Top 10 Best Scooty for Girls (Ladies) in India 2021

Experiencing the increasing tendency of women to drive for procuring the fun of riding, various two-wheeler manufacturers have launched tons of scooter models in the market. According to the engine capacity, mileage, price and efficiency, top ten scooty models are enlisted below with every detail alongside.

10. Scooty Pep+

TVS Scooty Pep Plus

This model of scooter comes with 87.8 cc engine with 4-stroke mechanism. It has been considered as one of the essential element of the present market feathering the suitable mechanism to aim at bumpy roads or tougher terrains. It is light in weight that is 95 kg hardly and sleek enough to control comfortably. Current on road value of this vehicle is 43,534 only.

9. Hero Pleasure

Hero Motocorp Pleasure

Yet another model of riding thrill is Hero Pleasure that is sleek, lightweight and widely accepted by Indian women. The vehicle is modelled with 102 cc 4 stroke engine that can give maximum power torque of 8.10 Nm. it is known for better pick up and profitable mileage. This model is priced at Rs. 44900 only.

8. TVS Jupiter

TVS Jupiter

The model of TVS Jupiter is known for prolong life and extra durability. This specific vehicle comes with 110 cc engine. The type of engine is CVT-i, which feeds the juice to this two-wheeler. The major specification of this scooty is the power mode offering extreme viable mechanism. It can pick up the speed of 0-60 km per hour within 11.2 seconds. The current on road price of this scooty is Rs. 47,989 only.

7. Honda Dio

Honda Dio

The perfect combination of style, performance and comfort is Honda Dio that comes with 109.2 cc engine. Weighing 105 kg, the vehicle is available in four colours along with unique design. Moderate fuel efficiency of this scooty is 66 kmpl and the engine can respond with

6. Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access

If you like to have a sporty scooter then no other than Suzuki Access is better for you. The strong and sleek outfit make this scooty perfect for the women. This specific two-wheeler is featured with 125 cc capacity along with the mechanism of 4-stroke engine. Other details of this vehicle include tubeless tyre, central locking tool, and maintenance battery. It avails multi reflector headlight that can provide clear vision at night as well. The model is priced at Rs. 56503 only.

5. Honda Aviator

Honda Aviator Disc 109CC

Honda is the name of trust in the domain of two wheeler manufacturers. Honda Aviator is counted among the widely purchased models and is packed with 109.19 cc engine. The engine is designed with 4-stroke mechanism along with the maximum of 8.77 Nm torque.  Product weight of the bike is 109 kg and can easily be controlled by a woman. It attracts enormous number of potential buyers and comes with the on road price of Rs. 54,485 only.

4. Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 125

The riding story of independent women starts with this pleasant scooty model Honda Activa. It never goes out of fashion while the mechanical configuration of this scooter includes 125cc strong SI engine along with 4-stroke property that is capable of producing 10.12 Nm torque. This scooty is available in four different colour such as Midnight Blue Metallic, black, Rebel Red Metallic, and Pearl Amazing White. Current on road price of this vehicle is Rs. 60,655 only.

3. Suzuki Let’s

Suzuki Let’s

One of the sleekest scooty models with affordable fuel efficiency is Suzuki Let’s. It comes with 112.8 cc engine and able to deliver the mileage of 63 kmpl. It is extremely lightweight in category that houses 98 kg weight. The features of zippy pick up and maintenance free battery make the model appropriate for the female drivers. This appealing scooty avails on road price of Rs. 50606 only.

2. TVS Scooty Zest 110

TVS Scooty Zest 110

This unique model of scooter is specially designed for women and it is housed with many top class features. The additional features of this scooty include built-in USB charger never like others. It comes with 110 cc engine along with anti slippery tubeless tyre. The on road variable price of this scooter ranges around Rs. 45228 only.

1. Mahindra Gusto

Mahindra Gusto 110 VX

The issues of women’s bike like height, adjustment and alignment is solved in the composite package of Mahindra Gusto. It comprises of 110 cc engine with 4-stroke mechanism. It helps to ride the scooty seamlessly. The model is packed with storage box mounted down the display panel, which is suitable to put sunnies, keys and many more.