Top 10 Best Selling Washing Machine Brands with Price in World 2017

Various type of products invented and introduced to make our life easier. One of the most beneficial type of invention that made a great revolution in washing of clothes is washing machine. There are various brands around the world that is manufacturing latest technology washing machines so that the process of washing would become much easier and the quality of washing would be much higher as well. According to the latest market updates, there is plenty of demand for best washing machine. Here are some of the top brands washing machines available along with its price.

10. Onida

Onida washing machine

Onida is one of the most recognized types of multinational company from India that has made its way among the top 10 washing machine brands available in the world. The company offers a wide range of automatic and semi automatic washing machines with most advanced technology such as hexo-drum for much advanced washing. The inbuilt sonic brushing system and Hexafin modified pulsator is able to offer a much better level of washing and cleaning of stains. The brand also takes care of various family needs by introducing the product such as Onida Lilliput that is a perfect choice for families that has small or less space to accommodate for the washing machine. The price range is around Rs 12,000 to Rs 30,000.

9. Haier 

Haier washing machine

Haier is a most popular type of consumer electronic brand in the market that offers various types of washing machine models. The price range and level of quality would fit each and every type of family needs. Haier is a Chinese company that has the ability to make its customer want to buy this washing machine as it offers most popular type of features in it. The company has an excellent sales rate and also the service provided by the company is at par with a 5 year warranty on the purchase of washing machine. Detection of foam function and the homo-centric drum Technology makes it commendable brand of washing machine. The price range would start from Rs. 12000 to Rs 25000.

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8. Videocon

Videocon washing machine

Videocon washing machines have been very popular in the past and they are planning to regain their popularity by introducing the washing machine with cutting edge technology features such as tilted drum washing, Aero wash Technology and direct drive Technology into their series of washing machines. One can find both automatic and semi automatic washing machines with top load features. The washing machine method is of normal pulsator type with the warranty of one year on the purchase. The price ranges from rupees 8000 to rupees 15000.

7. Panasonic 

Panasonic washing machine

The Japanese multinational company has great reputation in washing machine segment as well. Weather advanced technology features such as auto loading sensors, advanced washing controls, aqua beat Technology and rust resistant body is making its washing machines receive very high demand and obtain the very fast customer base easily. Few of the very top key features include process setting, Suzanami drum. The product will be provided with 2 year warranty on the Purchase. The price of these washing machines would range from Rs 10000 to Rs. 17000.

6. Bosch 

Bosch washing machine

Bosch is a multinational company that offers different consumer products and has gained very high popularity because of its quality and technological features that is delivered in each and every model and product they launch. Currently there are only offering two different variations of washing machines, 7KG front load and 8 kg front load types. These washing machines are very popular because of  reliability and it is also the biggest asset of the company when it comes to the manufacturing of washing machine and meeting the desires of customers. The very low power consumption is another added advantage of these models. The price range starts from rupees 29000 to rupees 32000.

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5. Godrej 

Godrej washing machine

Godrej is an Indian multinational company that has obtained a lots of reputation from last few decades for its most reliable and beneficial washing machine models. Some of the advanced features include inbuilt water heating system, aqua jet pulsator and cloth load indicator that makes it very easy for the users to manage the washing. Some of the other features include in the washing machines that is top notch are dry tap protection and cascaded waterfall wash. The price range of this models would start from rupees 12000 to Rs. 28000.

4. Whirlpool 

whirlpool washing machine

Whirlpool is one of the popular American multinational companies that has obtained great reputation for its washing machines models as well. They have introduced the anti germ protection and the sixth sense technology that can account for very hygienic type of washing clothes. They also offer power system that can offer very high energy efficiency with its washing machine. Some of the other features include work surface, auto restart, extendable spin lid, spin time setting to 10 minutes, dynamic soak or wash time of 25 minutes. The price range starts from rupees 10000 to rupees 15000.

3. Samsung 

Samsung washing machine

The company is very popular for its electronic products from televisions to washing machines. Quite drive motor and aqua control Technology is one of the most advanced type of features that can be found in Samsung washing machine. The sound was Technology offers a much better and deeper cleaning. They have one of the best customer bases that can be formed across the planet. The price range starts from rupees 13000 to rupees 17000.

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2. LG 

LG washing machine

LG products have great demand on the market because of the quality and the advanced technology features blend at very affordable rates. They have very good customer base when it comes to washing machines as well. Most of the washing machines are energy efficient time would be able to save a great deal of money as well. They have both semiautomatic and fully automatic top load and front load washing machines available in the market. The price range starts from Rs 10,000 to Rs. 18,000.

1. IFB 

IFB washing machine

With its best rated customer service, IFB is one of the most popular and very highly recommended type of washing machine brand that can be found in the world. The company offers a wide range of features and makes use of German technology in order to provide seamless washing. 3-D washing sensors that is accompanied by Aqua energy makes it one of the most beneficial types of washing machine. The washing machines also offer Energy Efficiency with best technology for very cheap rates making it to top washing machine model in the world. The price range starts from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 34,000.