Top 10 Best Selling Cars Brands in India 2021

With the ever growing Indian Automobile market, the car lovers always face this dilemma of which one to choose. Therefore, we have brought you here with the top ten cars brands of the India in 2021.

Just take a look.

10. Volkswagen


Adapting the Indian Automobile market, this giant from the Germany is at its pace gaining the number ten. The credit for this goes to its release of Polo 7 Vento updated version. Currently, the company is planning to kick-start the year with four new models, Beetle and Passat, Volkswagen Compact SUV, Sedan and Tiguan SUV.

Features: World-class German engineering, Decent mileage, Great design and compactness, and presence across almost all segments

9. Chevrolet


The making of SUVs’ goes to this giant, Chevrolet of General Motors’, who came in India between 1918 & 1928. After the arrival, it marked itself as the growing brand of the Indian market, grabbing the number 9. Currently, they are eying to launch the MPV-Chevrolet Spin, which could be a comeback of the company in MPV manufacturing after the flat sales of MPV-Chevrolet Enjoy.

Features: A wide presence in all sections of automobiles, decent mileage with attractive body design, Robust built, and affordability to all Indian strata

8. Renault


Renault is the name of the first vehicle design studio, which was set up in India by a foreign automobile company. So, seemingly, the brand is an oldest gold and making its presence with models like Sedan Scala, SUV Koleos, and Pulse. The future bite of the brand is that it is going to release the next gen automobile model- Duster.

Features: Decent mileage, Great reliability quotient, Exceeding road performance, and Great affordability

7. Ford


Turning the heat of the market with the newest launch of Ford Mustang, Ford has already gifted the Indian Market with its next gen model Forg Figo and Ford Endeavour. Well, the brand is still not waiting for a while and is ready to uplift the production by double the number. And what made it to stand at the number 7 as a car brand in Delhi and India is their affordability and Happy Pocket Service.

Features: Diesel engines with fuel efficiency, Great interior and perfect space, Price affordability, and Competitive pricing

6. Toyota


Well, with the latest trends of the small car for the budgeted families, the Toyota has slightly other future aspect- it is making of big cars for budgeted families. Just because this Japanese car brand in Indian market has made its perspective clear, that is why it is holding t posting at number 6 in top ten. The popular models of this brand in Indian market are Innova and Fortuner. Currently, the brand is set to test the market with its Midsized Sedan VIOS.

Features: The premium edge in cars and their designs, Superior quality, Affordable pricing and Financial solutions so that everyone in India can have the cars

5. Tata


The brand name is actually appraisable and deserves applauds by making its biggest global presence in Indian market with the models like the Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Daewoo. In fact, the brand also deserves the applause because of making the dreams of middle class family of owning a car true, and that too with the affordable car like Nano. Currently, the brand is lining up some of the newest release where it has already made a hue with Tata Zest.

Features: Best models of small car segments, Great space, Robust Build, and Affordable models in every sections of automobiles

4. Honda


Driving down the lane, you would see 7 out of 10 vehicles form the Honda and most popularly the Honda City, and Amaze. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that soon the brand will lead the number 4 with the upcoming models and optimistic services like the Sales, Services, and Spare parts. The features this brand endorses are-

Features: Sharp looks, Great services, Fuel efficiency, and Competitive prices

3. Mahindra


When is about explaining about this number 3 brand, then only three words defines it better- Rough-&-Tough, Rustic and Rugged.So, if you are a string and sturdy male, then Mahindra must be at your garage- the must to maintain an Alpha Male image. The best model of the company is the Mahindra Scorpio, the first Indian SUV. There are other new projects in the pipeline, which will be enough to strengthen the royalty of brand from the past 7 decades.

Features: A known brand of the rural transport, Muscular and Alpha male looks, and Reliable technologies

2. Hyundai


Finally, the position number 2 is acquainted by the Hyundai, which is indeed a second largest manufacture of the Indian Market that brought the Hyundai Santro acquiring the runaway success. Since then, the brand has not lost the momentum and now owning around over 1000 service outlets in Indian market. The catalogue of the Hyundai has these top 10 models Creta, Eon, Grand i10, Elite i20, Verna, Xcent, Elantra, Active i20 and Santa Fe.

Features: Sharp looks, Engaging features, Decent Mileage, Youth preferred and Affordable

1. Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki

Name of the Indian middle class families and mostly the first car of every Indian family are from this car brand- Maruti Suzuki. Therefore, more often when you walk down the street or travel around the country, you see the cars from this brand. It has 14 models, 150 variants and around 1500 outlets, which make this, brand a topper of all. The models like the Swift Desire and Alto are the green goers of the brand.

Features: Fuel efficient, Cost affordability, Huge service networks, and Comfortable rides

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