Top 10 Best Selling AC (Air Conditioner) Brands in the World 2017

Are you hunting for the right air conditioner for your home? Then we bring best-selling AC brands around the globe that have unparalleled performance, low power consumption and various features that will make your life easy and simple.

While looking for AC it is important to keep certain factors in mind such as the size of your home, wall mounted or window style AC, fast cooling feature, energy star certified, sustainability, smart features (WiFi, smart display) and much more.

In this modern world, low power consumption and smart technology features are of key importance and keeping your electricity bills in mind, we bring you top 10 best selling air conditioner brands that are value for money and well equipped with latest features.

10. Electrolux

Electrolux AC

Electrolux is a Swedish-based home appliance company that has its major sales from the US and Brazil. It manufactures notable products and Electrolux air conditioners come with high performance and technology worth appreciating. The air conditioners are thoughtfully designed with technology, reliability, lifestyle in mind. The ACs is energy efficient, give instant cooling and the low noise lets you sleep peacefully. Also, the Penta filter keeps insect, dust, odor away.

9. Kelvinator

Kelvinator AC

Kelvinator is a US home appliance brand that was established by Nathaniel B. Wales. The company first started developing refrigerators and then branched out to heating and cooling system. Kelvinator ACs focus on energy efficient, sustainable and affordable. The Bio-fresh technology will give fresh, clean air, allowing you to relax during scorching summer. It is also one of the best and affordable brands in Australia, USA.

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8. Frigidaire

Frigidaire AC

This brand was initially owned by General Motors and now is a subsidiary of Electrolux. Firstly this company designed refrigerators and then developed home appliances such as washing machine, air conditioner. Due to its amazing technology and wallet-friendly price, it is one of the most loved brands across the globe. The ACs have 2 in 1 cooling and heating system that lets you use your AC throughout the year. Also, the new smart air conditioner lets you operate the device from anywhere, anytime with the help of your gadget. It is energy star certified brand that consumes less power and gives fewer electricity bills too. Frigidaire LRA087AT7 would be best for a medium size apartment, whereas for bigger space Frigidaire FRA106CV1 would be apt.

7. Keystone

keystone AC

Keystone is known for its inexpensive products and its ACs are lightweight, reliable, durable and great for a small apartment home. Some of its recognizable features are the energy saver, easy clean filter, adjustable airflow direction, the sleep mode that makes it outstanding and easy to use appliance of all time. It is energy star certified product, compact in size that would save money and space.

6. Panasonic

Panasonic AC

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational company and was formerly known as Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co. Ltd. From home appliances to electronic gadgets, automobiles this company develops high-class products in each field and is one of the growing and highly rated brands in the world. The split and window ACs have great features such as AEROWINGS for faster cooling, nanoe-G air purifier, and Econavi for advanced energy efficiency, which makes it one of the cleanest, less energy consuming AC in the world.

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5. Honeywell

Honeywell AC

This is an American multinational company that has secured a 75th position in Fortune 500 and is popular for its contribution to Aerospace, Automation, and other engineering services. Honeywell portable ACs focuses on cleaner air, faster cooling, also the Lyric app developed by Honeywell lets you monitor the thermostat from anywhere, anytime with your smart gadgets, so no more high energy bills or cold/hot home with Lyric app.

4. Samsung

Samsung AC

Samsung is the second largest South Korean information technology company in the world and was established by Lee Byung-Chul. With wide expansion in electronics, chemicals, medical equipment and plenty more, Samsung air conditioner is of high standards and one of the best sellers in the world. The ACs come with digital inverter technology, multi-jet plus technology, WiFi control that reduces energy consumption, lets you control AC from anywhere, keeps you informed about your usage and other details.

3. GE


Founded by Thomas Edison, General Electric is an American conglomerate company that provides high technology and energy efficient  home equipment. GE air conditioners come in window, portable and wall types that are perfect for household and commercial space. The ACs are energy efficient and come in four-way air direction that will keep your home cool and your utility bills low.

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2. Haier

Haier AC

This is a Chinese multinational company that manufactures wall, ductless, portable air conditioners focusing on sustainability, low noise, quick cooling and low power consumption. The ACs have impeccable features such as multiple speeds, sleep mode, 4-way air direction, fresh and clean air circulation giving complete comfort.

1. LG


One of the best-selling AC brands of the world is LG, a South Korean brand that manufactures high rated, powerful performance air conditioners with technology that makes it number one in the world. This brand takes complete care of customers health and needs and offers clean air that would even keep the environment safe. The LG air conditioners incorporate innovative technology and have stunning features such as jet cooling system, inverter technology, plasma filtration, minimal usage of PVC that gives fresh air, instant cooling and high comfort with low noise.

So, which brand would you like to recommend ?