Top 10 Best Selling Backpacks Brands In The World 2017

Are you a college student who is resuming back from holiday, or a hiker who likes moving about with equipment while on a walk? Whichever category you belong to, having a good back pack will do you a lot of good. Backpacks, also known as Kitbag may be the very best option for you to carry loads without been hurt.

The backpack also comes with various fashion and design. So, depending on the one that fit your taste, they serve the same purpose. The pack has continued to be a better option for picking up heavy loads that will seem light when you hang at your back. This is because it comes with two strips, hung over the shoulders for balance and equilibrium.

10. Wise Food Backpack

Known for producing backpack that serves an emergency purpose, wise backpacks usually comes with essential items that keep the body healthy. The smart food-5 day survival backpack, in fact, comes with water, stove, 38 meal entrees and a whistle. The backpack is usually used for hunting in the forest and can serve the purpose of long days travel. It also comes with a kit for hygiene, first aid and game card for relaxation.

9. Coleman Backpacks

This brand also has backpacks that are suitable for a variety of activities. Coleman offers backpack that suits your comfort and all day activities like hiking and traveling. Their brand is also for college students because it reduces weight when worn. They also offer a variety of women backpacks because of sleek design and the way it hugs the body for free movement.

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8. Kelty Backpacks

With the brand most popular backpack, Kelty Red wing 50 backpacks, the brand has made a top notch in the Backpack industry. It produces backpack with simplified feature easily used for travel. The kelty series bags have a desirable design suitable for moving in the terrain. It is virtually available in black, forest night and caper colors. The quality material they used for their backpacks makes it very hard for it to tear.

7. Venture Pal Backpacks

This brand is known for making multi compartments backpacks for users’ convenience. The brand provides back of high quality which provides extra strength. They are known for making water resistant backpack. The venture pal lightweight, packable, durable travel backpack comes with different color ranging from pink, green, and red among others.

6. ALPS Outdoor Z Backpacks

Alps outdoor Z backpacks are people’s favorite when it comes to a camping trip. Their backpacks are mostly designed for hunting. One of the stylish backpack made by the brand is the ALPS Mountaineering Commander Freighter Frame. The backpack is said to reduce weight when put on.

5. Swiss Gear Backpack

This backpack is known for giving your loads a lot of security. It allows for flexible carriage of goods using its double handle strap.  The brand makes backpacks which are good for college students because it provides a lot of flexibility around the shoulders. They are also good for businesses and travels.  Some of Swiss Gear Back pass currently in the market are Swiss Gear, Travel Gear, Scan Smart for those who love traveling, Swiss Gear Computer Backpack for Laptop owners, Swiss Gear Blue Ibex among others.

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4. Osprey Backpacks

Osprey backpacks are usually made for women. The backpack is known to give the body weight suspension even when heavy loads are packed inside. It also allows for ventilation as it stuck on your body well when put on. The backpack is designed for travelers who do not like to pack too many luggage. The backpack which has an internal reservoir sleeve has received positive comments from users due to the balance it gives the body in a long day travel.

3. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 backpack is a shaggy bag made to aid traveling. It is a good backpack which contains series of pockets where you can store loads. The bag precisely fit a 17’’ laptop and right to keep devices for proper fit. It was constructed for the fans of the game and possesses one large compartment.

2. Tortuga Travel Backpack

Tortuga Travel Backpack is purchased by those who travel often. This is because it carries series of compartment and pockets- which is about seven. The travel bag makes it easy to pack your loads and has a handle on the left side for easier carriage in case you are in a crowded location that requires you to remove from your shoulders. For security purpose, the bag also has zippers which are lockable. The Lockable zippers are situated around the main compartment of the backpack.  For those traveling for a long distance and needs to carry vital document, the thick hip belt provides you the convenience to carry the back without getting tired easily.

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1. Tactical Rush 24 backpack

This backpack offers more capacity to store your loads. It is one of the popular backpacks in the market and can resist water. Due to the design structure, it provides your agility and balance when moving a long distance. The packing space is about of 34 litres. The Rush 24 backpack has multiple compartments for storing different forms of load ranging from mobile, laptop, camera documents and items that may come in handy when going for long distance. The backpack is mostly used by military personal as it was constructed to carry some small military equipment for easy accessibility. The Backpack is said to be superb for survival as it provides space for you to keep survival equipment.

Virtually, these are the top ten backpacks in the world for 2017. You can purchase based on your need and resources. No backpack serves all functions at a particular time. You can look at what you do best and get back that will serve that purpose; however, there are so many backpacks good for traveling which can also serve several purposes. Backpacks not only provide you with the comfort you need while on a walk, but it also provides a lot of flexibility and storage for heavy and light items.