Top 10 Best Selling Weight Gainer Brands in India 2021

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Are you an athlete or a professional bodybuilder? Do your skinny muscles inhibit your confidence? Well, whatever the scenario, you will benefit a great deal from using a weight gain supplement. The weight gainer products from various brands are clinically tested and are transforming lives by demonstrating miraculous results. If you too are planning to go for one of these in the foreseeable future or you have become repellant towards the product you have been using before, check out our list of bestselling weight gainer products brands in India.

10. SSN Weight Gainer

SSN Weight Gainer

“Anabolic Muscle Builder” from SSN aids in muscle gain along with development of strong muscles. Additionally, it increases the metabolism and overall strength of your body. Enhance your weight with proper muscle growth for desire shredded look with this product.

9. PROLAB Weight Gainer

PROLAB Weight Gainer

For over 20 years, Prolab Nutrition Inc. has been providing high quality sports nutrition products to professional bodybuilders, elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts. “N-Large3” is a high protein mass gainer, which with its carefully selected blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids stack up to yield 600 muscle-building calories per serving and helps gain results in various stages.

8. MHP Weight Gainer

MHP Weight Gainer

An acronym for Maximum Human Performance, MHP provides exclusive innovations in performance enhancing weight gain. “Up Your Mass“by MHP is an affordable product that helps you gaining weight to your full potential. Every serving contains 46g protein, 58g carbohydrates, and all the essential fatty acids and lipids. It optimizes insulin response for muscle growth and triggers dramatic gains in muscle mass.

7. CytoSport Weight Gainer

CytoSport Weight Gainer

Since its inception in 1998, CytoSport has been one of the bestselling and most innovative brand in this category. “Monster Milk” has been a top- notch muscle gain product from CytoSport, triggering inspiration and changing lives. The efficacious formulation features 50g protein, 280 calories, 12g carbohydrates, 3g sugar along with L-Leucine and Glutamine. It is NSF certified and taste great.

6. MusclePharm Weight Gainer

MusclePharm Weight Gainer

A tag team product of Arnold Schwarzenegger and MusclePharm scientists, this weight gainer product is revolutionary as it incorporates muscle plasma technology to stimulate weight gain. The product contains a blend of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and BCAA nitrates.

5. MuscleTech Weight Gainer

MuscleTech Weight Gainer

The professionals at MuscleTech possess an expertise at manufacturing nutritional supplements, and with their “Mass Tech”, designed for every individual out there, is a power packed product with 80 grams of protein and 1170 calories. This is a potently superior formula enhanced with proven anabolic drivers for rapid weight gain.

4. Dymatize Weight Gainer

Dymatize Weight Gainer

The nutrition’s research and development team at Dymatize collectively has over 50 years of experience, and this has helped them truly deliver results with their products, while maintaining an award winning taste. “Elite Mass Gainer” by Dymatize is a hi-protein anabolic weight gainer especially designed to acquire muscle mass while aiding in recovery from intense workouts. Moreover, it is 99% sugar free.

3. BSN Weight Gainer

BSN Weight Gainer

Be it whey protein, fat burners, or even weight gainers, BSN are a frontrunner brand for products of all the above said categories. Founded in 2001, BSN has won 35 awards as of now, owing to the quality of its products. “True Mass” is the best selling weight gainer product from this brand. It is a stackable protein supplement that also doubles as a meal replacement, depending upon usage. Besides regulating weight gain, it also helps in repair and recovery.

2. Universal Nutrition Weight Gainer

Universal Nutrition Weight Gainer

On the second spot of this list is Universal Nutrition. “Real Gains” and “Animal Mass” from Universal Nutrition are remarkable products from this brand helping people achieve weight gain. Operating on the idea of clean calories, this product regulates mass gain by combing various macronutrients that include high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fatty acids.

1. Optimum Nutrition Weight Gainer

Optimum Nutrition Weight Gainer

Have you run out of patience and want immediate results, try the “Serious Mass” from Optimum Nutrition. It is a renowned and bestselling global brand, whose products help people gain more weight and muscle mass. If your metabolism is not complying with your weight gain, don’t worry, this brand might aid you a great deal. Each serving of the products from this brand has up to 1250 calories, with 50 grams of high quality protein, and the others ingredients being vitamins, minerals, glutamine, and creatine.