml bottle of Rum

2. Malibu

Malibu Rum

Its one of the typical flavored Rum having tropical flavors and suiting the Goa culture. However it is produced by Pernod Richard and they have given a twist to Rum along with coconut flavor. A very light alcohol content of 21% is present in Malibu making it lighter Rum for consumption. But due to its uniqueness, it’s priced high in comparison to other Rums.

  • Price: 1650 INR for 750 ml bottle

1. Mcdowell’s

Mcdowell's Rum

The ruler and the king of them all, Mcdowell’s has been the most loved and best seller among Rums in world. This has been produced by United Breweries and can be taken in different flavors like vanilla as well as caramel, which is loved by almost all. This Rum is strong and has good 42.8% alcohol. But the company despite of its popularity has priced this Rum very competitive and low. There was a time when even television showed advertisements for Soda Water in order to promote the brand.

Price: 280 INR for 750 ml bottle

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