Top 10 Best Men’s Wallets Brands in India 2021

Among all the accessories a man should possess, wallet is an inseparable one. While purchasing a wallet, a various combination of demands need to be met, depending upon the individual. How many credit and debit card you want to store? Do you need a coin compartment? Whether to go for a slim and simple wallet, or the more trendy with a zip closure. And, similar questions you must ask yourself before purchasing a wallet. In India, various brands of different qualities are present to confuse the consumers which one is pure leather and which one is fake leather? Ton of conflicts can confuse your decision of purchasing a beautiful and fashionable wallet. In order to avoid a bas decision while buying a branded men’s wallet, you should consider few important topics.

Keeping all the essential queries in mind, here is a list of top 10 best selling wallet brands in India.

10. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe Wallets

Louis Philippe is a premier Indian brand of men’s apparel, owned under the division of Aditya Birla Group. Incorporated in 1989, it is one of the largest and nowadays it is the best selling wallet brand of India. Neatly arranged compartments along with coin and money bill compartments are the highlights of this brand. In addition, the fabricated leather is of top quality material that provides extra durability to the wallet. This brand wallet is designed precisely and elegantly that can keep your money safe and add more charm to your attitude as well. With a logo or sticker of Louis Philippe in the extreme corner of every wallet assures the purity of the brand and confirms about the quality to the consumers.

9. Laurels

Laurels Wallets

Wallets from Laurels boast rich Pu-leather and a slimmed down design for a classic look. Secret pockets and memory card slots are a couple of unique and interesting features of this wallet. It is housed with small pockets and wide pockets to keep your money comfortably stacked. The products are a good bargain against their prices and the quality is assuring too. You can buy a piece of Laurels from the best online retail store and can avail this wallet in cheaper rate. This wallet is long lasting, fashionable and compatible for you to keep extra money in secret pocket. Your outfit will be incomplete without this worthy piece of money bag from Laurels.

8. Titan

Titan Wallets

One of the largest manufacturer and exporter of wrist watches across the globe, Titan excel in their other products too. The most notable of them are wallets. Titan wallets are slim, classy, and spectacular when looked at, and the compartments are very neatly put up. It sets on the back pocket of your jeans very easily and makes you to feel comfy. The quality is good to the point that it can be everlasting with its durability. The incorporated leather in these wallets is of top-notch quality and provides you with the guarantee of being moisture resistant. The available wallets of this brand in the market are generally sleek and long lasting compared to others.

7. Alpine Swiss

Alpine Swiss Wallets

It is one of the most popular brands of wallet, not only in India, but across the entire globe. Most of the wallets hold around 7 cards or more along with two bill compartments. So definitely, it is something better than any other wallets that provide only 2 or 3 card slots. To further consolidate your faith in this brand, check out the reviews at e-commerce websites selling the same. If you are planning to invest some extra bucks to possess an extraordinary wallet, Alpine Swiss is just the brand for you. The name is reliable enough to buy an item of this brand with suitable and satisfactory design. This is one of must add to your attire and one of the smallest accessories to ramp up your reputation. Buy online and procure the advantages of it.

6. Bellroy

Bellroy Wallets

Are you passionate about wallets? Do you want to add a few extra dimensions to your personality? Buy a Bellroy wallet, that produces one of the most astonishing and dashing wallets. Bellroy manufactures different types of wallets that include everyday wallets, travel wallets, and outdoor wallets. And, most of them come with 3 years warranty by confirming the extended durability and lessening the hazards of purchasing wallets after every three months. If you are desperate and keen regarding the design of wallets, Bellroy has numerous wallets with huge diversity in styles. These wallets are sleek in design and precise in colours. If you are a frequent user of wallet, especially in outdoor weather then you should rely on this brand wallet only. The every idiosyncratic design of different model are meant to fulfill the desire and taste of different men. Bellroy gives an extensive collection of wallets with different designs and styles. Wallets are well slotted for money and nicely designed with finish touch. Get this item at your convenient online site.

5. Urban Forest

Urban Forest Wallets

Do u adhere to the societal trends? Then, the best possible choice of brand for wallet is Urban Forest. These wallets are easy to carry, soft to feel and amazing to look. The appearance of the wallets from this brand is extraordinary. Moreover, while opting for this brand, you will explore that a large number of wallets are hand crafted and made of genuine leather. The prices are very reasonable too, as per their quality. So, next time when you intend to buy a new luxury wallet for you or as a gift then you can try this wallet. It is the trend now and widely acclaimed by the customers as well as. The logo of Urban Forest in the wallet in your hands can raise your head to high with pride and glory, as worthy as the name is.

4. Woodland

Woodland Wallets

A well known name in the outdoor shoe industry since the early 50s, wallets of Woodland too are nothing short of classy. It is the name of perfection in leather industry. Wallets of Woodland are available now in India at low price as well as at high prices. The items or patterns of Woodland wallets are designed with traditional colors, sharp edge, and impeccable touch and feel. You can purchase this Woodland wallet without so much judgment about the features and quality. Both are ensured in this brand to worth its value. It is also the most suitable and expensive one to gift others. Purchase a good piece of Woodland from online shops.

3. K London

K London Wallets

Not too liberal with your pocket, and yet want to own a cool wallet. K London wallets are the best for you to invest in. The design of wallets is sharp and detailed, and most of them trip fold, which gives it makes it look exquisite and comfy to carry around. Moreover, wallets come in a variety of colors along with a multitude of textures. In addition, it provides genuine leather with decent colour combination that makes these wallets the most attractive one to the customers. If you are looking for a unique and totally different wallet, then this suits you the most. Buy immediate a special wallet of K London online.

2. American Tourister

American Tourister Wallets

Mostly famous for suitcases, American Tourister is owned by Samsonite. Their other products include backpacks and wallets. The wallets from this brand are light-weight and slim, making it handy and easy to carry in your pockets. Closure zip wallets from this brand are great in particular. The logo of American Tourister is labeled in the wallet which gives it the quality confirmation. It holds some exclusive features in Wallet that makes it popular in India. It is safe to keep money in the wallet of American Tourister. Purchase it online to add the best accessory in your fashion equipments.

1. Levi’s

Levis Wallets

Founded in 1853, Levi’s is a privately held American clothing company known worldwide for brand of denim jeans. Wallets from this brand are equally amazing and stylish. It’s more than just a brand, it’s a legacy. They have been consistently producing high quality products, and at the end of the day the price you pay for the wallet, will be more than worth it. The sophisticated design, remarkable quality and enchanting colour that suit the choices of men are all incorporated in the wallet of Levi’s during its design. The top-notch leather quality provides extra durability to its wallet. Furthermore, well featured coin compartments, chain pockets and multiple card holders and dual money sections are decorated in this wallet with the extra security of zip closure. It is the most popular and bestselling wallet amongst the Indian populace, and thus, at the top of our list. Justify the logo before buying this Levi’s wallet.


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