Top 10 Best Salt Brands with Price in India 2021

India is one of the major players in the iodized salt producers in the world. Even with fewer resources as compared to other countries, India stands o top in terms of production and the quality of salt. There are various salt producers in India, known for the pure, iodized salt production but there are comparatively fewer brands for table salt production, used for daily consumption. Few top brands of India in 2020-2021 are:

10. Sambhar Salt

Sambhar Salt

Sambhar salt is one of the oldest and known salt brands of India. Salt is made with thorough technique and ensures all the essential nutrients are kept, which, helps in maintaining the perfect body weight and promotes physical activity with low sodium and high potassium and calcium level.

Price: Sambhar Salt 1 Kg- Rs.14.00

9. Nirma Shudh Salt

Nirma Shudh Salt

It is one of the premium and reliable brand salts of India. Salt is made up of similar vacuum drying process. Automated production process ensures that the iodine content, saltiness, free flow nature, size of granules and whiteness is maintained. Nirma shudh is one of cheapest, the high quality salt brand of India.

Price: Nirma shudh 1 Kg- Rs.12.00

8. Surya Salt

Surya Salt

One of the well-known brands of India. Surya salt helps in maintaining perfect body weight and provides essential nutrients, calcium and Iodine contents. Made up with vacuum technology, they maintain purity and quality as their priority.

Price: Surya salt 1 Kg- Rs.18.00

7. Captain Cook Salt

Captain Cook Salt

One of the top salt brand in India, captain cook make salt by the fully automated process to come up with pure, white, iodized salt with the perfect granule size. The brand maintains low sodium and high potassium contents to promote physical activity.

Price: Captain cooks Salt 1 Kg- Rs.14.00

6. Annapurna Salt

Annapurna Salt

Another best salt brand of the Indian market, It has 15% less sodium compared to another normal salt. Annapurna salt provides essential nutrients, calcium, and Iodine and takes care of blood pressure levels.

Price: Annapurna 1 Kg- Rs.16.00

5. Catch Table Salt

Catch Table Salt

Catch brand has gained popularity as ‘sprinklers’. Table salt from catch is soon catching up in the market. Catch iodized salt reduces the risk of iodine deficiency in our body and takes care of thyroid gland problems. Due to its essential nutrients, calcium and iodine contents it is safe to be consumed by everyone. With the little higher price for a kilogram, catch salts are perfect as taste enhancers.

Price:  Catch: Rs 25 for 200 gms

4. I-shakti Salt

I-shakti Salt

I-shakti is a known brand in India. I-shakti salt is soon catching up in the market as a free-flowing, solar-refined salt. Salt is made by a fully automated technique of evaporating sea water in shallow basins and putting sunlight & the wind later to make high quality, pure salt.

Price: I-shakti 1 Kg- Rs.14.00

3. Aashirvaad Salt

Aashirvaad Salt

Known for purity and best quality products, brand Aashirvaad maintains the same trust and produces high quality, pure, free-flowing, iodized salt. It is made by evaporating seawater or brine in shallow basins subjected to sunlight and the wind. It helps in taking care of fluctuating blood pressure levels and  thyroid gland problems .

Price: Aashirvaad Salt 1 Kg- Rs.18.00

2. Saffola Salt Plus

Saffola Salt Plus

Saffola is a popular kitchen brand. Saffola salt is loaded with the goodness of iodine and minerals as it is extracted naturally from the sea. Salt is rich in calcium and potassium as compared to other brands. The low sodium content of the salt ensures a healthy heart and the risks of blood pressure problems away. Priced little higher as compared to other brands, Saffola salt is worth the money.

Price: Saffola 1 Kg- Rs.31.00

1. Tata Salt

Tata Salt

A well-known brand and the major player with the largest market share; Tata salt is the favorite of many. As per a recent survey conducted on the salt consumption in Indian households, brand Tata stood apart. Almost 3.76 crores of Indian houses use Tata salt for their daily consumption. Despite huge market share and popularity, the brand never played with the cost and kept it to a minimum ensuring high quality & purity at the same time. Tata uses the vacuum evaporation technology to make healthy and hygienic salt.

Price: Tata Salt 1 Kg- Rs.17.00