Top 10 Best Scooter (Scooty) Between Rs 55000 to 85000 In India

With the emergence of Scooty for the last several decades, dependence on public transport had reduced to a certain extent. They are considered as favorite buddies who help in taking you to your destinations with no hazard.

They are easy to maintain, cost-effective, fuel-efficient, etc. For those who love to be dependent and do their work by themselves, scooty enable them in doing so easily. A lot of scooties are available in almost all ranges.

Here we are giving a short overview on the top 10 best Scooty that can be bought between the ranges of 55000 to 85000 rupees in India:

10. Hero Dare 125cc


Hero Dare has a displacement engine of 124.6cc that generates power output 9.4bhp at 7500rpm with maximum torque of 9.8Nm at 6500rpm. It is coupled to an automatic transmission, giving a decent mileage of 60kmpl. It has a storage capacity of 6 liters. It is enabled with hydraulic shock absorber.

9. TVS Rockz


It is quite less priced, but its services and features are quite attractive to the buyers like the anti-theft locking system, a Mp3, and FM radio system inbuilt within it. It has an engine of 125cc with a power output of 10.5bhp. TVS Rockz even has a design resembling the bike, making it quite suitable to ride in jam-stricken roads. It is apt for students and young people.

8. Hero MotoCorp RNT

Hero MotoCorp RNT

By the MotoCorp Group, this scooty has an engine of 150cc giving it a masculine look. It is featured with secondary LED headlights that are powered by the power of Lithium-ion battery and it has a 4-stroke Turbo Diesel engine with 150cc. It is enabled with front and rear brakes making it safe.

7. Honda PCX

Honda PCX

The Honda PCX 125 has a displacement engine of 125cc. It is styled with Tubular steel body, automatic gear suspension precisely coupled to the engine, twin suspension giving a smooth ride.

6. Vespa S

Vespa S

Vespa S is the modified form of the Vespa VX from the Piaggio Manufacturer. It has got a slight retro look with square style headlights and instrument cluster being redesigned. It is loaded with lovely features like stylish taillights, a digital clock, analogue speedometer, 5-spoke alloys, fuel gauge, a cutback mudguard, and comfortable seats. It has a 4-stroke engine of 125cc.

5. Hero Moto Corp Dash

Hero MotoCorp Dash

The scooty has 110cc and is powered by a 4-stroke engine. It looks perfectly well and suits young girls and boys. The engine has a dual mode of starting, both kick-start as well as a self-start. It is coupled with the integrated braking system, drum brakes present in the rear and front ensures a safe ride.

4. Bajaj Blade 125

Bajaj Blade

Offering a displacement engine of 125cc with a power output of 11.5bhp, Bajaj Blade is enabled with 4-speed manual transmission engine. The storage capacity of the fuel tank is approximately 14.5 liters, which is commendable. It has 12-inch alloy wheels with core digital instrument panels. Its design has been targeted to suit for ladies to give them a safe ride with additional safety by disk brakes.

3. TVS Qube


TVS Quba does not stand much well in the style quotient but it is a perfect scooty when coming to its features. It has a displacement engine of 110cc. Its operating cost is much low as it serves with 800W battery. Its performance is quite high, so it is even liked by most of the student group. Two different mode options are equipped with it, Hybrid Power Mode and the Hybrid Economy Mode. One mode helps in saving fuel, thus economical while the other one offers quick acceleration as when requires in case of power mode.

2. Hero Leap Hybrid

Hero Leap Hybrid

As the name it has, Hero Leap Hybrid, this electric serial scooty guarantees an enjoyable, safe and a heroic ride with a lithium-ion battery, and an 8kW electric traction motor. The scooty is coupled with a range extender on-board generator and a 124cc engine. It has Brembo 2-piston 240 mm disc brakes that ensure a safe ride.

1. Piaggio Fly 125


At the number one, this scooty has a powerful engine of 125cc along with a decent design. It has managed to make its position among well-named scooties all across the world because of its powerful performance. It generates an output of 10.5bhp with maximum torque 107Nm.