Top 10 Best Science Colleges in Delhi University 2017

Science is among the highly coveted streams among the people who are willing to be a better part of the society. It can be said that Science has been the stream that attracts a large number of students annually. Delhi University is house to some of the best colleges in the country that offer a significant number of generous opportunities so that they can stand on top of the world in all the perspectives of life.

Best Science Colleges Delhi University

The top 10 Science colleges in Delhi University are as follows:

10. SGTB Khalsa College

The college is known for its infrastructure, placement cell and for its amazing faculty as well. As it is among the top colleges in Delhi University, the students can certainly expect to be aided with the most ruthless competitions for an admission.

In addition to this, a high percentage cut-off is also among the other premier highlights of the college.

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9. Deen Dayal Upadhyay College

For the science students who wish to look forward to some serious academics, this college can be the ideal place for them since it has been known to give recognition to some of the most coveted students across the country. In addition to that, the infrastructure of the college is also worth every bit of it.

The percentage cut-off is pretty high and at times, it can also go beyond the conventional figures of 90-92%.

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8. Acharya Narendra Dev College

Acharya Narendra Dev College has been ranked on number eight owing to the fact that over the years the college has certainly emerged as one of the most reputed science colleges in Delhi.

The college is host to a sprawling academic system that tests the students in all ways possible. In addition to that, the cut-offs make it quite difficult to crack this college, and it can be the biggest resistance to the aspiring students.

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7. Gargi College

The college is among the older ranks of colleges and significantly placed on the list owing to the rich heritage and culture that it has to offer. It has been home to brilliant students and therefore, an expected cut-off around 93% above in the coming years would be the right figure to be kept in mind.

The college is pretty famous among the students who wish to study science in the future.

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6. Ramjas College

With a sprawling campus, a fierce academic regime and a reputable faculty, this college make it to the sixth position in our list. The college has a very good grade score from NAAC and this makes the college extremely demandable to the students.

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The percentage cut-off at this college can be expected to be around the range of 90-95%.

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5. Hansraj College

The Hansraj College comes in at number five on our list. The college is a lot of fun, as the students place it and at the same time it is also pretty famous in the academic credentials.

The high cut-off and the beaming competition levels make the ride towards admission pretty tough even for the best of the students.

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4. Sri Venkateswara College

The Sri Venkateswara College is reputed for its sprawling academic curriculum, enhanced faculty backup, and extensive campus life. The college is among the older generations of college and over the years, it has been able to bring forth a pretty strong reputation for all the students that have been associated with it.

Generally, the cut-off for admissions to this college has been said to be around the mark of 95% and above. A pretty tough ride can be expected.

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3. Hindu College

The Hindu College has been pretty old in terms of the establishment and similarly it can be said one of the older classics. In order to make it into this classic, it is necessary that the students belong to the premium grade and therefore, academics matter a lot.

The college is characterized by significantly higher academic cut-offs and at the same time, it is also characterized by a good academic record.

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2. Miranda College

The Miranda College is one of the most coveted colleges in the country. It is due to the fact that the college imposes a really high cut-off which is generally beyond the 97% range. The students applying for admission is in the thousands range and therefore, some serious competition can be expected off the initial run.

Well, it can be expected that the students will be having a tough time getting admission to this college.

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1. St. Stephens College

The St. Stephens College has been ranked as the best and the toughest science college for acquiring admission into. The high percentage of cut-off makes it the most daunting task to secure a seat in this college.

Only the best of all students make it in this college and therefore, it can be said that the students with nearly 99% marks have a decent shot at this college.

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