Top 10 Best Scooter (Scooty) between Rs 35000 to 65000 in India 2020

Scooty has revolutionized lives of a lot of people and to the notion; it can be driven by both men (check scooties for men here) as well as women. Even elderly people can drive them, as they are not heavy to handle, so it gives them the pleasure to enjoy the freedom, which is going to enable them to go anywhere, where they could not go earlier. Now a lot of scooties has been introduced that provide great mileage.

Here is a list of the best scooties that you can buy between 35000 to 65000 rupees:

10. Yamaha Ray Z

Yamaha Ray Z

It has got a number of color options available that offers a mileage of 50kmpl with a displacement engine of 110cc. Its most attractive features are telephonic front suspension and power start. It has a storage capacity of 15.5 liters under the seat. It has V-shaped headlights, a stylish tail lamp and amazingly spacious to store a helmet and proper leg space.

9. Hero Maestro Dix

Hero Maestro Dix

It is a fuel efficient scooty with a mileage of approx 50kmpl and a compact 109cc engine giving it a smooth ride in the city as well as on open roads.

8. Honda Aviator

Honda Aviator Disc 109CC

This one is classy yet stylish with an engine of 109cc. It gives a mileage of 53kmpl. This scooty has features like V-Matic transmission with both kick-start as well as self-start options. Braking systems are made on both front and rear wheels.

7. TVS Wego

TVS Wego

It has an engine with 110cc and has got a trendy look. It has a storage capacity of 16l under the seat. Its specifications are broad but some of them are like a durable metal body, steering can be locked on both sides (right and left), external handy fuel filler cap, rear brakes that can be locked for parking purpose etc. It provides the riders with a comfortable riding along with telescopic front suspension and gas charged mono shock suspension

6. Honda Activa I

Honda Activa I

This bike has displacement engine of 110cc. It is loaded with attractive features like maintenance –free battery, 18l storage capacity under the seat. It is enabled with CBS i.e. a Combi Braking System that helps in giving improved braking system. It is a unisex scooty, which has a little feminism over the structure of its body.

5. TVS Scooty Streak

TVS Scooty Streak

In being stylish, it has left everyone behind and outshone in the race. This scooty provides a mileage of around 50kmpl and it has an engine displacement of 85cc. It is one of most stylish scooty in Indian Market till date with a range of colors available. It has got a light weight engine making it easy to handle by girls!!

4. Vespa LX 125

Vespa LX 125

It provides an awesome mileage of 60kmpl. It has got an elegant look with alloy brake levers, comfortable palm grips, the front has a curvy look with the clear rounded lens, halogen headlight which helps to pave the path in dark nights. It has been designated as one of the safest scooty to ride on Indian roads and pavements because of the safety level provided by its features.

3. Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 3G

It is an automatic scooter with a 125cc engine. It is a proper mixture of style, efficiency, performance, and comfort. It has got several attractive features like front disc brake, tubeless tires, 5-spoke alloy wheels, digital meter and maintenance free battery. Fuel Tank has a capacity of 5.3 liters and it has an efficiency range up to 320km.

2. Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha Fascino

This scooty has 113cc engine, which will be offering you a mileage of around 55kmpl. The cost of this scooty is around 52k, which is worth buying. Yamaha has always remained a brand, well known for its service and gives you a comfortable ride. It has got a curvy design that flows smoothly from the side of the apron to the foot side to the tail lamp at the ends. It has an analog speedometer, fuel gauge, and rich beige shade. The storage capacity under the seat is almost 21litres.

1. Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access

With a powerful and classy look, Suzuki Access 125 has an engine of displacement of 124.6cc that makes it very fast. It is one of the topmost selling scooty from the brand Suzuki and its consistent variable transmission gearbox provides a great acceleration as well as delivers smooth power.

So, with the countdown, what are you waiting, go get a ride!