Top 10 Best Selling Jewellery Brands in the World 2017

Every woman has a passion for jewellery, a piece of jewelry, spices up the outfit and even your personality in the best possible way. An impeccable jewelry around your neck, fingers brings a touch of glamour and radiance.

And the best selling jewelry brand must be all about out of the box designs, perfect cuts, a fusion of precious stones that are nothing but ethereal. If you are a jewelry junkie, then you would love our post. We bring you the top 10 best selling jewelry brands that are popular around the world and definitely to be added in your dream jewelry brands, take a look and get dazzled.

10. Chopard

Chopard jewelry

Chopard is a Swiss watchmaker founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860 and over the year expanded its luxury line to women jewelry. The jewelry is designed for the modish women of this generation who love a touch of bling. From bracelets, necklace to engagement rings, earrings you can find exquisite collection that exudes royalty and elegant. This best selling jewelry brand is known for its creativity and excellent craftsmanship and has a high reputation in the jewelry industry. If you are a true Disney fan then you would definitely appreciate the Disney princess collection.

9. Mikimoto

mikimoto jewelry

If you drool over pearl jewelry then look no further than Mikimoto. It is one of the top luxury jewelry brands which were established by Mikimoto Kokichi. Each jewelry is masterpiece that has consumed time, artistry and patience. The pearl necklaces, pendants, bracelets and much more is an epitome of luxury, grace, and style. The cultured pearls from South Sea are now popular worldwide and are made for the alluring woman of style. The company has its branches in New York, Los Angeles, San Fransico, Mumbai and Shanghai.

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8. Piaget

piaget jewelry

Discover the feminine beauty in the royal jewelry brand that was ranked among the top prestigious jewelry brand in the world. This brand focuses on creating a fusion of vintage and modern designs that portrays Hollywood glamour, celebrations and much more. There is an emotion behind each design and utmost care is given to comfort and flexibility. Be it Piaget Rose collection, Limelight collection, or the high-end Secrets and Lights collection, you are set to be astounded over every single design and brilliance.

7. Bvlgari

BVLGARI jewelry

This Italian jewelry brand is known for its finesse and inventive jewelry and watches. Each collection bespeaks the historic culture of Rome and makes every woman feel chic and classy. For decades, this brand has been an instant favorite of every celebrity in the West which you can see them flaunting at the red carpet events. The stunning collection of Bvlgari is bedazzled with precious gemstones is worth drooling on.

6. Buccellati

buccellati jewelry

Creating jewelry that brings high-end style, detailed workmanship and beauty are what Buccellati jewelry all about. Inspired by art and beauty of Italy this jewelry brand has its good name in the celebrities around the world. The Prestige collection are an ode to the culture and reminiscence of Italy and the beauty is the creative work of the artistry that is set to daze everyone’s heart and mind. The cocktail rings, Blossom collection is quite popular and worth appreciating.

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5. Graff

Graff jewelry

Graff diamonds are owned by Laurence Graff, British jeweler that designs, manufactures and sells some of the finest diamond jewelry in the world. Graff diamonds are home to the some of the world’s famous diamonds such as The Graff Sweethearts, The Delaire Sunrise, The Perfection, The Graff Pink and much more. The jewelry collection includes necklace, earrings, brooches, rings, hair jewelry and plenty more that are crafted with the fusion of diamonds, ruby, emeralds, and sapphire. Graff diamonds is quite famous for its peacock brooch that is encrusted with 120.81 carat diamonds. They have their stores in New York, Dubai, Beijing, Paris, Melbourne and other cities.

4. Van Cleef and Arpels

Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry

One of the eminent jewelry brands hailing from France that is known for its delicate, charming jewelry designs crafted for the elegant lady of today. A dedicated craftsmanship is involved behind each collection ranging from emerald, white diamond to bridal jewelry, flowers and flying beauty collection. Their collection has been a favorite of Elizabeth Taylor, Empress Farah, Duchess of Windsor and many of their artistry involves flowers, butterflies, and fairies capturing the fairy tale world into jewelry.

3. Tiffany and Co

Tiffany and Co jewelry

Every woman’s dream come to true brand is Tiffany and Co. It is an American high-end jewelry brand that rose to popularity after the film Breakfast at Tiffany. Founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany, the company takes pride in protecting the environment. The luxury jewelry focuses on diamonds, gemstones, platinum, rose gold and creates some of the finest work that has made a remark on the jewelry industry for years. Some of its collections that are popular around the world are the open hearts, Tiffany Keys, Tiffany infinity, Tiffany yellow diamonds and others.

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2. Cartier

CARTIER jewelry

Blending excellence and rarity together, Cartier jewelry designs fabulous jewelry that encaptures mind, hearts, and souls. Founded by the French jewelry designer Louis-François Cartier, this brand is the best selling among the celebrities and royal families across the globe. Some of the finesse work includes the famous Grace Kelly 10.5 carat engagement ring, Duchess of Windsor amethyst bib necklace, sapphire panthere brooch, Reine Mekada necklace, Patiala necklace and much more.

1. Harry Winston

Harry Winston jewelry

At number one is the iconic and best-selling Harry Winston diamond jewelry that creates impeccable pieces that are famously fabulous among the Hollywood celebrity. Using pioneering techniques, designs and craftsmanship Harry Winston offers nothing but the best and is mainly known for its legendary engagement rings. From the Maharaja of Indore necklace, Empress Farah crown to Embracing hope necklace, Jonker diamonds, and each piece has been an invention of sophistication, posh and elegance.

Do you love high-end jewelry, then save your money and splurge on these top 10 best selling jewelry around the globe. Share with us your views and comments in the comment section below.