Top 10 Best Selling Men’s T-Shirt Brands in India 2021

T-shirts are men’s first choice when they go out. They would not want a perfectly ironed shirt, but a t-shirt, which would work fine. And the every enticing fact is that no matter what festival or occasion it is if provided with a t-shirt, they will be ready than anyone around.

Men with their t-shirt, their bike and a goggle- see they are ready to get every girl’s’ heart!!

So, without going much in deep in discussion, it is quite clear that T-shirts are bet outfits of every man. Therefore, they must know the top 10 brands of T-shirts in India. And the list goes like this.

10. Allen Solly T-Shirts

Allen Solly T-Shirts

With a famous logo or Reindeer, this brand of T-shirt is under the name of Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited. This brand is very popular among the youth of India and they are quite mad of pairing the t-shirts with their destroyed jeans. From printed to plain T-shirts, the brand has a list of all.

9. Arrow T-Shirts

Arrow T-Shirts

Though it is an American Brand, making apparels since 1851, yet this brand is famous among the youth and they swear by its every design and pattern. The t-shirts made by this brand are the perfect combination of quality, design, and perfection. Their t-shirt brands are also popular in categories like Sports, New York, and Formals.

8. John Players T-Shirts

John Players T-Shirts

Launched in the year 2002, this brand gained its popularity like a rocket. It became the youths’ favourite not only in India but also in abroad. But as we are focused about India, it is a best-selling brand at number 8. And to your amazement, let me tell you that famous ITC Group has the brand under its name. Killing the records, it has around 1500+ retails outselling, with major product selling online.

7. Louis Philippe T-Shirts

Louis Philippe T-Shirts

This is another brand of Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited; this brand has successfully made the ranking in top tank among Indian leaders. Introduced in 1989, this brand is 26 years old and it has gained most of the market of Indian youth. Not to miss, the brand bears an eye-catching logo of a Royal Crown.

6. Blackberrys T-Shirts

Blackberrys T-Shirts

No, No, No, this is not at all associated to smartphones, but an integral brand under the name of Mohan Clothing Private Limited. This is totally Indian brand and came in 1991. Since then, the brand excelled in customer demands and now has around 1000+ outlets. This brand is solely dedicated to men and made defining T-shirts for them.

5. Diesel T-Shirts

Diesel T-Shirts

This brand sells every particular of men’s dressing whether accessories or apparels. And hence, it is a popular name among the youth of India who like to wear the T-shirts of Diesel combining the jeans from the brand. About the brand, this brand is an Italian origin and is established since 1955 changing the meaning of casual fashion among the youth worldwide.

4. Adidas T-Shirts

Adidas T-Shirts

Again this is a brand that is famous for its incredible quality t-shirts for men in India. Its products are a clear mark of comfort and quality, and the saga is continuing successfully since 1924. If you want to leave a good impression on your friends and family then get dressed with best pieces of Adidas. People will die for you!!!

3. Park Avenue T-Shirts

Park Avenue T-Shirts

On the number three, this brand grabs the position with its remarkable quality of T-shirts. The products are designed in amazing quality and designs, which are totally youth centric. And there should not be any doubt about the brand performance as it is a brand of Raymond Apparel Limited is serving men since 1986. It has almost 200 retail stores across the country with 700 in total.

2. Gucci T-Shirts

Gucci T-Shirts

Gucci is brand name and it has re-styled the several wardrobes of men worldwide. The India is among them. The brand has elegant styles and comforting fabric, which is a rare combination in T-shirts’ section. Their variety includes from plane to printed t-shirts and round to collared neck. The outlets of Gucci can be located in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. with other prominent cities.

1. Armani T-Shirts

Armani T-Shirts

Finally, the position number one is bragged by the famous selling brand among the apparels and men accessories. The brand is no one else than Armani. Although the brand can go slightly out of the budget, yet it is a one-time buy with epitome quality. This brand came in existence in 1975 and since then it has never let anybody else go beyond the quality and design it delivers. Despite just a brand, this is more like a style statement for Indian men.

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So dear youth of India; what is your stake.

Which one is your personal choice?

Which brand makes you stand apart the crowd when you are in T-shirts?

Well, whatever be your choice, this is very sure that the one is going to be from the list only. Right?


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