Top 10 Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India 2018

Washing machines decrease the workload of the usual Indian housewives many folds, and also, wash clothes more effectively. The manual labour reduced made this machine a luxury once upon a time. Now with a range of them available to fit everyone’s budget, this piece of technology is seen in almost every home.

If you are looking for a semi-automatic washing machine to buy, first take a look at our list of top 10 bestselling brands available in Delhi and in the Indian market.

10. Panasonic NA-W65B3RRB

Panasonic Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Globally acclaimed for its electronics, Panasonic offers the latest technology in semi-automatic washing machines including features like Double Action Pulsator, Aqua Crystal Filter, Air Dryer, and Magic Filter. This semi washing machine comes with limited power along with basic functionality. Only two washing programs are installed in this machine. More and more, it is packaged with a spin motor of 45 watts and power motor of 135 watts. It can be used to wash few clothes only per day. It consists of the premium features with low power motor along with the capacity of 6.5 kg. The dimension of this machine is 76 x 44 x 89. So it can be easily adjusted in your room space. It can generate the maximum rotational speed of 720 rpm.  It comes with the manufacturing warranty of 1 year. It is now available at Rs 7999 only in Indian market.

9. Whirlpool Superb Atom 60I

Whirlpool Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Ranking 9th in the list of top 10 semi-automatic washing machine brands in India is the American Home Appliances stalwart, Whirlpool, which has made a distinguished image for itself. This is attributed to its top quality products synergized latest and sophisticated technology. The features offered by Whirlpool washing machines are Auto Re-start, Wash Programs, Stain-free technology, and In-Built Scrubber. Lying within the price range of Rs 9,000 to Rs 14,000 these utility machines are worth an investment. The Atom 60I model of Whirlpool comes with three washing program being capable of washing all types of cloth. The capacity of the washing machine is 6kg that ensures a large volume of clothes can be washed at a single go. The washing machine is known to save water and to provide dynamic sock in order to extract all the dirt from cloth and get the clothes out from the dirt water as well. Moreover, it is installed with impeller wash that is required to run a deep cleaning to any type of clothes. You can move this machine to anywhere of your room as it is attached with a wheel base. Furthermore, it is modeled with a water proof panel, smart scrub station and comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty on motor and 2 years of warranty on product.

8. Godrej GWS6203PPD

Godrej Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Godrej is a trusted home appliances brand in India and assures durability, quality, and reliability. These Semi-automatic Washing Machines have cutting edge technology. Other features include Active Soak, Powerful Motor, Wash Programs, and Tri Roto Scrub. Godrej is one of the most reliable and familiar brands that produces durable home appliances. GWS6203PD is a quite advanced model of semi washing machine that comes with 2 programs installed in it. This machine combines optima water force technology that serves for ideal washing of clothes. In this appliance, the buzzer will not be repeated after the completion of cloth washing. Consequently, it goes off and silent. The capacity of the machine is 6.2 kg which is quite up to the average requirement of normal households. The washing machine consists of 140 watts of spin motor and 350 watts of power motor. The outer shell is made of fiber which is a premium design of semi washing machine. It comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty. The price is quite less compared to the features. It is now available at Rs 9,209 only in the Indian market.

7. Noble Skiodo 68WMVM Twin Tub

Noble Skiodo 68WMVM Twin Tub

Noble Skiodo 68WMVM Twin tub semi washing machine comes with 3 washing program installed in it. It is designed with eco washing big twin tub having the volume of 5 KG. It means that you can wash all the clothes at same attempt. More specifically, if you like to wash heavy clothes in it, there is a certain facility called sock function that can be used in cycle. Furthermore, the machine is packaged with many extensive features such as fast dry facility, time facility, thermal safety protection and much more. It is also economical that can save energy consumption and also produce less noise as it is associated with a lint filter. Using this washing machine, you can get buzzer with the power output of 360 watts from the motor. Capacity is 6.8 KG and it comes with 2 years warranty. Get the machine within the price range of Rs 9,200 only.

6. Onida WS65WLPT1LR Liliput

Onida Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Onida is a well-trusted brand of electronics in India. The semi-automatic washing machines that it manufactures are endowed with features like Magic Lint Filter, Active Soak Timer, Spin Shower, Powerful Motor, and Turbo Dry. Onida WS65WLPT1LR is one of the most affordable semi washing machines in Indian market which is installed with all basic features that need to wash clothes efficiently. It uses 270 watt and is installed with 2 washing programs. The specific appliance is packaged with 2 speed knobs which are useful enough to wash clothes at regular basis. This liliput washing machine is absolutely precise for washing clothes in limited numbers. It is the most convenient one for small family. Moreover, it consumes less power that saves the money leaking from your pocket. It also has technical advantage that allows providing with buzzer notification, informing you at regular interval when to take out the clothes from the machine. The volume or capacity of the machine is 6.5 kg while it comes with the 1 year manufacturing warranty. It is available at Rs 4.950 only in the Indian market.

5. Haier XPB62-0613AQ

Haier Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Haier is a Chinese MNC that offers electronic appliances following latest technology at reasonable and affordable prices. It is quite an impressive and stylish semi washing machine that comes with numerous features and advanced technical specifications. It is such a beautiful appliance at surprisingly low price in India. It has 3 different washing programs and 3 speed variants as well. This machine is also compatible for washing heavy clothes and light clothes as it can generate powerful rotating speed during washing. It keeps cloth safe and protects it from overfilling. It is highly durable and is featured with bubble generation that comes out of machine bottom tub. It is highly needed to produce deep cleaning of clothes. The washing machine capacity is 6.2 kg which comes with 5 years of manufacturing warranty. It is gettable at Rs. 7,550 in India only.

4. Videocon VS75Z11

Videocon Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Videocon offers some high-quality washing machines and holds a significant market share. Features of these washing machines are Double Magic Filter, Wash Programs, Auto Soak, Bleach Inlet, and Multi Pulsator. This washing machine comes with four washing program installed along with any additional features. For deep cleaning facility, this machine includes the technique of collar scrubber system. This appliance comes with 7.5 kg capacity which is quite above the moderate requirement. It produces 380 watts power and uses magic filter, air dryer, pentafin pulsator and auto sock to enhance the efficiency of washing clothes. Moreover, it is modeled with 2 years of manufacturing warranty. Purchasing this semi washing machine will be a good and economical selection. It is priced at Rs. 10,399 only.

3. Hyundai HYS72F

Hyundai HYS72F

Hyundai HYS72F is available in three different washing modes such as gentle, normal and heavy. These various modes are appropriate enough to clean all types of clothes in a short duration. In order to encounter deep and extra cleaning of dirt clothes, Hyundai semi washing machine is designed with many technical features such as non-corrosive surface, polymer body, scrubber technique, auto sock, lint filter, reversomatic pulsator, swirl jets, center punch and likewise. The machine is housed with the powerful motor of 350 watt that can spin the cloths at ample speed to produce active cleaning. Capacity of the machine is 7.2 kg and it comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty. It is available at Rs. 8,000 only.

2. Electrolux WM ES67GZLP

Electrolux WM ES67GZLP

Electrolux offers some awesome features with its semi-automatic washing machines like Wash Programs, Smart Filter, Cyclone Pulsator and Soak Programme. If you are looking for low price but high capacity semi washing machine with all advanced features then none other than Electrolux WM ES67GZLp suits your requirements. It comes with 2 washing programs installed in the machine and all modest features being associated in that package. It has 6.7 kg capacity and 350 watts powerful motor along with a spine motor of 180 watt. It includes the specifications of rust free technique, auto sock, magic filter and sir dryer as well. It consumes less power and reduces the electric bill. It has 2 years of manufacturing warranty. The latest price of this model is Rs. 10000 in Indian market.

1. LG P7853R3SA

LG Semi Automatic Washing Machine

When it comes to making life good, LG is the man! LG is a leader in all segments of daily technology. Features incorporated in the LG-manufactured semi-automatic washing machines come are Roller Jet, Magic Wheels Wind Jet Dry, and Rat Away Technology. Lifes Good is one of the most reliable brands in India that produces most durable home appliances. The LG P7853R3SA is one of the best semi washing machine in India that is available within the price range of 10 K. it has 4 washing programs inbuilt along with a motor that can produce 360 watt power to create saturated spinning of clothes and clean them deeply. It has the capacity of 6.8 kg and it is packaged with jet roller pulsator that is necessary for active cleaning and extra friction of clothes inside the machine during cleaning. It needs soft detergent and in less amount. In addition, it can save electricity. Moreover, it has additional features like wind jet dry technology, child lock facility, timer options and many more. It has exact 2 years of manufacturing warranty. The recent price of this machine in the market is Rs. 10,000 only.