Top 10 Best Selling Almirah Brands with Price in India 2017

Furniture is not just pieces of wood and metal. They live with us throughout our life. They play such a crucial role in our lives that but for them we cannot imagine our situation. The very thought how our house will look like when we don’t have an Almirah at home is alarming. Imaging all the clothes, shoes and books scattered across all over the house. Almirah, in that sense, is a disciplinarian like our elders at home. It makes us keep things in their place in a closed manner so they get saved in a clean and tidy manner. Almirah are of different sizes and shapes. They have evolved in a huge manner right from the material used to make them to the ultimate product features. We provide here the top best Almirah brands in India in the year 2016.

10. Dynasty Almirah

Dynasty furniture brand was established in the year 1995. With a focus on selling furniture required for home and office, the brand has been selling high quality precuts to its customers for many decades now. The Dynasty brand has its head quarters in Jaipur in Rajasthan district. It has wide spread customer base and has won over competition brands through selling high utility value products to its customers. The almirahs sold by Dynasty are admired by the customers who bought it for their sturdiness and long lasting quality.

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Cost – Rs. 2509/-

9. Hulsta Almirah

Hulsta is basically a German brand furniture company that has entered into the Indian furniture market recently. It deals with furniture to cater to the needs of office as well as home segments amidst the many others. Hulsta furnitures are usually appreciated for their multi tasking capabilities. Hulsta brand almirahs are considered high in quality as well built. The designs they adopt in their almirahs are of world class. This brand is becoming increasingly popular in Indian furniture market.

Cost – Rs. 7800/-

8. IKEA Almirah

IKEA is a top class furniture brand that has been in existence since the year 1943 during which it was established. Basically a Swedish brand, IKEA has slowly set its foot in the Indian furniture market. With its vast product range, IKEA is expected to take the major share of furniture market very quickly. The almirahs from IKEA are really adorable in design and make.

Cost – Rs. 10531/- 

7. EVOK Almirah

Basically an Indian furniture shop, the brand established in the year 1962 in Gurgaon, New Delhi. It provides high class furniture to cater to the needs of its customers who belong both to the office and home segments. The quality of its furniture is highly spoken about. The superior quality Almirah the brand provides is preferred by many for their ease of use and high utility value.

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Cost – Rs. 7340/-

6. Wipro Almirah

This IT major had diversified into furniture arena in the year 1945 even before Indian independence. Carrying a plethora of experience with them, they are based out of Bangalore, Karnataka. Wipro specializes in providing furniture for Interior decoration which is of high utility value. Furniture from Wipro automatically sells for the brand name they represent.

Cost – Rs. 13570/-

5. Damro Almirah

Damro is a high class furniture brand that works out of Chennai, Tamilnadu as its headquarters. This brand is a young player in the furniture industry and was established in the year 1996. It offers furniture that caters to the needs of office and residential uses and the Damro brand Almirahs sold are made of high quality material to withstand the test of time.

Cost – Rs. 5600/-

4. Durian Almirah

Durian is a world class furniture brand that was established in the year 1999 in Ahmadabad. The superior quality materials it uses as well the high standard it follows to make its products enabled ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. The Almirahs it supplies to its customers are one of the best ones in India.

Cost – Rs. 7830/-

3. Zuari Almirah

Established very recently when compared to other furniture brands in India, Zuari obtained a special place for itself in the furniture business very quickly. It has around 450 retail networks across the country that sells high class furniture including Almirahs that cater to world class standards.

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Cost – Rs. 7800/-

2. USHA Lexus Almirah

A very famous name in the furniture business, this flagship company of Shriram Group based out of Chennai, Tamilnadu was established in the year 1983. The huge range of product offering of USHA Lexus caters to home as well as office needs.

Cost – Rs. 3560/-

1. Godrej Interio Almirah

Undoubtedly the market leader in furniture business, Godrej brand was established in the year 1897. The wide range of products it offer including the Almirah sell for the brand name since the brand sells only high quality products.

Cost – Rs. 7930/-