Top 10 Best Condom Brands with Price in India 2021

In our changing socio-culture, most people are breaking a taboo of talking about sexual relations and trend. The Indian folks are slowly accepting the use of condoms simply to avoid numerous sexual diseases. Moreover, it is the best contraceptive as well. Many brands make the people aware about its benefits. The Indian Government Initiatives also provides condoms at fair prices to each rural household. There are many popular brands are available in India, Let’s take a look.

10. Convex Condom


A youngest group of the country, Convex Latex Pvt. Ltd. manufactures natural rubber latex male condoms. The brand ensures finest quality condoms which give sensational pleasure. The brand is expanding globally. The condoms are smooth and different texture types in exciting colors. The brand also produces condoms without colors and flavors. The condoms with plain and natural colors come with very thin which give ultra sensitivity.

Lowest Price: 109/ for a 3 packs.

9. Deluxe Nirodh Condom

Deluxe Nirodh

Deluxe Nirodh is popular initiatives undertaken by Indian Govt. which distributes in the rural areas of the country. Deluxe Nirodh is one of the oldest brands which is still famous as it is available in the cheaper price with superior quality. The products are high quality lubricated, pink colored and electronically tested to give total safety with pleasure.

Lowest Price: 158/ for a pack of 60.

8. Kohinoor Condom


TTK Ltd. Group of company had launched the Kohinoor Condoms in 1979. It is one of the oldest and trusted brands in the country. It offers variants such as Pink, Xtra Time, Xtra Thin, Xtra Rib, Xtra Dots, Kohinoor Silk and Xtra Triple. The condoms give high protection with high quality latex and they are extra lubricated.

Lowest Price: 60/ for a pack of 10.

7. Carex Condom


Carex is a Malaysian brand name of well known company Pharmex sdn bhd. The condoms are importe from Malaysia. The brand provides high quality condoms with a full range of variety and flavors. The range includes regular condoms, contoured, flavored, super thin, ultra safe and multi textured condoms. The condoms are premium quality natural rubber latex.

Lowest Price: 109/ for a pack of 10.

6. Playboy Condom


One of the most recognized trademarks in the world, Playboy is manufacturing condoms with premium latex and grade-a silicone lubricant. The brand offers the varieties such as lubricated classic, lubricated ultra thin, lubricated dotted, and lubricated large size. The condoms give complete safety and sensation.

Lowest Price: 96/ for a pack of 12.

5. Moods Condom


HLL Lifecare offers the best in class Moods Condoms made up with finest technology and deigned to satisfy personal unique needs. The Moods condoms are available in around twenty exciting variants such as dotted, ribbed, ultrathin with the variety like blaze, mélange, absolute xtasy, cool and allnight. The brand ensures high quality material with extra pleasure.

Lowest Price: 20/ for a pack of 3.

4. Skore Condom


Skore is a brand name of pioneer company TTK Group since 1950. The brand is manufacturing and marketing its exciting range of condoms. The range includes colored, flavored, dotted and climax delay, zigzag, skinthin, timeless etc.

Lowest Price: 80/ for a pack of 10.

3. KamaSutra Condom


KamaSutra condoms are manufactured by JK Ansell Ltd. The brand is offering numbers of varieties and flavors in best quality condoms. The varieties such as dotted, ribbed, longlast, intensity, superthin and wet-n-wild are available in numerous sensuous flavors, made up with best quality material with extra lubricants.

Lowest Price: 76/ for a pack of 6.

2. Durex Condom


Durex has been manufacturing the best quality condoms for more than 80 years. It is one of the most famous brands worldwide. The Durex condoms are made of high quality raw material, which are tested thoroughly. The brand is offering highest range of condoms from plain to ribbed and dotted with the sensational flavors.

Lowest Price: 219/ for a pack of 10.

1. Manforce Condom


The largest selling premium quality condoms brand is Manforce which is a brand name of popular company Mankind Pharma. The condoms are available in the flavors such as Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee and many more. Whereas there are exciting varieties like Smooth, Ultra Thin, Dotted, Ribbed and Contoured.

Lowest Price: 25/ for a pack of 3.

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