Top 10 Best Selling Belts Brands In The World 2017

Enlist the men’s fashion accessories; belts might just take the top spot. Belts are important, very important. They do more than just pulling up the pants; they make style signatures and fashion statements.

World’s leading fashion houses which specialize in men’s clothing and accessories, tend to invest much in producing the most elegant designs for men’s belts for that sets the tone for finesse for any well-dressed man in the world. We have prepared the list of top ten bestselling Belts brands in the world for the year 2017.

10. Moschino

Founded in 1983, the Italian fashion brand Moschino has grown to popularity. The label renewed the style line in 2014 and its recent designs are up to the mark, chic in look and certainly excellent in quality. The leather belts by Moschino are top quality products, finely sewed and classy. Moschino is tenth on our list of bestselling Belts brands for 2017. The new Moschino logo is quite innovative in design and looks quite fashionable.

9. Fendi

Fendi is an Italian fashion house which is known well for its high-quality fashion products around the world. Clothing, leather products, fragrances and accessories, what you want is what you get. The fashion label has a promising customer base in Italy and overseas as well. This luxury brand was established in the year 1925 in the city of Rome and has earned its name for quality and trendiness. Fendi has showcased a stylish collection of belts for men recently, and it ranks ninth on this list.

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8. Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the twentieth-century foundations in the Italian fashion industry. This brand has earned its popularity for its outstanding designs and high-quality standards. Salvatore Ferragamo is known for its excellent quality and classy leather crafts, and this is the reason that it is one of the most popular belts brands among men. With new designs in the showcase, it has kept its standing in the fashion markets and booked the eighth spot on our list of top ten bestselling belt brands of 2017.

7. Hermes

The belts by the infamous French fashion house are some really chic belts, worn as fashion signature by many young men around the globe. It has recently launched its H buckle belts which complement the modern fashion trends exceptionally well. Boys, if you need a cool belt then get yourself a Hermes, it’s worth it.

6. Armani

A top ten list for fashion accessories is simply incomplete without Armani. Giorgio Armani, the iconic Italian fashion house is ranked number six on our list of top bestselling Belts brands of the year 2016. Clothing, jewels, eyewear, shoes or any other kind of fashion accessories, Armani knows what it does. It has a repute for producing high-end, top quality and trendy fashion crafts and it kept its name in 2016 as well. The Armani belts are theperfect addition to any man’s wardrobe and who can question that? Make a signature statement, get Armani!

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5. Versace

A very Italian dominated top ten list this one is but Versace has to have its place booked, number five it gets. 2016 has seen the modish look of Versace belts which can very well make a fashion statement for all the men out there. Versace is inventive in its class and maintains the quality it has earned its name for. The latest Versace belts have some culturally designed buckles adding some uniqueness to their designs.

4. Gucci

Known for its luxurious and classy leather products, Gucci has been known as a high-end fashion brand for men’s belts. Gucci’s leather belts are famous all over the world for their unique classiness that make a style statement like none other. Gucci has launched its innovated logo belts which have been classified as the modish grace for men’s apparel. The varied buckle designs and unconventional color range has led Gucci to keep its place in the fashion market in the past year or so. The quality is definitely nothing to question. 2016 has seen Gucci sell some good numbers across the globe and so, it makes it to the top five in this list.

3. Louis Vuitton

If a trendy belt is what you fancy, quality and trendiness blended together then Louis Vuitton is all you should choose for yourself. These belts are simply modish and classy. Louis Vuitton has done it for another season, and we put it at number three.

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2. Stone Island

Who doesn’t fancy the compass logo buckles of the stylish and classy Stone Island men’s belts? We certainly love them. Stone Island is another Italian name which has been in business for over forty years and won itself some good brand loyalty around the world. We like it, and we like it a lot, the compass logo is second on our list.

1. Kenneth Cole

This American fashion label knows what the mod fashion means to men of today. It makes some of the classiest belts for men. The minimalistic designs are very classy and elegant, add a refining touch to a man’s complete look. Founded in the 1980s, this brand has grown into popularity for its simplistic designs and high-quality products, it has kept the standard and won huge popularity. It sells worldwide and is a first choice belts brand for many. Kenneth Cole, with its absolutely classy newest collections, tops our list for the top bestselling Belts brands for 2017.